Now We Know Why Ferguson Police DELAYED Release of the Mike Brown Robbery Video: O-B-A-M-A

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The video (below) showing the ‘strong-arm’ robbery of Swisher Sweet cigars by Michael Brown blew the entire Ferguson, Missouri controversy wide open yesterday. It shredded the media/activist narrative that Brown was a saintly “gentle giant”, completely innocent until a racist cop cut him down in his prime.

The video so shocked Brown’s defenders that they refused to believe it, claiming it was ‘Photoshopped’, even as the Brown family attorney admitted it was in fact him.

But many analysts criticized the Ferguson Police department for waiting days to release the video — especially after street crowds turned to riots and looting early this week — when the fact that Brown was the prime suspect in that robbery before his shooting could have “calmed” protesters before they rioted.

Now we know why they took so long to release it: because Barack Obama’s Attorney General told them not to.

That’s right, Eric Holder pressured the Ferguson P.D. all week to hold back the robbery video, nor even tell anyone about it, terming it too “inflammatory” to be seen.

It was only after Obama pressured Democrat Governor Jay Nixon to take the Ferguson police off the case and put the state Highway Patrol (with its Black chief) in charge, that the fed-up, betrayed department finally released the truth about Mike Brown — angering Obama and Holder.

As CNN reported it:

Stunning. The nation’s chief law enforcement official trying to obstruct justice of a local police force in order to enforce his and Obama’s racial narrative.

Will Holder once again escape any consequences of his actions? As one commenter on our YouTube video remarked: “Trying to hide exculpatory evidence is illegal.”

  • tomanylies

    The real problem is our President and AG are inflammatory .

    • GVJaneAz

      Aren’t they in every possible “opportunity”. They are no different than the looters, they just have government titles, wear a suit…but absolutely not a grain of difference in their character…”they could probably be their SONS”….

  • JCDArizona

    Anything that goes against the narrative the administration wants the public to have on any given issue is somehow considered ‘inflammatory.’

  • Edy May

    Can you say Trayvon Martin?

    • Jerry

      Can you say, “Seig, Heil!”But for the deaths of most of those who fought fascism in WWII, you would hear furious outrage at the current narrative playing from DC.

    • James Smith

      Its obamas son alright.Just the one he never told Moochel about.

    • Bevo Aggiestomper

      Both trayvon martin and michael received all the justice they were entitled to.

  • John Miles

    was the store owners civil rights violated?

    • msjoeshmoe

      Not if it was a black on black crime.

    • GVJaneAz

      The looters, and thieves came back twice, and destroyed his store. These people should still be in the jungle!!!

      • Wazoo2u2

        They are- it’s called Ferguson.

  • Ragman69

    I do not believe Brown needed any help in smearing his character. 4 time felons never need help.

    • Verne Leeper
      • ThomasER916

        The same police that helped rioters and looters.

        • Verne Leeper

          What are you trying to say? It is public information that Mr. Brown did not have a criminal record.

          • ThomasER916

            You’re really stupid. You’re so stupid you can’t read.

          • Verne Leeper

            Wow.. really…? I can pretty much garun-fucking-tee that I have a better education than you do.

      • alwaysright21

        what are you doing with that human child? you filthy godless hermarphrodite.

      • alwaysright21

        so you are a nasty &yke, who was the surrogate mother? you are going straight to he77 freak, do not pass go, and you aren’t collecting $200 in EBT. that child should be taken from that sick environment you have it in.

      • alwaysright21

        ewww, I’m scared homo freak

    • underthepalms

      Yeah it’s hard to have your character assassinated when you’ve already committed character suicide on surveillance. He was aggressive in that store, and hopefully the pressure of the urban masses won’t prevent the investigation from showing that he was the aggressor and attacked the cop in his car. That “goot boy” who was a “gentle giant” sure looked like an oversized, violent THUG in the video.

  • Debbie Malone

    If a Governor of a State can be indicted for a crime, then Holder should be indicted by a grand jury in Missouri for obstruction of justice and abuse of power. What is good for the goose is good for the gander

    • GVJaneAz

      Wait until after the 2016 election. Some say on cable that one of the Supreme’s are going t retire so that Obama can appoint Holder to the Supreme Court. Sounds like something he would do.

      • Bevo Aggiestomper

        If we elect a Republican Senate that can be stopped….of course the idiots who currently control the Republican party are doing all they possibly can to see that democRATs keep control of the Senate.

        • hexxuss

          I don’t feel we’ll get our country back regardless of who is in there – more & more Republicans are doing BS moves like supporting amnesty, etc… we need to eliminate the 2-party system & elect people based on their background/voting history instead of their words… but that’s too logical. People have a 20+ year history of doing one thing, then SAYING they’ll do something else & every good little sheeple believes that rubbish.*smh*

          • NukeWaste

            That will never work. One single party will result. The one that turns a very weak country over to the UN!

          • stonemike

            As long as I’m alive any attempt to turn American sovereignty over to the marxist UN will be resisted and eventually fought militarily !

          • Trucker

            I believe that Osama Obama Soretoes has already turned the USA over to the UN. He golfs while America burns. He is the most illiterate, uneducated piece of garbage to ever be elected to such a high office.

          • Ruth Page

            What’s with all this stuff about Obama golfing? Is it cuz it’s a white man’s sport? Plenty of white presidents spent more time on the course and no one fussed.

          • Betty Bryant

            Dies Tiger Woods ring a bell? I don’t care how much golf he plays. The more the better. He can stay out there 24/7 and we would all be better off.

          • sjc0116

            no it’d because he is either playing, vacationing or trying to be an a-list celebrity. none of which is color. how ridiculous to even state that

          • Bill

            Name “Plenty of white presidents” please.

          • FirstSkirt

            Ruth – that is one vicious racist statement right there. What is ticking people off is that he golfs while the world faces one crises after another. Your post has absolutely NO validity.

          • stablepar

            we are now seeing what the one party system is like or at the very least damned close

          • Jon Bryant

            i believe the same thing. and I wish that everyone in office get day jobs like they did a long tim ago, where they can feel the same economy as the rest of us.

          • sjc0116

            It isn’t the 2-party system. It is term limits and recall ability. Limit the terms for life to 2 terms. that is total 4 years for house and 8 for senate. then allow each state to recall their elected official at anytime should they find the official is corrupt, no longer representing the will and position of their state, for any illegal action they are accused of. if recalled.. they lose ALL pension and benefits. benefits of full term officials are limited to the number of years they served. Not given to them for life

          • KD


          • carol morgan

            i get your point hes already on his second term hope he runs for another office still with term limits he has a lot to offer and he has a spine!

          • Bobinms

            Term limits will just make them steal twice as fast.

          • MBW

            Yes four years is enough!

          • sjc0116

            no the limits wouldn’t make steal faster. they would be open to recall, and subject to legal action by their state. they would lose all income/benefits. They would be criminals and openly shown to be. the problem today is they have an endless amount of time to make deals, pass laws, and take whatever money they are offered to pad their pockets. limit the time they can do harm. then it is up to the state to punish them for abuse of power.

          • StillWatching2

            or 4 times as fast or 8 or 10 – How long have Pelosi & Reid been there?

          • Roberta Bebko

            Four years is enough for anyone to be in office…after that they learn the ropes and how to get over on everyone.

          • Ruth Page

            I agree. Their ideas will still be fresh and the lobbyists will have to look for someone new.

