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LxCenter Logo 250x73.png Free Hosting Controlpanel and Free Virtualisation Manager

Production Versions
Kloxo 80x15 gr.png 6.1.19
Hypervm 80x15 gr.png 2.0.7993
Beta Versions
Kloxo 80x15 gr.png None
Hypervm 80x15 gr.png 2.1.0


Feel free to contribute to this wiki! Though the wiki is closed for new user registrations (against spammers), you have to ask us for account creation.


Till july 2009, Kloxo and HyperVM where closed source applications. It was owned by the company LxLabs. Sadly, the CEO murdered himself. The community formed a Consortium and got hold of the sourcecodes via the family. LxCenter was born and taked over developing. Read more at wikipedia (Articles not created nor managed by LxCenter).


HyperVM and Kloxo are opensourced with AGPL-V3.0 License terms.


HyperVM is the most comprehensive virtualization management software in the industry. It is a multi-server, multi-tiered, multi-platform, multi-virtualization system allowing you to manage both linux and windows virtualization across your entire data center.


Set HyperVM License to Unlimited usage

Do the following 3 steps:

  • Replace the file located at:
    with this
  • Run:
      cd /usr/local/lxlabs/hypervm/httpdocs/
  • Run:
     lphp.exe ./htmllib/lbin/getlicense.php

Note: If everyone doing this, then the License server does not have to be up again...

Centos 6 Hypervm Beta and xen installation

After we follow all the instructions to install hypervm then we need to follow some more steps as described in this link: Xen4QuickStart

Use CentOS 7 OpenVZ OS template on CentOS 5 host machine

If you try to run a CentOS 7 OS template on a CentOS 5 Host machine, then you get a kernel error that states your kernel is too old. You can only run the CentOS 7 OS Template on a RHEL6 kernel. To upgrade your kernel follow the following steps;


Kloxo (Previously Lxadmin) is trivially the most advanced and flexible hosting platform on this planet. From Kloxo HostinABox that can run a full featured hosting on 15MB RAM to Kloxo Enterprise, which is only truly distributed hosting platform in the industry, Kloxo is a single software that can power all areas of your hosting business, whether it is powering your entire shared hosting or simple control panel that you can sell with your VPS offering.



The source code is public and hosted at GitHub. By using a master and development branch the developers can implement changes easy.

Source code

  • The source code of Kloxo can be found here
  • The source code of HyperVM can be found here

Developing with GIT

  • Tutorial
  • Programming guide

Development installation

Usefull links


There are several ways to get support. Support is given by users from the products. Our slogan, The community helps each other, the project is from and for the community. LxCenter does not have a callcenter or a support team.

Discussion lists

We discuss development issues of Kloxo and HyperVM at the open developers mailing list hosted at google groups:

To subscribe, please send an e-mail to:

For more options, visit:




If you want to make a donation, send it to using PayPal.


Currently these are the sponsors of LxCenter. Thank you all for the support!

Life Time Terms

  • Biznes-Host/Mintshost
  • Castlegem
  • CH-Center
  • A2 Hosting
  • Spry/VPSLink
  • indieServe Networks
  • CallGlobe
  • DME Hosting
  • MercuryVPS

Temporary Terms

  • None


Here you can find usefull information we can offer.