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Media Interviews with the CofCC

Spokesman for Council of Conservative Citizens Available to Speak to Media about Dylann Roof and Charleston church killings.

In a manifesto widely attributed to Dylann Roof, he cites the Council of Conservative Citizens ( C of CC) as the organization that first drew his attention to black-on-white crime.

C of CC spokesman, Jared Taylor, welcomes media inquiries about the council’s positions and how they relate to Dylann Roof.

The C of CC unequivocally condemns Roof’s murderous actions.

However, the council stands unshakably behind the facts on its website, and points out the dangers of denying the extent of black-on-white crime.

Every year, there are about 500,000 violent , interracial crimes. Of these, about 85 percent are committed by blacks against whites.

Every year, there are some 20,000 rapes of white women by blacks, but rapes by white men of black women are so unusual, they scarcely appear in crime statistics.

If these figures were reversed—if there were wide-spread white-on-black rape and violence—it would be constant national news. Instead, the true nature of interracial violence is ignored.

This is dangerous. Our society’s silence about these crimes—despite enormous amounts of attention to “racially tinged” acts by whites—only increase the anger of people like Dylann Roof. This double standard *only makes acts of murderous frustration more likely*.

In his manifesto, Roof outlines other grievances felt by many whites. Again, we utterly condemn Roof’s despicable killings, but they do not detract in the slightest from the legitimacy of some of the positions he has expressed. *Ignoring legitimate grievances is dangerous*.

For further commentary on Roof, please contact Jared Taylor at 703-706-0900. Taylor is a former board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, and frequent speaker at council conferences.

Message from the CofCC President:

It has been brought to the attention of the Council of Conservative Citizens that Dylann Roof — the alleged perpetrator of mass murder in Charleston this week — credits the CofCC website for his knowledge of black-on-white violent crime.

This is not surprising: The CofCC is one of perhaps three websites in the world that accurately and honestly report black-on-white violent crime, and in particular, the seemingly endless incidents involving black-on-white murder.

The CofCC website exists because media either “spike” such stories, or intentionally obscure the race of black offenders. Indeed, at its national convention some years ago, the Society of Professional Journalists adopted this tactic as a formal policy.

The CofCC is hardly responsible for the actions of this deranged individual merely because he gleaned accurate information from our website.

We are no more responsible for the actions of this sad young man, than the Olin Corporation was for manufacturing the ammo misused by Colin Ferguson to murder six whites on the Long Island Railroad in 1993.

The CofCC does not advocate illegal activities of any kind, and never has. I would gladly compare the honesty and law-abiding nature of our membership against that of any other group.

Earl Holt III, President, CofCC

  • Tyler Higgins

    That’s assuming it wasn’t a false flag, it’s very fishy in many ways, and it serves a lot of agendas. It’s a Godsend to anyone that wants to demonize racially aware whites.

  • vapolitico1

    Ummmm…..quite flip from the hide out and disconnection of your website yesterday. Took some time to come up with that crap, didn’t it?

    • Slitzzh

      Traffic overflow most likely.

    • LiveFreeOrDie1776

      Another snarky reply from a troll sitting at his Think Progress basement desk. Get lost creep!

  • HJ11

    Good. Whites must come out of the closet as Whites and start telling the truth. And, when there are smears against us, we must respond. In the past, many of us were silent in the face of smears and this just let the smearmeisters and White haters spread their hateful poison against us. Just look at some of the comments from White haters who show up on this site and who just call names. It is time to call out these haters for the bigots and White haters that they are.

    • Northern_home_Southern_soul

      Well said and I stand with CofCC.
      Also if more people stood up to the anti-white, anti-American bullies in the media and in Washington, like CofCC did here, this world would be a better and SAFER place for all races.

      “Telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

  • AnonEmus

    This is is very simple because video is everywhere these days in the form of security cameras and mobile phones. And every camera in America shows Blacks–and very often Black mobs–attacking white people. So there are two possibilities here: 1) The cameras are lying because cameras are all racist or 2) The media is lying to us and what we see on camera is actually true. Who runs the media? Well here’s a list ….

    • AnonEmus

      How about flight 1771 where a Black killed 43 passengers on a plane. The big story that week was the Tawana Brawley rape Hoax so I guess nobody cared about those 43 Crackers or the other 6 who died a few years later in the LIRR massacre…But that’s 49 dead crackers…and 19 maimed….Still, In noway does that justify this latest mass shooting. But this incident must be viewed in it’s proper perspective. …

      • vapolitico1

        yes, an example from nearly 20 years ago proves your point perfectly.

        p.s. – citing wikipedia, also a source for Mr. Roof, is not helping your case. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

        • inotherwords

          You’re right, anything over 48 hrs old is old news in my book, let’s talk about the two mass shootings in Philly and Detroit.

