Microchip PIC<sup>®</sup> Microcontrollers

Why Buy PIC® Microcontrollers (MCUs) And
dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs)?

Microchip provides solutions for the entire performance range of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers, with a powerful architecture, flexible memory technologies, comprehensive easy-to-use development tools, complete technical documentation and post design in-support through a global sales and distribution network.

Easy Migration - Scale Your Designs Up or Down

  • Performance to meet your application needs ranging from lowest power up to 100 DMIPS
  • Complete portfolio from 384B to 512KB of program memory as your code requirements grow
  • Upward compatible architectures to preserve investment in code development
  • Pin compatibility in multiple packages facilitates drop-in replacement from 6 to 144 pins

Low-Risk Product Development and Faster Time to Market

  • MPLAB® IDE is a free, simple and powerful development environment, supporting all MCU and DSC products
  • Free C compilers available
  • Free software libraries, reference designs, application notes, and seminars
  • Third-party software and hardware development tools available

Lower Total System Cost with Integrated Peripherals

  • Communications: SPI, I2C, UART, CAN, USB, Ethernet, IrDA®, LIN
  • Control: capture/compare, counters, real-time clock, motor control & power supply PWM
  • Integrated Segmented LCD, Graphics and touch sensing controllers
  • Analog: A/D Converters, comparators, op amps, D/A Converters
Application Function Product Family Title
Wired Communication USB - Device & Host PIC18, PIC24F, PIC32 USB Framework for PIC18, PIC24 & PIC32
Consumer Handheld Devices PIC24F, PIC32 Software Library for Android Accessory
Display Graphics (QVGA) dsPIC33F/E, PIC24F, PIC24H, PIC32 Microchip Graphics Library
Sensing (Sensors) Touch Sensing (mTouch™) PIC18, PIC24F, PIC32 mTouch Capacitive Touch Library
Wired Communication Ethernet (TCP-IP, Internet) dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F/E, PIC18, PIC24F, PIC24H, PIC32 TCP/IP Stack for PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC & PIC32

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