Get Ready To Strike With Fighting Vipers

The gameplay in Fighting Vipers is fun. The control scheme is similar to that used in Virtua Fighter 2. Fighting Vipers however has two differences that help it stand out form the pack. The fighters in the game are all outfitted with armor that can be broken apart during gameplay. Also the arenas all feature walls that can be used to bounce your opponent as part of a combo, a featture that was also used in Sonic the Fighters. Using a combo with the wall to end the fight ends with the losing fighter going through the wall. These elements allowed Fighting Vipers to stand out at the time, but armor and destructible environments are old news in fighting games today. Nothing special was done for this re-release to make it worth the download.

Each fighting arena has walls that can be used with a combo.

Fighting Vipers is a fun fighter and probably the best option in Sega’s Model 2 Collection. The graphics are unique enough to have it stand out from the pack, but not crisp enough for this HD era. The gameplay is fun and the use of armor and wall barriers add to the strategy of gameplay. Unfortunately, I find it hard to recommend this for much more than a nostalgia feel.

The game also used a limb targeting system.

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