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Episode 029: Jodi Ettenberg, Food Traveler Extraordinaire

Jodi is one of the most outgoing people I know. Her impressive worldview has been shaped from amazing experiences as a traveler, lawyer, writer, freelancer, foodie, author and more. Determined and charismatic. Energetic and witty. Thoughtful and informed. Jodi is a delightful firecracker.

I first met Jodi at Chris Guillebeau’s inaugural World Domination Summit in 2011. Jodi delivered one of the more powerful talks, which is embedded below. Grab a cup of coffee and watch it; it’s amazing.

And now, Jodi Ettenberg on the NerdKicks podcast!

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Today’s mission: Check out Jodi’s new book, The Food Traveler’s Handbook


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Taking Risks, Long-Term Travel and Finding Your Passion in Life

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  • Charles Frost

    Did you watched Eat, love and pray movie? that was such a great movie if you are food traveler.

    • http://winningedits.com/ Matt Gartland

      I personally have not, though I’ve heard wonderful things about both the book and movie.