The weird world of Danny Finkelstein


Danny the fake

Anti-Semitic nut-job, Danny ‘the fake’ Finkelstein, has been getting his kippahs in a twist again.

When we outed his dim-witted puppet, David Cameron, for being Jewish, Danny fair flipped his balding lid.

He’s even taken to Twitter this week and accused us of being akin to David Irving for making the claims publicly.

Ha, ha, ha !!!

Danny, Danny, Danny.

Do you know what an absolute twat you are making of yourself?

How the fucking hell can it be a bad thing to be outed as Jewish, when you yourself are a follower of the same religion?

You really are a sly one Danny-boy.

As well as being one of Britain’s top paedo-apologists.

DannytheFink and Greville Janner

This is the post that Danny is always ranting about:

” It was comforting to hear Prime Minister David Cameron talk recently about his Christian faith.

Christian Dave 10

He told us all about the joy he feels being a follower of Jesus.

He became almost Messianic as he spoke about his bible-bashing ways.

Unfortunately though, Dave broke the ninth commandment , ‘Thou shalt not lie’ , when he made his fanciful claims.

You see, David Cameron is not a Christian at all.

Describing himself as one is akin to Madonna calling herself a nun.

It just isn’t true.

The whole Christian wheeze was a cunning ploy, thought up by Dave’s close friend and advisor, Danny ‘the fake’ Finkelstein, to make people believe that Dave gives a f**k about Britain.

Times editor, Danny, has himself been hoodwinking the British public by pretending to be a football-loving, all round good guy, when he’s anything but.

Danny actually despises football and only pretends to be a super-fan to ingratiate supporters and trick them into thinking he cares about this country.

He knows all about the VIP paedophile-ring that’s been operating for decades and is linked to Government, Royalty and the BBC, and recently gave a glowing description of child-raping filth, Greville Janner.

Danny Finkelstein is President of the Westminster Synagogue.

David Cameron is a regular attendee.

That’s because David is Jewish.

No shadow of a doubt about it.

His real family name is Levitas and he even claims to be related to Moses himself!

Kind permission AZL

Christian Dave 11Christian Dave 5Christian Dave 2

Still don’t believe us?

Well unfortunately, the real proof can only be found in the most unsavoury of places.

Right inside Dave’s crumpled, dirty, old y-fronts.

There, where no human being would dare to tread, is proof positive that our leader is not a Christian at all.

That’s because he’s been circumcised.

In line with Judaic law.

Daves PantsScissorsThats gotta hurt

His schmuck has been snipped, for want of a better phrase.

He’s not quite a full Member of Parliament.

But don’t worry Dave.

Your secret’s safe with us.

We wont tell a soul.

Is that not the Christian way?”

Quite why the fuck this post has upset Danny so much is a complete and utter mystery.

Oh, and by the way.

Here’s one we made earlier:

Times editor, Daniel Finkelstein, would have you believe that he’s no more than a football-loving, political journalist and all round Mr Nice Guy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, the real Danny Finkelstein is what one might call a ‘great pretender’.

He’s merely pretending to be who he says he is, when in fact he’s one of a small group of ‘behind the scenes’ players who despise Britain and are pushing a sickening agenda that seeks to destroy this once great nation.

jc5874 x10845NerYisroelPannel

Danny ‘the fink’, runs the hugely powerful and influential, Policy Exchange organisation.

Policy Exchange claims to merely discuss political policy-making, but in fact writes the policies that Cameron, Gove, Osbourne and IDS have so disastrously adopted.

The current education minister, Michael Gove, is extremely close to Finkelstein.

He used to run Policy Exchange.

They both adore child-raping Labour Peer, Greville Janner.

Some might call Gove, Finkelstein’s whipping boy.

Currie, Janner and Gove

Gove has recently been in the headlines because he mysteriously dismissed calls for the mandatory reporting of sex-abuse claims by pupils in schools.

He claimed that the idea would swamp ” child protection” officials.

In light of the many recent scandals in private boys schools this pathetic excuse seem incredulous.

Did Finkelstein have a hand in Gove’s bizarre decision not to allow abuse to be reported?

The brilliant writer, Chris Spivey, has been pivotal in reporting on the huge numbers of children taken into care by social workers when their parents have done nothing wrong.

These children are often then abused in care homes by VIP filth.

In a recent article, Spivey exposed the links between the government’s faked austerity measures and the rise in the number of children being taken into care because their parents have been sanctioned by the DWP and they are left penniless and sometime homeless.

