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Roseli O. Friedmann In Memoriam

Dr. Roseli Ocampo Friedmann

Courtesy Professor Emeritus, 1937-2005

Research and Professional Interests:

Microbial ecology of absolute extreme environments, astrobiology, experimental and molecular taxonomy of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).

Brief Biography:

Roseli Ocampo earned a master's degree in 1966 at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, under the direction of Dr. E. Imre Friedmann. After returning to her native Philippines for two years, she rejoined Dr. Friedmann at Florida State University and completed her doctorate in 1973. The two were married in 1974.

They worked together for many years at Florida State, and in 1987, Roseli became a full professor at nearby Florida A&M; University in Tallahassee, while retaining a courtesy appointment in FSU Biological Science and working there during the summers. They left Tallahassee after Imre's retirement from Florida State, in 2001.

Roseli received a resolution of commendation from the state government of Florida in 1978 and the U.S. Congressional Antarctic Service Medal from the National Science Foundation in 1981. In 2005, just a few months before her death, a mountain peak in Antarctica was named in her honor (see below).

She died 4 September 2005, in Kirkland, Washington, after a three-year battle with Parkinson's disease.

Selected Publications:

Friedmann, E. I., and R. Ocampo. 1976. Endolithic blue-green algae in dry valleys: primary producers in Antarctic desert ecosystem. Science 193:1247-1249.

Friedmann, E. I.,and R. Ocampo Friedmann. 1984. The Antarctic cryptoendolithic ecosystem: relevance to exobiology. Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere 14:771-776.

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Friedmann, E. I.,and R. Ocampo Friedmann. 1994. A primitive cyanobacterium as pioneer microorganism for terraforming Mars. Life Sciences and Space Research XXV (4) Advances in Space Research 15:243-246.

Friedmann, E. I., and R. Ocampo-Friedmann. 1995. A primitive cyanobacterium as pioneer microorganism for terraforming Mars. Advances in Space Research 15(3):243-246.

Billi, D., E. I. Friedmann, K. G. Hofer, M. G. Caiola, and R. Ocampo-Friedmann. 2000. Ionizing-radiation resistance in the desiccation-tolerant cyanobacterium Chroococcidiopsis. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 66:1489-1492.

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Matsumoto, G. I., J. A. Nienow, E. I. Friedmann, E. Sekiya, and R. Ocampo-Friedmann. 2004. Biogeochemical features of lipids in endolithic microbial communities in the Ross Desert (McMurdo Dry Valleys), Antarctica. Cellular and Molecular Biology 50:591-604.

Friedmann Peak:

Feature Name: Friedmann Peak
Feature Type: summit
Latitude: 79º51’S
Longitude: 156º45’E
A prominent peak rising to 1920 m in the central part of Kennett Ridge, Darwin Mountains. Named after Roseli Ocampo Friedmann, professor of microbiology, Florida A&M; University, Tallahassee, FL, who worked five austral summers in McMurdo Dry Valleys; co-discoverer there (with E. Imre Friedmann) of endolithic microorganisms in the Beacon sandstone, 1976.