          • Frank Grasha Sr

            The lobbyists should be made illeagal Let the legislators make up there own minds without coersion !

          • Michael Bing

            Two terms would be 12 years for the Senate.

          • stablepar

            one term for all elected officials.

          • carol morgan

            that is a double edge sword. we have a really good rep in Raul Labrador, he has a good voting record in representing what Idahoans want, two years seems scant for someone who does their job.

          • Ruth Page

            give him 4.

          • sjc0116

            Unfortunately you have someone who is few and far between. Most aren’t like him. Some started out that way too but the longer they were there, the more corrupt they became

          • carol morgan

            yep agreed. ten years should be the total cap, don’t you think? that way the good guys could make a difference and they’d be out before they get corrupted.

          • sjc0116

            I was saying to make it 4 and total 8. 6 is too long.make it 2x the house

          • Rhgates


            Every congressman’s salary is based on the median income for his state for the previous year. The better the state does economically, the better the congressman does.

            He can receive a govt pension for the amount of time he served, but he is not allowed to work for a private company for 2 years after leaving office. This will cut down on the lobbyists pocketing senators by promising them jobs as soon as they finish their terms.

          • AuntieFran

            Wouldn’t this just encourage more pork?

          • sjc0116

            No. not anymore than what they do now except they have less time to do it and be subject to abuse of power by their state.

          • Frank Grasha Sr

            Should be 10 yrs

          • carol morgan

            senate terms are 6 years each and representatives are 2 years each

          • sjc0116

            I know.. I was saying make it 4. they shouldn’t have 3x the rep term

          • carol snyder

            I agree with term for house but since Senate term is longer theirs should only be one term

          • sjc0116

            I know the senate is 6.. I’m saying make it 4 and limit it. make it 2x the house (2 yrs) and both can only have two terms. one term at 6 or 2 for 8. either works. the idea is they are there long enough to get things done and removed if they start to forget why they are there. and no lifetime position, either in the gvt or for benefits

          • carol snyder

            Sorry misunderstood you. Now it makes sense. I totally agree

          • AuntieFran

            Abolish the 17th Amendment – problem solved (at least one of them).

          • larrd

            Term limits and real prison sentences. Possibly the biggest mistake a president has made in my lifetime was Ford pardoning Nixon. The Washington elites have no fear.

          • Jacob Nyhart

            Senate terms are 6 years, not 4 – so it would be 4 and 12 (just FYI).

          • YouNoIt

            If you look at how the constitution was really setup in the first place, you would see that States originally had power to recall their senators and congressmen at any time they seen necessary. The 16th and 17 amendments changed that process to make it new impossible along with establishing the Federal Reserve and income tax that is choking this country to death.

          • Alex Blaze

            Pssst. Senate terms are 6 years, so 2 terms would be 12 years, not 8.

          • Bobinms

            Yes, and take the big money our of politics and put the voters back in.

          • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

            vote out the old and bring in the new with the message, you are out if you don’t do your job. I am amazed that these old republicans are retaining their districts. what the hell voters….do your job!

          • Russell

            Carla, the problem is on both sides of the aisle. You seem to point out it is only the Republicans fault. Time for America to wake up and take our country back. I was in the military and defended this “great country”, there is fault on all sides. Fire them all, and start over with “true Americans” who actually care about the United States of America.

          • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

            I don’t like anything about the Dems…. I disagree with 90% of their views…so they are the problem and has nothing to do with my solution. I can’t change their views of how they think. But I can vote out my Republican Congress if they are not defending the constitution and doing the job I voted them to do. Unlike the Democrats, I don’t go vote in their primaries.

          • Russell

            Good point ! I believe it is time to fire them all. I recently wrote a paper on voter fraud. Our justice system is getting more corrupt by the day.

          • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

            Voter Fraud scares the heck out of me…. I have been asking everyone to contact their local office about what are they doing to combat voter fraud? Because if this continues….it is all for not! Interesting Russel that you wrote a paper on that….awesome!

          • sjc0116

            In the 2012 election I saw how easy it was for voter fraud. it happened to me. someone in town died in 3/2012. he lived in town for 25 yrs in another district. I’ve lived here for 35 yrs. Never did I receive mail with his name and my address. In oct 2012 I started getting mail for him at my home. I mentioned it to the registrar of voting and he said the only way someone could use his name to vote is if they registered the day of voting. I asked how many did they get election day.. In my small town 5k new voters. It takes 3 days to record the new voters. by then the illegal votes had been counted. and the law breakers long gone. I live on the border with a liberal state full of illegal aliens, in the parking lot election night were many cars with that state plate

          • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

            have you contacted anyone about this? or a newspaper, I know it is so hard to get somebody to listen, but that is crazy, the Supervior of Elections should be out of there….they didn’t notice something was WRONG?

          • AZhot

            Welcome to the new/old USSR.

          • MsLiberty

            I’d love to read your paper regarding voter fraud. I’m convinced that we need to demand paper ballots, I believe there has to be a better system that is tamper proof with the technology we have today. Some of the numbers from the last polls are statistically impossible. Yet absolutely nothing is being said or done about the last election results. I know that there was voter fraud, it has been proven that voting equipment was tampered with, arrests have been made by people voting six or more times, people crossing our borders voting in our elections, 1000’s of votes in Florida alone from one address, or precincts reporting 140% over the population. How is all this even a possibility? I can’t understand how anyone would be allowed to vote without a voters registration card and ID.

          • kevin

            you are all retarded… no offense againse challenged people… and you live in these little bubble throwing your insane babble against each other and calling it the hgh truth… the real this n that… you are not in the trenches of real life… you don’t see republicans selling out this country to the 1%… and then pitting you against me to take our aim off of what they are doing… quite disgusting… so real though… won’t be back to read your babble but you’ll respond to make yourselves all ‘feel righteous”… good for you… pat each others back some more… good for you…

          • kevin


          • MsLiberty

            And you Kevin are an ASSHAT and worse a “Progressive” or for better words and the truth a Communist!! Enlighten me, what words in my post strikes you as retarded? I can show you the evidence of what I posted regarding voter fraud. My IQ and EQ have absolutely nothing to do with the post we are commenting on but I know that it is well above average and most definitely above yours. I don’t live in a bubble and I’ve probably lived longer and been in more trenches than you can even imagine. I certainly didn’t mean to strike a sour note in my comments above and I don’t see anything in my post that resembles a personal attack. Are you feeling guilty or remorse about something that you did Kevin to further the death of America or just taking it out on someone you think can’t fight back?

          • Dolores Wieland


          • Debbie Singer

            I can say the same thing about the Repubs… they are horrible. So where does that leave us?

          • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

            It leaves me bringing one more voter to try and counter all those dead voters that shows up at the polls

          • Debbie

            Me too and so on and so on…..

          • Dolores Wieland

            You are right on.

          • sjc0116

            and how long has reid and pelosi been there?

          • MBW

            Good Idea! Voting people in not just the party!

          • Patricia Hayes

            Ben Carson had a good suggestion. No party on the ballots, so people would vote for policy instead of party. Back in the beginning, George Washington was against having parties. He felt voting should be done on issues, and they would get lost in party fighting.

          • sjc0116

            absolutely. unfortunately I don’t see the politicians ever getting there

          • Samantha Burmaster

            I have been saying the same thing. No party lines. Elect them on their own merit. Also once they are done serving the pay is done also. No lifetime salary.