          • vapolitico1

            Sure, mass shootings?…or single incidents?

    • AnonEmus

      You can quote statistics all you want. And while they may be true, critics can always question their validity. What you can’t question is real live video…which is literally evidence solid enough to hang somebody with. Let’s see MSNBC post videos of White mobs targeting lone individuals…Do you think they could find just one video like that???

  • inotherwords

    Where can I find the statements from Google, Wikipedia, and any network that pushed the Trayvon Martin story?

  • Slitzzh

    Anti-white bigots are the worst racist on this earth.. In their mind racism towards whites is not racism.. it is “anti-racism.”

    Here you have an black “antiracist” that raped white women to “fight racism.”

    “France African Raped White Women To Fight Racism ”

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Since the CofCC is registered with the government as a “Civil Rights Organisation” Then Civil Rights Organisation needs to be added as a Header at top of this website to prevent confusion to people.

  • talktothe hand

    This is for a bunch of white losers! White trash bottom feeders!

    • inotherwords

      That’s Dr. White Trash Bottom Feeder to you.

    • HJ11

      Hopefully, you’re not White because self-hate and low self-esteem are horrible burdens for one to bear.

      • 1776is1984

        yep, him/her/it self loather (a White) called me a loser earlier. don’t feed the trolls.

    • jim

      Instead of name-calling how about you refute what is being published on this site? Do you, and others like you who immediately resort to epithets, think these stories and the facts presented here are made up? Please provide evidence we are talking out of our asses then I will consider giving you the time of day.

      • inotherwords

        Yeah, s/he might as well have said, “you honkeys racist”.

    • JayC777

      Only if you’re an abject moron that has nothing to offer society or humanity as a whole.

    • Marie

      I agree with you. Only a White trash bottom feeder would want to know the truth about the world around her. A good White like you would never question her rulers. Any woman with a shred of decency would have the good taste to not notice the constant stream of lies and nonsense that are fed to her from birth to death. How dare these bottom feeders notice….what trash.

    • freddy_hills

      I would never dismiss others without giving honest and rational consideration to their point of view. But your name calling shows you have no interest in considering others points of view. Name calling is a sign of emotionally based irrationality and prejudice.

  • HJ11

    Has anyone else noticed that it is getting more and more difficult for White-haters to smear Whites? I have. And, I suggest that this is because more and more Whites are starting to understand the reality of the White-hate and the bigotry of the White-haters for what it really is–a genocidal hatred of Whites and everything to do with us. It has nothing to do with social justice or righting old wrongs or anything like that for most of the White-haters. It is just hatred of Whites and the desire to exterminate Whites.

    • inotherwords

      It seems like people don’t cower as soon as someone pulls out the R word anymore (except for the weakest willed liberals)

  • Alfredo Rossi

    Today a black killed one person and injured dozens in Detroit, at a birthday party. Something tells me this mass shooting won’t get any audience.

    • inotherwords

      Basically the same thing also happened in Philly.

  • gemjunior

    Yes, I would venture to say the CofCC most likely has law-abiding members when compared with any other websites.

  • Cucksmasher_14

    “The CofCC is one of perhaps three websites in the world that accurately and honestly report black-on-white violent crime.”

    Let’s be honest – this is totally not true at all. What are the other two? Amren and Political Cesspool?

    There are probably hundreds of sites that report the truth of black on White crime that the major media does not.

    • vapolitico1

      Oddly, those weren’t named in the Charleston Shooter’s manifesto

      • inotherwords

        They probably don’t get as good Google rankings.

        • vapolitico1

          lmao – maybe they don’t have 2 chapters in his state

  • Ed Shaw

    Oh, really, now. You don’t think maybe the left wing may have contrived this story, do you? I have had people get furious at my mere suggestion that this event might have been staged. So, if Roof visited this site, and I can think of another couple Obama might have in mind, there will be a record of his ISP. Did he comment? I really doubt that Roof, whacked as he was, registered and participated in anything other than Face Book.
    But even if he did, why the denial of his expressed motive: anger at runaway random unpunished crimes against whites?
    You cannot win with these guys, Just take the publicity you can get. Maybe more people should know about this site.

  • Randall Ward

    This should increase the number of people visiting the web site, which is a good thing.

  • kenfrombayside

    Until recently, The New York Times and the CBS Evening news were part of life. Not anymore. The second place to find out about the world, after drudge, is here. Thank god for the web. Is anyone surprised that certain embittered people want to regulate the web? Then I go to a plethora of other web sites.

    BTW, newnation is another site that catalogs the heinous assault on whites.

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