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ManiaLink, one of TM United's new features to build a network of content within the game.


This is taken out of my upcoming manialink tutorial


Thank you for using this tutorial. It is designed to be as straight-forward and easy to use as it can, without going into too much detail and making it a long and tedious read.


A manialink is a page of tags that organize your page. With the upgrade to Trackmania Forever, many new tags have been added, so function and design of Manialinks is much greater than before.


Firstly you cannot scroll in the ManiaLink browser, so the pages must be made to fit.

All pages are made to a scale, so pages designed for a 1280*1024 monitor, will show fine in a 640*480 (although text may be small if the maker of the page doesn't think to accommodate users with different resolutions).

It is also a good rule of thumb to keep a good amount of space from the border of the page and the edge of the screen/window.

The Basics

In TMU, each page was broken down into lines, which are like rows. Each line was broken down into cells, which are like columns, and that's where all the text, images, .bik videos and music goes (within the appropriate tags). But with the new system, frames and quads are used. They provide a greater range of positioning. Still, all old tags can be used to provide backward compatibility.


Another aspect of ManiaLinks is ManiaCode, which is usually used to charge coppers for accessing a certain page or downloading a file. It can also be used as a kind of script in servers, and to join a server from a ManiaLink page.

Differents aspects




ManiaLink and TM-Wiki

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