Crop Circles
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Without a City Wall

The St Michael Line from Marsh Baldon to Garsington

In the Marian Fields

Predicting Crop Circles

Crop Circles 2006

Fascinating article; and it supports the view I have put forward in my article,
'The Gift':
Crop Circles in Africa
IZISHOZE ZAMATONGO - Credo Mutwa shares Africa’s traditional knowledge about Crop Circles and related phenomena
by Andreas Müller

The Gift
Crop Circles are one of the most profound and glorious demonstrations of truth ever gifted to us.

911 details mathematically encoded in Milkhill 2001 Crop Circle 30 days before the event!

A review of the 2005 Glastonbury Symposium


Crop Circles 2005

First Wiltshire Formation of 2005?

NEW UK Crop Circle site
UK Crop Circles - setting a new standard in crop circle research - brilliant!

Oxfordshire Centre for Crop Circle Studies
data going back to 1994

Crop Circles 2004

Music in the Fields by Freddy Silva

Message from the Mayan Elders of the Eagle Clan, Guatemala C.A.

The Crop Circle Experience

Links UFO's & the Unexplained

Oxfordshire Crop Circle Group Forum

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