          • Rob Smith

            FINALLY! Someone who has the SAME idea that I do! I agree completely! We need to cut out that which divides and corrupts our nation and instead elect people based on where they stand, what they stand for as well as the history of what they have and have not stood for in the past.

            I’m glad to finally see someone voice the same idea as me but you’re right, it makes way too much common sense for this system to ever be used.

        • Thomas

          THAT would be a real travesty. Holder is a crook. As is the POTUS

        • coolgreen

          Can’t take back the country unless we turn to God again. At that point, we’ll start seeing decent country loving people in the political offices.

          • Karl Dulle

            Yes religion has always provided a smooth base for politics…. PS I am a decent mans man, served, and honor the America we let be stolen/ pilfered.. I wonder, can you point me to one society, in ALL the history of mankind where religion has worked out for the people? Just one..

          • MichèLe R

            There is none… there has always been “holy wars”, the only people who ever seem to benefit are the uber rich!

        • rebel7254

          But if they try to stop it, people will call them “racist”, so they won’t.

        • Joseph C. Krywalski

          TOOOO MANY RINO’S to make a real difference .

        • Jeff Harper

          Neither term limits nor 2 years delay nor a 2 party system is the real problem here. The real issue is no matter which of the candidates you support, both have been bought and paid for by corporations. Add term limits and another croney will be bought every X years. If I were a crooked politician and could not work for companies for 2 years, I would simply open a consulting firm and get paid anyway…self employed, not an employee. We must demand candidates with character and not settle for the puppets currently offered for us to vote on. We must educate people so they can make informed decisions.

      • DeMarie Ingraham

        If the right can take the Senate (and that’s a big IF since they are known to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory), good luck to Obama getting Holder approved.

        • Cindy Osmer-Eckles Banks

          It hard to win when the dems are voting often instead of one vote per person and voting in the republican primaries to stop the people we really want. I hate their corruption, they have sold their souls for power

          • Chris Orr

            That’s whats behind this “border crisis” the more he brings across the more lifetime democrat votes they create.

      • lara

        supreme court is being taken down by obama to get rid of ginsberg..they are forcing her out to replace her with a radical left wing nut..dont be surprised if she is sick or dies soon…

        • AZhot

          Like Ginsburg was a good conservitive? She is a screaming prog. liberal who hates the constitution as much as 0bozo & Holdit. You will just trade one AH for another. If the court gets a liberal majority it willbe curtains.

      • Robert Russ

        That would be challenged and so controversial, it would never happen.

      • Robert Russ

        Holder is a criminal.

      • rjlahr

        Holder should be appointed to prison & not the cushy federal one.

    • Cindy Osmer-Eckles Banks

      Absolutely, I pray they do

    • stonemike

      Yes ma’am, please stay active and vocal, our countries survival depends on folks like you and I! obammi and holder are marxist aggressors, PLAIN and SIMPLE !

    • OneBadHombre

      Hoorah. I don’t get how ANY of them aren’t being held ACCOUNTABLE!!??!! It’s no wonder they run around without a worry doing whatever the F they want. Ohhh…but holy $#!+, let an American Patriot say a prayer in school or own a SUV that doesn’t pass EPA rules…and you have 100 FBI swat puppets kicking in your front door.

    • Herman Vogel

      Problem is, Perry did what he did to remove a Drunk DA and also one with Ethics Charges on her,,,BUT, she was a Dumbocrat so…..Dirty politics in Austin. Perry did nothing wrong,,the media covered that part up. Holder on the other hand has been a criminal from day ONE.

    • Brad Benson

      The Governor of Texas is white, which is the reason they are coming after him….

    • alwaysright21

      see the sheboon with the “good horse hair” smirking before the video the video began. I counted 23 “uhs” while it tried to mimick human

    • Night Rider ™

      Need to put that IDIOT Jay Nixon right there with them after his dumb ass comments on news!!

    • golfer75

      Looks like you’ll be getting a little visit from the IRS soon for speaking the truth.

    • Frankie Diesi


      • David Hoff

        . . . butt, WHO is “Authorized” to arrest the P.O.S. ?? — Aye say: ANY brave, patriotic citizen that CAN . . . make a “Citizen’s Arrest” of the rotten scumbag ! ! !

    • mistresskeke

      the video from the other camera shows him paying for the cigars. and it shows his friend putting the other pack that they couldn’t afford back on the counter. the altercation was about brown reaching over the counter, not about him stealing anything. wake up!

  • Sarah Mahala

    They would rather withhold the truth about what really happened and the fact that Michael Brown was not the “gentle giant” they made him out to be but was a criminal and have riots, burning, and thieving than possibly avoid all the violence by letting the public have the truth told. Anybody else but Obama, Holder and their flunkies would have been thrown into jail for withholding evidence and kept there. I guess certain people are above the law. Such a shame that these so called leaders of our country can break the law and not have to pay the same consequences that the average Joe does.

    • Bryant Hill

      It’s called Obama’s SOCIAL JUSTICE.

      Equal Justice is nowhere to be seen in this country when the Justice Department moves away from the Constitution.

    • pjw01

      This all needs to change as soon as we get rid of Obama so that this can not happen again. They need to be held accountable just like anyone else. Our Federal Government is broken.

      • AZhot

        What, and elect Billary?

        • pjw01

          Shut your mouth AZhot! NO WAY!

          • AZhot

            Hate to tell ya, but if she runs, Billary will win because 52 or 53% of the voters are brainwashed idiots.

          • pjw01

            Things are stating to change those #’s. We have 2 years to show what a lying b*tch she really is. And they are still working on Benghazi and now money laundering on her and Bill. Here’s hoping!!! Besides we do not need Bill in the WH, running around with his pants down again.

  • Paul Williams

    I am going to have to agree with the Admin on this, but only this far. If the Video had been released right away, perhaps it would not have been inflammatory. But releasing when they did, makes it seem like a cover-up is happening. And that made it very inflammatory.

    • DeMarie Ingraham

      They were asked not to release it by this Administration (who shouldn’t be involved in it at all). I would imagine they wouldn’t have released it but for being thrown under the bus by the Governor. It still would have come out at the trial, and most likely would have still resulted in the lootathon.

  • BOb

    So he stole a pack of Swisher Sweets cigars. Why? To hollow out and stuff with drugs to be smoked. Normally pot. The cigars cut down on the harshness of low grade marijuana. So Mr Brown was acting like Obama’s son. An entitled thug.

    • oeb25

      Yeah, remember Trayvon’s “blunts?”

      • Ruth Page

        And that’s a reason they should die?

        • alwaysright21

          no, the ape is daid because it attacked the store owner, a cop, and previously assaulted another chimp with a hammer. FACT.

          • Verne Leeper

            you are a terrible person… here is another fact.. Homo-sapiens are all evolved from Apes… so.. yeah. Some of us just evolved to a point where we can accept others and learn to live as humans… not you though.. you just throw your verbal feces everywhere and contaminate the gene pool..

          • Bill

            “at’s called the First Amendment.

          • Verne Leeper

            whats that even mean?

          • Bill

            Freedom of Speech. You know the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

          • Verne Leeper

            Right but the structure of your sentence is incomplete and makes no sense. I am well versed with entire bill of rights… Every amendment is known to me.. not just 1,2,3,and 4 which is what most people know because they like to recite those to claim they are violated.. I also know civil rights acts amended under the 13th 14th and the 15th amendment.. Here is a sample “Barred discrimination in public accommodations and on public conveyances on land and water. Prohibited exclusion of African Americans from jury duty. Passed by the 43rd Congress (1873–1875) as H.R. 796.” sans the prohibition of African Americans from jury duty this right is violated many times on this forum… All I am saying is treat EVERYONE with respect.. I am sure you can get on board with that.

