Author Website

Having your very own Author website is a fantastic way to promote your book and yourself online. You have the potential to reach millions of readers instantly. Websites start from 3 pages which normally include a home page, about the author and a page to sell your book directly.

Being able to sell your book directly off your website is a massive bonus – you will receive 100% of the books profits.

Having a well designed website will give your readers confidence that you have gone the extra mile to ensure the content of your book is well written and up to standard.

Use your author website to sell your book directly and earn 100% profits.
Your customers are able to purchase directly through your website and download your eBook as soon as payment has been cleared. This leaves you to concentrate on other forms of marketing
Normally our Authors choose their website with their name as the domain – You can have anything you like but your name or your book name is the best option.
You can have your personalised email to match your website –