Success Stories

Success Stories

Agog Labs offers an optimized scripting language for game developers


SkookumScript is the world’s first programming language specifically dedicated to the creation of gameplay in video games. This unique scripting language enables video game studios to quickly and easily convert ideas into awe-inspiring interactivity, level design and AI. Agog Labs, SkookumScript's founder company, is a member of the Venture Acceleration Program with partner Innovation Island in Nanaimo.


Agog’s founder, Conan Reis, wrote his first game at the age of 9. In 1993, he launched his professional gameplay development career with Electronic Arts and has since written and developed his private enterprise project, the SkookumScript.  “Most games are written with general purpose languages (GPLs) like C++, C# and Objective-C," Conan explains. "The main difference between general purpose languages and a domain specific language (DSL), like SkookumScript, for games is how easy it is to write something.”

“Building a programming language isn't something I'd recommend to anyone though it has been a fun journey over my game industry career.  I joke about it by saying - it's 'only' taken about 20 years to make.”


SkookumScript is patented and was recently licensed to Vancouver-based United Front Games.  Could Google Glass be next?  

Conan Reis met influential tech blogger Robert Scoble at the Grow Conference in Vancouver this August.  When Conan told him about his game programming language SkookumScript, Robert’s response was "Cool!  It's about time there was a language for games."  He thought that SkookumScript sounded like it would also be great for gaming on Google Glass, says Conan.

"SkookumScript makes it much easier and faster to create games so it would be good for making games on Google Glass or any platform that has interactive elements. Simpler code makes building games much more accessible - and even hard-core software engineers like it better as the right tool for the job.”

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