          • Bill

            I invoke my right under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, by refusing to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me.

          • Ruth Page

            Wow! That’s a head spinner for the day.

          • alwaysright21

            of course it is, you worn out hippie libtard. you will be dead, while your grandchildren are being slaughtered. may you rot in he77

  • Dottie Mertsky

    Didn’t Hitler edit the news the people saw? Hitler = Obama

  • Politicallypatriotic

    the TRUTH is a REAL PROBLEM for this 3rd world kangaroo regime… in ALL cases… irs, gsa, fast and furious, and ALL of the other scandals… and in this case where they are the ones who are the cause of this… had the video been released earlier, it may have settled things… not allowed things to go as they did… or have…

  • Juice

    Now we’re calling shoplifting “Strong Armed Robbery”.. Whatever you want to call it, Does it justify the MURDER of an unarmed individual??

    • msjoeshmoe

      “Strong Arm Robbery” is when someone uses force against another.

      • Juice

        Pls answer the question….. How does this justify the MURDER of an unarmed individual? By an officer of the law with no knowledge of the “Strong Armed Robbery”.

        • rdh

          Attack a police officer and see what happens. The ofc. Was injured after brown attacked him in/at his vehicle. Everyone has a right to defend themselves….even an officer.

        • Wazoo2u2

          The strong arm robbery – (look up the law child you ‘ll find out it is that, and not shoplifting) does not justify killing. Smashing a cop’s face and trying to take his gun to murder him does. Tell me Juice, you got two teardrops tatted to your eye like Dorian?

        • Bevo Aggiestomper

          Stay on subject, goober. This discussion is about the killing in self defense of a criminal who attacked a police officer.

        • ThomasER916

          The problem is you’re stupid.

          • Bevo Aggiestomper

            and determined to stay that way. You simply cannot fix stupid.

        • avengeflipper

          It shows the mentality of where Mike Brown’s head was in the moments before the encounter. He wasn’t just buying Skittles.

    • john brothers

      your name is apropos! I bet you think OJ was innocent.

    • Jeannette Cassity

      Maybe, if the shoe fits. So, don’t do it! It’s that simple. Get an educational, a job and buy it just like the rest of us do!

      • Juice


        • rdh

          Dumdass. Show yourself and ill show you what happens.

        • Bevo Aggiestomper

          Stay on subject, gomer. We’re talking about the killing in self defense of a criminal who attacked a police officer.

        • avengeflipper

          When you are six foot four and 300 pounds, you are the weapon.

        • Robert Combs

          Juice, this has been answered by a few different people. If you attack an officer and go for his gun, as was reported by the officer, then it is Justification to self defense. You are calling it murder because you refuse accept that this “child” attacked an officer. Mr Brown set this in motion when he decided to make poor decisions.

    • silent John

      Did you watch the video? That WAS strong armed robbery. Irrelevant anyway, as he fought an officer and tried to take his weapon. Justice served. Go back to your rioting as “you” guys didn’t have a valid excuse even before the robbery video.

    • John Revels

      All homicides are not murder. What needs to be determined in each case is if it is a justified or not justified homicide. At the same time a justified homicide does not always involve a suspect that has a weapon, so many justified homicides involve individuals that are unarmed! Everyone needs to learn how and when deadly force is justified!

    • Bevo Aggiestomper

      Nope, but when criminals like michael brown and his accomplices attack a police officer, that does justify the killing of the criminal.

      What do you call that “gentle giant” physically assaulting the man in the video?

    • rdh

      He used physical force to steal from a business. Read the statutes moron. Attack police your gonna get what ever you deserve. One less crimnal black to terrorize my country. Good riddance.

    • Gethriel

      Murder didn’t happen; a killing did. Did he deserve it? I doubt it, but it was a bad situation made far worse by the thug beating a cop and trying to take his gun. COMPLETELY justified result, even though it unfortunately ended a life.

  • James Smith

    If they released the video right away it would have shown that Brown wasnt the angel they wanted him to be. It may have curbed some of the violence. At least it would have given less credibility to those that were using that as an excuse. For the DOJ to “request” (ya right) them to withhold evidence is illegal. The sheriff has to sit there while the black state police chief belittles his department and blames them for the whole thing. I dont blame him for telling Holder to shove it.

    • xyz

      the County Sheriff is the HIGHEST Law, even over state or federal.

    • Chris Orr

      They wanted this violence, it’s good practice for when he tries to implement martial law.

  • GVJaneAz

    This is the story of “KARMA” (working faster than usual!!!). If you didn’t believe in “Karma” before, you should now.

  • Bevo Aggiestomper

    oBozo and his house ape, holder own America’s corrupt, lying media so most sheeple won’t even know about this and of course the perverts and the black bigots don’t care that massa oBozo is a corrupt, racist blivet.

  • Tien Lee

    This thug must be related to Hussein because the regime is interfering with police investigation and hiding exculpatory evidence, thus, causing unnecessary anger and rioting. Impeach him, now!

  • Mr. Smoots

    This video would not even hold up in a court of law to convict him of the robbery. Chief Jackson makes a public statement that the 911 call at 11:51am the video shows the crime happening at 11:53-55am before the video ends.

    He also states publically that the officer departed his sick call at 11:48am to respond to the dispatch broadcast of a robbery that wasnt called in untill 11:51am…….that actually didnt happen on camera until 11:53am….They are lying about the interaction between the officer and Brown. Anything beyond 11:53am is a lie.

    • Bevo Aggiestomper

      and Balaam’s ass spoke. No sense being stupid if you can’t show it right, wilbur.

    • Mae Ferrell

      You really should wait until all facts are in before jumping to conclusions?

      • Bevo Aggiestomper

        democRATs don’t deal in facts.

    • DeMarie Ingraham

      And you know this how? You were there? Since BHO has put Holder’s FBI soldiers on it, no doubt we’ll at some point know what really happened. Until then I and you don’t know Jack squat.

      • Bevo Aggiestomper

        one of his massas told him so.

    • OhOhSayCanYouSee

      What source do you quote this information from? (just asking)

    • Stephanie Brubaker

      Because every clock in every time zone are always in perfect sync. LMAO.

  • Bevo Aggiestomper

    michael brown received the justice he deserved.

  • Margaret Baker

    the more I learn about what is going on in the world, the scarier it gets.

  • Guest


  • Vince Stagbaugh

    Holder and Obama simply want a race war.
    How many times does this crap have to happen before people will admit that these two are nothing but race pimping thugs???

  • pjw01

    What is it going to take to make Holder and Obama accountable for their ILLEGAL actions?

    • Bevo Aggiestomper

      A Republican Senate would be a good start.

      • pjw01

        I agree as long as they can stay in control of the House also.

      • AZhot

        You’re just trading one set of criminals for another.

  • Geoff Jacobs

    They are just about the dirtiest, crookedest, most unethical two human beings on this planet and they must GO!!!

    • Bevo Aggiestomper

      They are both low intelligence hate pigs. They hate the America they see as being too white and believe that anything they can do to bring that America down is a good thing.