Danny Finkelstein commissioned a report into benefit sanctions and appeared to have invented a fairer approach, but it’s actually more callous than ever.

Fake-football ‘lover’ Danny wants to introduce a sinister yellow card warning system which promises much stricter punishments for anyone who deviates.

This begs the question, why, oh why, would Danny Finkelstein want parents to lose their benefits and have their children taken into care?

We published the following claims about Finkelstein which he didn’t take too kindly too and accused us (and our readers) of being ‘nutters’ and needing our heads examining:

Between 1981 and 1990 Finkelstein was a member of the SDP and in 1987 was defeated in the Brent East by-election.

It’s highly likely he came across child-raping filth, Cyril Smith MP.

Finkelstein switched political allegiance and  joined the Tories, where he became political advisor to bald oddity, William Hague.

Hague himself is up to his neck in filth of the highest order and may have lots to tell the authorities about his links to the notorious Dolphin Square boy-brothel and the North Wales care-home scandal.

He was also the toy-boy of Margaret Thatcher, who spent a staggering amount of time with close chum, Jimmy Savile.

We now know that Jill Dando was shot in the head because she was about to blow the lid on the BBC paedophile-ring, linked to Savile, Parliament and the Royals.

Nick Ross Jill Dando

Her high-profile death was a warning to others to keep their mouth shut too.

The Crimestoppers helpline, run by Nick Ross, conveniently stopped working when an appeal was made for information about Jill’s murder.

Nick Ross BBC

Ross, who recently said he’d watch child-porn given half the chance, is married to the cousin of Esther Rantzen.

Rantzen runs the Childline charity and has been accused of ignoring the victims of Savile at the BBC.

Some voices claim that both organisations are used to gather and suppress reports of VIP child-abuse.

According to the Spectator:

” Lord Finkelstein is closer by far to George Osborne. One senior Times writer told me three years ago that he spoke ‘six or seven times a day. probably more’ to the Chancellor. Mr Osborne once reportedly remarked that he spoke to Mr Finkelstein more often then he did to his wife. But when Mr Osborne appeared in front of Lord Justice Leveson, the following exchange occurred:

Q. ‘Does he [Finkelstein] act for you as a sort of unpaid adviser and/or speech writer?

A. ‘No, he’s just a very good friend.

Osbourne has been embroiled in his own scandals after details emerged of his cocaine-habit and love of brothels.

In 2005, the BBC held a debate in response to the 7/7 bombings:

” To the Everyman Cinema last night with Tom Brent for a public meeting on current affairs. BBC presenter Emily Maitlis chaired a brisk discussion in which Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, outshone distinguished panelists Sir Leon Brittan, Simon Hughes, and Daniel Finkelstein.”

Brittan and Hughes have both been linked to sordid allegations of abuse against boys.

Was Finkelstein aware of these allegations?

For many years, Daniel Finkelstein ran a company called ‘The Generation of Change Ltd’ with Neil Sherlock.

Sherlock became Nick Clegg’s special adviser in his private office and his wife, Kathryn Parminter, used to work as a parliamentary research assistant for Simon Hughes.,_Baroness_Parminter

Nick Clegg has been accused of covering-up what he knew about Cyril Smith and his child-raping ways.

In 2012, for some unknown reason, Finkelstein wrote an article for the Times, entitled, ‘The dead can’t enter a plea of guilty’.

The article appeared to cast doubt on the abuse claims made against Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile:

Cyril Smith may have been a monster. But until we have reliable evidence we must not rush to judgment . Can I ask you a question? How do you know, really know, that Jimmy Savile is guilty of child abuse? The truth, let’s face it, is that you don’t.  You are like me. You’ve perhaps heard one or two TV interviews with victims. You’ve read the odd article including some fairly damning quotes. You’ve gathered that there is a police investigation and that, as a result, a number of famous people have been arrested, although oddly always in connection with allegations that have nothing to do with Savile.
And, most of all, you’ve heard people say that he always looked a little fishy and that come to think of it it was a dead giveaway that he always waltzed around in one of those gold lamé tracksuits that paedos love to wear. And that hair. And “now then, now then”. He definitely did it.

The following anonymous comments were left on a blog, detailing the case of Labour Peer, Greville Janner:

Greville Janner

” After accusing Janner of paedophilic behaviour with a teenager, care worker, Frank Beck was arrested and charged with the sexual and physical abuse of children in his care over a thirteen-year period. At his trial Beck stated that: –

One child has been buggered and abused for two solid years by Greville Janner“.

Immediately after this, Janner who just happens to be, ironically, a long time member of the boy scouts association, and Sir David Napley, his solicitor, went to Police headquarters in Leicester.

