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Sustainability Entrepreneur. Skeptic Tastytrade/Dough. Host AGTA/EGTA. NYT Best-Seller. Film Producer. Former host, CNBC, MSNBC. Fmr ME, Bloomberg.

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    Be a REAL patriot! On July 4th, join the walk get $$$ OUT of politics!

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    The fastest-growing economic sector is building a more sustainable world for us all. on :

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    "The lesson is clear, if want to be happy, be happy right now." ~

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    the only surprise is that anyone is surprised.

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    SO? In America it's called, "doing business". How is this any different than Cheney and HAL? or Gramm/UBS?

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    Bill Clinton was paid by Mubarak group & by owner of teargas firm as Hillary boosted tear gas exports to Egypt govt

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    The Golden State could meet 500% of its energy needs with just solar power!

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    Yes FOX has been unfair2HRC on , BUT polls showing Hillary's poll#s dropping are not polls of FOX voters

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    NYT/CBS Poll: Broad, Bipartisan Majority of Americans Support Overhaul of Political System - Every Voice

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    Hundreds Missing After Chinese Cruise Ship Sinks on Yangtze

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    Approx. 96% of the nation wants money to hold less power in politics.

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    Join & this Thursday in downtown

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    Gangsters beat lunatics....

  14. Perfect for American politics!

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    I really really really hope you're wrong. I don't think people trust him as far as they could throw him.

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