  • kd92mesa

    Oh that’s different, it was on CNN, much better source of information.

    • teejcee44


  • Randy Cullinan

    There is absolutely no doubt that the administration is actively working to have blacks and whites at each others throats. Whether that is for a race war or something much grander is still to be seen. I would hate to see it because if we are to draw lines, I suggest those defending the Constitution versus those trying to destroy it. When somebody finally decides what will define the two sides and who will wear what color uniforms, let me know so I can prepare.

  • ThomasER916

    Whites need to figure out this is what happens when you live in a non-White country. Racism? Call it whatever you want but the survival of my race is more important than your feel-good slogans and self-righteous bullsh!t.

    You’ll find the black cops were protecting the looters and working with the Black Panthers.

    Either Whites form explicit White militias or they cease to exist. The law, the government, and the Churches are all against you.

  • rockyvnvmc

    They both came by their offices illegally. What’s a few more felonies?

  • Behning Brad

    Not exactly Wally and the Beaver were they?

  • Jim Hilton


  • Debbie Forthun Kitchen

    They are both just men, both making decisions that will cost both of them their life as they know it, if given a second chance would either have acted differently? We all have a good side and a not so good what happened that made this 120 seconds go oh so wrong?

    • CelticGyrl

      Are you referring to the officer and Michael Brown or Holder and Obama? I hope the former because the latter occupy the two highest positions of authority, one for this nation, the other in the entire earthly world at this time. They can’t be “just men”. Their positions require a higher standard. Their “choices” and actions (or lack of action) carry too far reaching consequences for too many people to be “just men”.

  • JeanluvsCa

    Obama and holder have perfected the art of ignoring and delaying FOIA requests. The police chief actually acted as the law requires, which the president and attorney general abuse time and time again.

  • hexxuss

    And people are surprised WHY!!?? He did the same exact thing in dealing with the little punk in Florida…. This is how he operates – “divide & conquer” – and he’s getting the dividing part down to a freaking science.

  • Sherill Weber

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the protest peaceful at first until Al Sharpton showed up? Then you have Obama’s man Holder saying to hold the evidence of the robbery. Now you have Rep. John Lewis asking Obama to declare martial law. Just what the he$$ is going on? Plus you have news medias leaking the cops address. I’ve never been the one to believe in a lot conspiracies but right not after hearing this about Holder and Lewis’s martial law request (and he isn’t even from Missouri), I think I smell a rat or a bunch of rats.

    • Chris Orr

      If he implements martial law before his term is over he retains the presidency

      • Sherill Weber

        Yep. But let him try it. There’s a law he has to state, can’t remember the name and number of it, but the military also has the same law that they can call because he has then become a “dictator” and turn around and march right in there and pull his butt out and throw him in jail. Remember, he doesn’t care for our military and they know it. He’s treats them like garbage and they know it. They take the pledge for their allegiance to the United States not to the president. This country will not stand for a dictator and if he tries unfortunately that is when America will have it’s second Revolutionary War.

  • Rob

    Holder should be sued for loss of property and and any injuries sustained in the looting. What an idiot.

  • Cindy Osmer-Eckles Banks

    This news reporter states Holder was just giving advice. Like hell he was. That man is dangerous and had no business in this shooting from the beginning. It’s local matter and there is no evidence of misconduct by this department. The Governor also should have stayed out it. When you have people jumping to conclusion and rioting, because Brown’s friend lied to the press it is a crime. These blacks keep calling the race card from the oval office on down and Eric Holder needs to be impeached for abuse of power

    • NukeWaste

      Brown’s friends committed perjury. Every one of them needs to go to jail. For a long time. Lying to police is a crime. But on the other hand, police are allowed to lie to you! This is a dichotomy that has to be corrected. Any police officer that lies to a civilian should be fired and never be allowed in Law Enforcement again.

      • AZhot

        The rioting and other criminal activities going on just justify the cops being another military arm of an ever more repressive government. The talk of revolution is loony in light of all of the para military power that the government can bring to the fight. Any resistance would be crushed and anyone deemed as leaders would be liquidated first. The ‘revolution’ would fall apart in short order as very few people want to die.

  • Not Anonymous

    Holder should be in jail.

  • Harry Charles

    he wants to declare marshall law so he can remai president this is just the start god help us all

  • iflyforu

    I doubt this was this young mans first time to take without paying and using strong arm tactics to get what he wanted,a lot of people were looking for an excuse to act like fools, its a miracle that many more people were not injured in the demonstration if this had been a larger police dept. who knows how many would die this old ignorant BS we the people are going to make our own laws and do things our way,these days are gone for good a well equipped riot division could have puts this back to law and order and protected good people from harm because a few wanted rob and steal.

  • Kachina

    Not even Obama and Gang are above the Law! I pray someone in Washington has the guts to investigate this crime both in Ferguson, Holder and Obama over this one!

    • Stephanie Brubaker

      Another “phony scandal” to be ignored by the main stream media. Just like all the others this clown is leaving in his wake.

  • Alan

    So can Ferguson City Officials send the bill for the clean up and overtime to the white house and a criminal DOJ?

  • C Felix Reardon

    [citation needed]

  • SheilaK

    Despicable, Holder and Obama both.

  • stonemike

    Holder and obammi are criminal RACE BAITING BASTARDS and should be impeached !

  • Mal

    Those two filthy, phoney PsOS have gone one race-pander too far. It had to happen. It’s who they are; and it’s what they do.
    Caught, pants down, assholes.

  • Linda Dunaway Taylor

    So Obama and Holder wanted the town to burn essentially? I guess they figured the looters were getting their social justice and equalizing income.

  • tom hill

    not surprising

  • hal

    If Eric Holder and Obama dropped dead today, our country would be better for it. They are evil criminals.

  • Mamatex

    I fear this may be the start of Obama and Holder declaring martial law. Oakland had riots last night and so it starts. A good way to stop elections!

  • M. Simon

    The policeman who pulled the trigger knew nothing of the robbery..

    • Charlie1503

      But maybe Michael brown thought the cop knew about it, and hence was resisting what he thought would lead to his arrest. Still seems to be excessive use of force though. We need some facts.

      • Charles Bernardo

        Latest report was he was dispatched due to the robbery with a description of the suspect, also withheld. Do you think that if Brown knew what he just did and a cop car comes up behind him on the street that he wasn’t motivated to get away?

        • Charlie1503

          That’s my point, though I didn’t express it well. Brown was fearful, the cop saw it as suspicious. Still need some facts here.

  • Christine Judy

    No words……

  • coolgreen

    EXCELLENT for the Ferguson police chief! Good call on his part for not being bullied.

  • Roberta Bebko

    Talking about the civil rights of Michael Brown is hypocrisy, when the civil rights of the police officer involved are being violated by the Black Panthers when they are inciting a crowd to demand the death of this officer who has not been charged with anything. Even if he is charged with a crime he has the right to due process.

  • Herman Vogel

    If Ms. Brown would have raised her child with respect for others and kept him OFF he dope we wouldn’t be here now. Who is REALLY at fault here,,,sad, huh

  • Russell Dotson

    repeal the law allowing for popular election of senators. The senate was supposed to be the STATES representation in the federal government and the House the Peoples representatives. Checks and balances you know. Senators elected by the state legislature could also be removed by state legislators and didn’t come to Washington needing campaign money and beholden to donors. I think term limits are a good idea also but this one thing more than any other would help right the ship in DC.