Whereupon, the following statement was issued: “We have advised Mr. Janner that he is prevented from making any statement at this stage”. Shortly afterwards, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alan Green, let it be known that “for lack of evidence”, Janner would not be prosecuted, even though Paul Winston, who was just thirteen when he and Janner first met, was able to describe Janner‘s home, the hotel rooms they had shared, and Janner’s habits and person in detail.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, himself, was arrested for kerb-crawling in Kings Cross a little while later. Green had come to the attention of the police previously for this same misdemeanour and was quietly given a formal warning. The scandal prompted his resignation from public office and the suicide of his wife.”

Daniel Finkelstein must have been aware of the accusations against Janner but, for some unknown reason, posted the following tweet:

Watching Greville Janner in 1970 election prog. Attractive, incisive, intelligent, moderate. How did he not end up one of Lab’s leaders?”

The two were also listed together in the JC as being highly influential in their respective fields:

” The highest judge in the land is Lord David Neuberger.


He used to work at N.M Rothschild and Sons and is married to Angela Holdsworth.

He was responsible for evicting the Parliament Square peace campaign.

In May 2011, while commenting on super injunctions, he said that social media sites like Twitter were “totally out of control” and society should consider ways to bring such websites under control.,_Baron_Neuberger_of_Abbotsbury

By a very strange twist, his wife Angela, was a BBC executive for many years and must have known about Jimmy Savile’s child-raping activities.

She also worked with Nick Ross and Esther Rantzen on the controversial BBC show, Man Alive.

Savile and Rantzen

Angela Holdsworth then became the editor of another well-known programme.

That programme was none-other than Crimewatch.

The phone-hacking judge, Brian Levenson was involved in the trial of Barry George.

Some claim the hacking scandal was a deliberate set-up to clamp down on the media.

Following the death of Jill Dando, a new research centre in her name was formed:

The UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science is the first Institute in the world devoted to Crime Science. Research is concentrated on new ways to cut crime and increase security ” .

By a strange twist, the Board of the Institute is run by none other than Nick Ross and Professor Anthony Finkelstein.

Anthony Finkelstein is Daniel Finkelstein’s brother.”

We then made a shocking discovery.

Max Clifford Filth

Jailed pervert, Max Clifford, uses the following shady business address:

11-15 Acre House
William Road
United Kingdom

In February 2013, we were given a tip-off that Acre House is linked to less-than-kosher Conservative monetary shenanigans:

By a strange coincidence, Finkelstein’s Policy Exchange uses the same address.

So does Tory child-pimp, Derek Laud.

So does crooked Gerald Ronson.

So does Leon Brittan.

Quite why they all share this debauched address is a complete and utter mystery.

In April 2014, the following comments were left on a blog which was discussing Finkelstein:

I met Finky once at Blood Oaks Farm lovely evening Jimmy and Esther, Margaret Hodge, Harriet Harmon, Andy Coulson and Lord McAlpine.
I can assure you Greville Janner is very good looking and I agree with Fink, Janner would have made a perfect Prime Minister in the Edward Heath mode.’

– ” why don’t you send Danny a twitter question, ask him about Oto, ask him about Hastings and Kent ask him about Bob the gob.

Ask him about Bob G and Russia ask him about Paul and, as it’s all connected ask him about Tavistock and 7 7 :  nice boy is Danny but loose lips at parties I hear”.

How very, very strange indeed.

Is there more to Danny Finkelstein than meets the eye?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?











25 thoughts on “The weird world of Danny Finkelstein

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  2. Does This BANNED Video Prove Cliff Richard is a Paedophile?
    C.R. + boyfriend pic?
    How come he befriended Jill Dando before her death? “Now Cliff Richard was both giving her information and pumping her for what she knew.” “Jill was mysteriously befriended by Cliff Richard prior to her death.”

  3. Wow!! I absolutely love your writing style, the way that it repeats for emphasis and weaves it all together. Fantastic and explosive stuff. Thank you so much for sharing this hard to find information. What an incestuous bunch of paedophile scum.

    Why don’t some senior MI5 officers organise a cell to take these paedos down??? They can’t all be shagging children can they??? O.O

    I guess the blackmail network is too powerful. You would not only need video/audio/physical evidence and incorruptible witnesses but also coroners, soldiers, police officers, doctors, judges and a clean prosecutor and for them all not be compromised….I guess finding ten or twenty such individuals with the correct qualifications, jurisdictions, responsibilities all at the same time and place in this country is just too much to ask :(….