  • Karl Dulle

    When will we have had enough of these ASS CLOWNS? Holder is long overdue for a jail cell..

  • Ron Handy

    The United States of America is DOOMED. !!!!!! There’s only one way to stop Big Gov. —-

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    Again, what this lawless administration does is not shocking to me anymore. They’ll do anything to stoke the racial tensions.

  • 1_Human_Being

    Yes, because the cop was totally justified killing an unarmed man because he allegedly stole cigars. Of course the officer didn’t know this at the time but I’m sure he could tell the guy was guilty just by looking at him.

    • William Sullivan

      Why don’t you testify then? You were there right? You saw exactly what happened right? Imbecile.

      • 1_Human_Being

        My understanding of Christianity prevents me from judging other people. I guess you don’t share a similar belief.

        • hamous

          Then why are you judging the cops? A famous man once said: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. Was he wrong for saying that we should be judged by the content of our character? Looks to me as though you have a warped understanding of Christianity.

      • 1_Human_Being

        I tried to reply with a fact-base, respectful comment but I am censored by the admin from making any comment that challenges the writer’s point of view.

    • SoCalStorm

      More importantly, it speaks to the character of the victim – hardly the saintly, college bound choir boy we’d been led to believe.

      • 1_Human_Being

        I have tried to respectfully reply to your comment but I’m being censored. Apparently you can only reply if you agree with the basis of this article.

  • MBW

    Little by little the true agenda of this administration becomes clear. i we can stop the fraud voting we may be able to get our country back in November.

  • MBW

    I thought it strange that when i went to vote in the Primary my name was missing from the book. i had voted there at the same place for 21 years. They said it must be a mistake but i had to vote with a paper ballot. When i called the election board they said it was a problem with their server,what ever that means. This was in NJ Ocean county. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

    • Dolores Wieland

      Servers sometimes can go down (voting machines are computerized nowadays). You were registered and that is why you were allowed to vote with a paper ballot.

  • alwaysright21

    that’s it. lock and load.

  • Mike


    • 1_Human_Being

      Sad you believe this.

  • eddie86

    Obstruction of justice on Holder without a doubt.

  • 1_Human_Being

    This site censors replies to comments. I have posted two respectful replies and neither has been accepted because they challenge this writer’s view. Stop being sheep. Stop allowing the media corporations control of the conversation.

    • 1_Human_Being

      I’m up to five rejected replies.

      • Dolores Wieland

        You’re writing to yourself now?

  • Robert Russ

    Even if there is any truth to this, no laws were broken. Determinations are made every day in regards to which evidence should or should not be made public. Trying to prevent some things from being public in no way relates to laws that govern withholding evidence from from police or the courts. Having said that, if releasing the video earlier could have eased tension and saved lives and property, maybe it should have been. I think at least part of the issue was trying to determine if Browns friend would be charged in the robbery. If so, releasing the video would have tainted the publics view, making it harder to give him a fair trial.

  • Jerry Mason

    I’m always suspicious of any unsubstantiated claims from the right-wing media, but even if it is assumed this story is true, the administration would be right. Putting the highway patrol in charge DID de-escalate the situation and then releasing the video incited more riots. Also, the robbery is completely irrelevant to the shooting. Score one for the administration. Good job, Holder.

    • John

      But him being a gentle giant is?

    • hamous

      I’m sure that’s a great comfort to all the business owners who’ve had their stores and livelihood looted and destroyed by opportunistic mobs. And what about all the hard-working folks those businesses employed? My guess is, if the “gentle giant” were alive, he’d be joining in on the shenanigans.

      • Jerry Mason

        Holder’s suggestions helped to protect the business owners and stores. The decision of the local police only increased the danger.

        • hamous

          Helped protect??? They were looted and destroyed days before the video of the “gentle giant” was released.

    • rgb

      wow, thats the most twisted screwed up reasoning to try to get to an opinion I have ever heard Crawl back under the rock from where you came

      • Jerry Mason

        Actually, its very straightforward logic. The administration was trying to calm things down and prevent further mayhem, but the local police chose to endanger their citizens and subject businesses to additional looting for no reason.

        Do I think the shooting was probably justified? Yes. But it is the duty of the police to maintain order and the local police chief only caused more chaos.

        • rgb

          theres a lot thats coming out that explains the situation If everyone would have given the police time to complete their investigation all the the mayhem that followed could have been avoided

          • Jerry Mason

            I agree, and if the police had waited until all of the information had become available and released it at once, rather than releasing only the video just when things were starting to calm down the mayhem could potentially have been avoided. The bottom line is that the decisions of the local police contributed to the mayhem.

  • Polly

    gentle giant my ass !!!

  • John

    The strong arm robbery shows his state of mind and conduct.. it has nothing to do with the shooting but it is a reflection of the man.. Who he is and what he is capable of..

  • Cheryle Correa

    How can someone’s reputation be smeared by releasing the video? Clearly Brown was engaging in criminal activity, he ruined his own reputation. Don’t people realize there are video cameras everywhere? If this video was released immediately maybe all these violent protests in Ferguson would have been prevented. The people that wish to believe this video was photoshopped would be looking for trouble anyway. What about the man in the video who tried to stop Brown and was bullied out of the way? Does his testimony count?

  • Wayne Copeland

    Another sign that people voted for the WRONG man again! This country will be destroyed within 2 more years of idiots running it! And who is a racist now?

  • John

    So.. If ignoring a cops request to follow the law then beating that cop up for trying to ticket you is racist.. Then the big man was racist or on drugs or out of control in any number of ways..

    Could have said.. Sorry sir and gotten off the road and a pass.. Could have gotten a 20 dollar ticket and got on with his life.. But no he didnt.. He punched out a cop that included a struggle for his gun that discharged in his car..

    No way this guy could walk away at this point.. If the cop is able you are UNDER ARREST..

    Seeing as you have already fought over your gun, using deadly force is reasonable at this point.

    Case closed.

    The whole situation sucks but started and ended based on the so called (LOL) gentle giants conduct and attitude towards authority.. He was above the law but not the laws of physics..

  • Everett Almond

    GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL ERIC ! —-Withholding Evidence IS NOT Legible ! ——-


    Be nice if we went back to being Americans and not all this low-life scumbag crap that has to go on everyday anymore- This is all disgusting and is not making USA any better but much worse!!!!


    I am shocked that the Feds would try to manipulate the situation by withholding information or misleading the public. That’s not like them.


    Niggas be like……………….

  • Willo

    This POS group in Washington needs to be cleaned out ASAP or we are going down faster than we thought. Holder is a criminal for not allowing this to be seen… about obstruction of justice. This is the ultimate obstruction of justice. This could all have been averted if this video had been made public. Scum bags and liars are running our country.

  • WeimMom

    A Witness Conversation Unknowingly Captured at the Scene of the Ferguson Shooting is a Game-Changer

  • jay sims

    time to drop kick Holder and Obama out of office!

  • kidbeem

    1. That same police chief even stated at the time of the shooting they had yet to even put information relating to that incident out.

    2. The federal investigators that had NOTHING to do with the President also asked for the staying of the video until the end of the investigation.

    He only did it to try to justify the actions of the officer, but when closer inspection is happenit made the situation even more explosivel. ThoughI do find it hilarious that you guys try to find everything to blame on the President but I guess that’s your perogative.

  • Frugal Fannie

    shooting a person for stealing cigars is over reacting. not releasing videos to the public is much different from refusing to hand that over to a defense attorney.

  • Deborah Banks

    That video does not exculpate Wilson from murder!

    • Daniel von Utley

      Li’l Blunt Blunt attacked the officer. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Mooncrickets

    It doesn ‘t matter what degrees they have or what positions they hold , kneegrows are criminals.

  • TotallyPeeved


  • Mike Mesa

    This isn’t news, The Right News. This is just racist propaganda.

    • J Lopez

      I guess the truth hurts, huh? Easier to believe this was just an innocent kid when in fact he was a troublemaker and got his just desserts.

      • Dora flores

        Maybe you should be gunned down for shoplifting too? Have you driven after a couple? Smoked a joint in college? Trespassed? All petty little BS but you say he got what he deserved? Smh

        • Brian Blackmon

          Skin color doesn’t make a difference when you’ve tried to take an officers weapon. He got what he was asking for. It is most unfortunate that people such as yourself don’t have enough respect for police officers to see that one cannot try taking an officers weapon without escalating a situation to the point that he is then defending himself.

  • Shirley Nanos

    Dont worry they throw away every bit of evidence before it can catch up to them. If they did this by email, deleted, by phone, busted it… proof, no illegal actions.

  • Jack Flanagan

    people in their posts crying for term limits…lol. one term for a senator is 6 years & then he/she gets the same pay for life regardless. that’s where the changes need to be. Cochran from Mississippi has Alzheimer’s & one of his aides votes for him. <—now that's a politician who needs to go home !

  • Don

    Obama and Holder did the same in the Travyon Martin case but that back fire when Zimmerman was found not guilty, and Obama stated ones again just a couple of months ago saying the Attorney General Department is still investigation the Travyon case to still see if there was any civil rights violations, and the same story will happen with the Michael Brown even thought when the truth come out their put pressure on the prosecutors to file changes as Officer Wilson?

  • Frank Grasha Sr

    This premis is makeing no sense sounds like Bengazi to me !

  • Joseph White

    Why is the DOJ dabbling in the problems of a small town that’s been inundated with the Black Panthers and Racial schills?

    • Jeff Stark

      Because the Black Panthers are Holder’s “People”… He said so himself….

  • raney


  • Tim ribbon

    Only good feelings come from knowing that obama will live out his life knowing he was the most hated president in history and the left was forever scarred

    • luke

      As much as I would love to agree, I can’t help but to assume (yes I know what assumptions can do) that Obummer will not lose a minute of sleep over what people think of him. His actions as a “President” don’t come from being an idiot as he is quite possibly the smartest man to ever serve as President. With that being the case, he’s only doing what he set out to do which is to destroy our Constitution. And as for the left being scarred by Obummer, well….he was elected twice after all, which to me means that there are currently too many sheep among We The People.

  • Mr J.

    Man, you can just smell the crazy, can’t you?

  • HOMEY2

    all brown took was some skittles and Arizona watermelon fruit juice cocktail goin to mix up some “Lean’ AKA Sizzurp–already had the codeine–didnt feel like payn for it–so what-?–he too could be obama’s son that video aint helpn the narrative still not sorry for the looting and burning–any excuse will do–even if the reason turns out to be a lie–

  • Byron Shutt

    The DOJ needed time to ‘crash the hard drive’.

  • AlmightyAtheist

    “Trying to hide exculpatory evidence is illegal.” Exculpatory as defined: to prove that someone is not guilty of doing something wrong. I think this story is crap and certainly some dough wad did NOT know what exculpatory means.

    • BTZ4455

      Nice try MORON!!!! Yes, you somehow managed to navigate the internet over to one of the dictionary pages and were able to cut and paste a definition but you’re obviously not an attorney! OK, so that proves you have an IQ of at least 50 and nothing more!

      When these people who run this police dept (which I will be the first to admit that having a nearly all white police force in a city that’s 70% black is not a smart move on many levels) have a city that is literally burning and besieged by protestors from everywhere, many with good intentions but also many with bad ones and the PRESIDENT AND US ATTORNEY GENERAL are pressuring you NOT to release this video from literally minutes before the incident that sparked all of this, showing that the victim who’s being endlessly portrayed as a gentle soul, on his way to college in fall who was ruthlessly gunned down by a racist murderer cop for no reason at all, it shows total malfeasance at the highest level!!! (and yes MORON-this sure as hell is exculpatory evidence and actually took the time to earn my JD!!)

      • AlmightyAtheist

        We should just send in Duke Nukem.

  • Jake Steele

    For those people still standing up for this thug, you need to understand this country. There is no promise of equal outcome, just equal opportunity.

    I remember the reason they started busing me in the 60’s was some BS about whitey having better teachers, and blacks only getting the leftovers and this was why their dropout and failure rate was higher. They did a 20 year study (1970-1990) and come to find out, blacks did NO better in school at the all “white schools” than they had previously done in the all “black schools”. Why? The number one factor pointed to the fact they didn’t do the work. I remember having to fight 1 on 3+ for not giving answers to questions on tests. This shows me that white race is willing to work for what they want, and the black race wants it handed to them. My scholarship was given to a black guy with a 1.6 GPA, while I had a 3.8. Six months after he went to college his mom told me he dropped out because it was too hard. Any fool could have seen that coming, but thanks to affirmative action my scholarship was taken and going to college would have changed my life. However, for him; it was just another freebee. His outcome was that he died robbing a liquor store in Tampa two years later, and I had to make my way which I did my starting my own businesses and making it without any help (nope, no food stamps here just sweat)!

    Again, you bash “whitey” because you think they have it made in the job force, when in reality most whitey’s are busting their a**** working to get what they have and not looting and stealing to get it. If you want the so called white privileges then go out and work 40 hours a week with little to show for it (and no, you do not get food stamps to help you make it). Your problem as a race is that it is easier to claim foul because you are black instead of going out and working for it.. For years I have worked alongside of many blacks. Some were awesome workers, however the majority were LAZY! Their attitude was simple, I am black, I get paid the same as you, I do have to do anything because to fire me takes a lot more than it takes to fire you! (while they preached we whiteys had it made!) So while I am busting my a*** for my paycheck, they just skate by because of a skin tone. You see in reality Mr Black, you have it made but you would rather whine about it than do something constructive to help yourselves and this is why you will always be what you are…

    I leave you with this, if this thug Mike Brown had been raised to work for what he wants then he would probably still be alive today…

    I love how criminals commit crimes, get caught, then blame the “system” for their punishments (jail or death)… You people who do these types of activities are a disgrace to the human race..

    • Dolores Wieland

      Well said. I couldn’t have done better

  • Dwayne

    Look at that poor, little boy being pushed around by that huge, angry, greedy businessman. Oh, sorry. Thought I lived in Ferguson for a minute.

  • Randy Normington

    with-holder, oblackma-50, are just sshicongo thugs, playing the rest of us as they do to their low info, on the down low buddies! This country is better than this crap!!!!!! Ashamed of this government! ASHAMED!

  • dede

    Makes you wonder why they would want riots,once again Obama’s agenda is clear,which is to start a race war.

  • Kaiser Louis-Philip V

    Even if the cop didn’t know about the robbery, the video proves a few things. Firstly it challenges the narrative that the kid was totally innocent. However, that doesn’t justify him being gunned down without probable cause. You better believe this footage will show up at trial. The attorneys and lawyers will try and prove that the story about Michael Brown getting into a violent altercation with an officer isn’t far-fetched.