    Hopefully if we keep sharing your info we can find these people out there :)

    Keep up the good work man! They are feeling the heat because they had to remove Kenneth Clark, Hague, and kill Brittan and fuck over his cousin Rifkind….Exposing them to the light might not get justice but it makes it harder for them to rape kids so openly…you are making a difference!!! :)

  4. All nice Jewish boys just doing what they have planned for the world…. Not going to happen though is it Coleman !! they have all been caught with their panties down, all pink of course. This is it, the truth is rolling in and these sly schmucks who all tried to hide, behind false names and fit in to the nations they have infiltrated, are just cutouts, they have been rumbled… at last the time is here and they know they are finished. Tick Tock alright.

  5. Please please don’t be nasty about the Jews. That wonderful iconic performer of the Arts ( okay, comedienne) Maureen Lipman has stated she might well leave the country if it continues. Now what a tragedy that would , be especially if she took Feltz, Currie, Rantzen et al with her. .!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. So Europe hasn’t learnt to be multicultural according to Spectre. Obviously we need the Jews to show us how. Just learn from them and see what a wonderful job they’re doing with Palestine! Arabs and Jews together too multicultural then ? According to her Europe would not survive without the Jews at the centre playing a leading role. News for you Spectre. We survived splendidly without your ilk . In 1290 Edward 1 banished the Jews from England. On March 31, 1492, King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella of Spain issued the Alhambra Decree, which ordered the expulsion of Jews from Catholic Spain.Just in Europe and Russia alone, the Jews have been banished 47 times in the last 1,000 years: Mainz, 1012 France, 1182 Upper Bavaria, 1276 England, 1290 France, 1306 France, 1322 Saxony, 1349 Hungary, 1360 Belgium, 1370 Slovakia, 1380 France, 1394 Austria, 1420 Lyons, 1420 Cologne, 1424 Mainz, 1438 Augsburg, 1438 Upper Bavaria, 1442 Netherlands, 1444 Brandenburg, 1446 Mainz, 1462 Lithuania, 1495 Portugal, 1496 Naples, 1496 Navarre, 1498 Nuremberg, 1498 Brandenburg, 1510 Prussia, 1510 Genoa, 1515 Naples, 1533 Italy, 1540 Naples, 1541 Prague, 1541 Genoa, 1550 Bavaria, 1551 Prague, 1557 Papal States, 1569 Hungary, 1582 Hamburg, 1649 Vienna, 1669 Slovakia, 1744 Mainz, 1483 Warsaw, 1483 Spain, 1492 Italy, 1492 Moravia, 1744 Bohemia, 1744 Moscow, 1891.

    Now I wonder why that was ?

    • It was just a big misunderstanding, Kal. That – and antisemitism (of course). The Jews themselves have always been blameless. They’re just victimised. A victimised minority that only want a better world for us all. ;-);-);-)

      • You DO have to ask yourself WHY though don’t you? We are supposed to learn from history and if you are not allowed to give voice and question the reasons for the expulsions without being branded , ‘ anti Semitic ( whatever that means ) then that brings another question into the equation n’,est-ce pas?

  7. Levitas might be more suitable but I think more correct is Levita, no?

    Next time an Honorary Jew like Gordon Brown calls you a bigot for wanting to resist your own genocide you might play this for them:

    As for Lord Neuberger he has said the judiciary is ‘male, white, educated at public school, and from the upper-middle and middle-classes … and isn’t very diverse’. It may be full of toffs, but what he, as a racially-conscious Jew, doesn’t like is the fact there are still some WHITES.

    He is persistently pushing for more wimmin and so-called minorities to be pushed into judicial office and this zeal would appear to be explicable purely on the grounds of their being wimmin and minorities (aka global majorities) if due regard is had to the factors summarised in the following article:

    Certain rabbins proposed abolishing the prayer of Kol Nidre from divine service in the early nineteenth century but the move was rejected. Presumably Lord Neuberger can explain how that oath is consistent with the secular oath given on assuming judicial office and becoming a Privy Councillor.

  8. Now we know why there is no such thing as a poor Jew !! if you arent one you get nowhere. They rule and always have. Just one big club of jobs to the boys.

  9. ”………………….and without thinking I described you as ‘my rabbi.’……………………………..Right Cameron. You inadvertently outed yourself there. Only an idiot would vote for this man.

  10. Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elizabeth is married to Matthew Freud, who is part of Cameron’s ‘Chipping Norton’ set, and who is also in paedo pimp Jeffrey Epstein’s address book.

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