    But that won’t matter if the police officer started a violent altercation and arrest of Michael Brown without probable cause. Remember: the police officer Darren Wilson (who, by the way, I’m not related to at all) didn’t know Michael Brown had robbed a convenience store.

    Pray that somehow out of the mess that is the American Legal System we get justice.

  • Dora flores

    Robbery?? They mean shoplifting. Everyone pushing their own narrative…

    • She_patriot

      Shoplifting: Theft of merchandise from a store or a business.

      Robbery: The taking of money or goods in the possession of another, from his or her person or immediate presence, by force or intimidation.

      No agenda just the legal definition of both,watch the video and you decide if there was any force or intimidation!!!
      What I see is another young American man is dead and some in the country are trying to turn the whole incident into something politically expedient to their cause!

  • Daniel von Utley

    First we had St. Skittles and now we have St. Swisher Sweets. LOL!

  • thestormy

    I watched the meeting at the church. The family lawyer called the release of this video brown’s charter assassination.You believe that? It appears to me the only charter assassination evident is of brown’s own doing!!

    • 1gadawg

      wth is a “charter assassination”? do I believe this ‘gentle giant’ was basically a thug that didn’t like a cop telling him and his liar friend what to do – yes. Do I believe that he fought the cop – yes; Do I think the racist Al and his hired henchman Crump are doing nothing but preying of the family – yes…but what else is new?

      • thestormy

        Charter assassination is termed as telling a lie about someone. No lie there,he was on the security camera stealing.PERIOD !!!!

        • 1gadawg

          did you mean ‘character assassination’?

          • thestormy

            Yes,I did.Some days my eyes cloud up because of allergies & it’s hard for me to see.Today is 1 of those days.

  • commonsense4sure

    There are at least two full length videos of the whole incident… they are being with held…

  • ericaedwards1

    So now that the store owner said he didn’t steal anything. ..

  • Michael Kannon

    now folks are saying at the around the one minutes mark Mike Brown is paying for the smokes. Is there another camera angle out there? It’s still irrelevant to the seconds leading up to the officer involved shooting.

  • Patricia Young

    since when does evidence pertaining to a homicide have to be displayed with the general public?

  • MartinAlaskan

    Other than this ONE TIME captured on video Michael Brown was a saint, a sweet docile creature who read the bible nightly with his old granny, gave her her medicine, then tucked her in at bedtime.

    Michael Brown didn’t have an honorable character in the first place, it wasn’t their to assassinate.

  • MartinAlaskan

    If Brown’s mama wins the ghetto lotto every weifare nickel paid out to her and her brood (how much do you think Michael ate every day of food stamp paid for food?) should be deducted from the jackpot.

  • Dee Moo

    Google Michael Brown paid for Cigars…..Amazing…lies from the police. I wonder why?

  • NPerry

    Government control and censorship in order to insight racism and discourse in this Country. Sounds about right. Obama wants us to be like third world Countries that is why he is not protecting our borders. He is a muslem with muslem values he is satans spawn. God help us all. I agree with Debbie Holder should be charged as well as Obama for Obstruction, abuse of power and inciting riots and anything else we can throw at them.

  • DK

    Congress can DEMAND his resignation. I’m not a lawyer but I believe there are other ways to have him removed from office.

  • Disgusted

    Actually he did nothing illegal. There is NO requirement to show the PUBLIC evidence. They were attempting to keep the controversy to a minimum until the investiagtion is completed. BTW, if you go look, there is actually video showing that he did pay for some of the cigars and that he left the rest on the counter.

  • smithmm

    The video shows the victim paying for his cigars. There was no robbery reported. The police simply tried to smear the victim to protect their officer.

  • Michael Shane Gore

    Glad the video was released, where is the other sides video now? Shows he was a piece of crap who used strong arm robbery to take what he wanted.

  • Little Wing

    The whole video shows the kid paying for the cigars and the store never reported he stole anything.

    • Little Wing

      The store owners did not claim he stole from them. Video evidence shows him paying for the cigars found on him. The police attempt to paint Michael Brown as anything but a victim is a complete and total fraud.

  • fatbaby

    He paid,are you blind? The clerk was trying to sell him pirated cd’s and he pushed him away,not wanting to break the law.
    Rest in peace Gentle.

  • Dave Lawrence

    If Only Lincoln Had a Gun:

  • Marley Bongwater

    smoke some herb mon, herbs are good for everyone. peace and love, not war and hate.

  • Phil Marlowe

    Awww. I know you sad little two-inch racists struggle with literacy, but you should at least be able to watch videos with a modicum of your critical faculties engaged.
    I mean, isn’t TV what raised you when your Mommies were out turning tricks?

    It looks like he paid for the cigars. But the rush to vilify an unarmed black teen sure does get you good ole boys excited. Might even get you all the way up to three inches.

  • Jimi Bones

    Yea except it came out today that the store owner or any employee didn’t call the police, never filed a robbery charge, and that mike brown paid for the cigars. New video surfaced that the slpd didn’t release showing the exchange of money. Nice try ya racists. Oh and they asked them not to release the video because it had nothing to do with the shooting you fools.

  • Ernst

    Just how long will this left wing media fool us Europeans too to eat the theory of another Mister Nice Young Man brutally murderaded by white cop/guard? Thanks to internet sources we can get the wider perspective of what really happened. Trayvon Martin case has been one of the worst media swindle so far. Even today millions of Europeans are still believing that Martin was a saint and Zimmerman gunloving fanatic.

    Shame mainstream media, shame on you!

  • Poppy Potts

    Lets see here, The federal attorney general and the democratic governor or the state of missouri didn’t want anyone to know the gorilla was a gorilla. The whole damned town of Ferguson is nothing but a bunch of out of hand negroes and the cops all need to quit and let them defend and protect their own worthless barbaric asses. just quit and leave them to it.

  • Darian Charles Alexander Hart

    But shoplifting/robbery isn’t a crime which has listed, as an acceptable punishment, “six gunshots without trial”. No crime is, to my knowledge. So…

  • Ana Whitlow

    Liars! The Police Chief stated and I quote, “I had been sitting on it and too many people put in FOIA requests for it and I had to release it,” he said.

  • BipartisanLawsOnly

    Not to mention that Brown beat the cop to a bloody pulp before walking off.

  • Sonny

    Withholding a video from the ‘public’ is not withholding evidence. Don’t know where people come up with these concepts. The video tape is evidence of a crime, the police have it, and had brown survived, it would have been used to convict him of strong arm robbery. What holder did was in no way illegal. However his intent was not to try and ‘withhold evidence” from the police (which he couldn’t, police already had it), it was keep the truth from the people as to who brown was, which was a thug plain and simple. It was to keep alive the racial tensions. Evidence of john doe committing a crime does not a smear campaign make, it’s who you are. And with all the BS being flung around about what a great guy he was, it needed to be released.

  • jim hat

    As you can see, the teen with Michael Brown paid for the cigars & the man behind the counter grabbed the money. This is also being reported by the store owner.

  • ted1478

    Holder got to go!

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  • JG1987

    I like how “Obama’s Attorney General” somehow means Obama is culpable. And, all you have to do is make your story seem conservative on a conservative site or liberal on a liberal site and all reasoning goes out the window. Like usual, a nice piece of rhetoric but not much journalism. Good job America. Why think when you have “reporters” and social media to tell you what to think.