AFP and Coalition to NC Legislature: Repeal the Renewable Portfolio Standard

April 16, 2015

RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina’s leading advocate for economic freedom – joined a coalition of policy research groups and grassroots organizations in a letter today urging lawmakers to move to end the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

View the coalition letter here.

Earlier this week Rep. Chris Millis filed House Bill 681 – NC Energy Ratepayers Protection Act – and attracted 13-cosponsors to the measure that sunsets the RPS by 2018 and protects ratepayers by lowering cost caps on consumer electricity bills.

State Director Donald Bryson issued the following statement:

“Affordable energy is the engine of our growing economy that powers everything we do.  Forcing ratepayers to buy a particular type of electricity is the type of power grab that we have consistently seen from Washington. It is time for North Carolina to move to a more market-oriented power grid and let consumers – not bureaucrats and lobbyists – decide what is best for them.

Why wouldn’t we allow customers to select what’s best to power our homes, our markets and our growth?  Energy mandates only serve to weight the market in one direction and, inevitably lead to higher costs for consumers.  Millions of North Carolinians struggling to make ends meet need their lawmakers to act swiftly on House Bill 681.

This bill is not anti-solar or anti-renewable. It is simply pro-consumer.

Repeal RPSx500

Ratepayers fund compliance costs of this bureaucratic system that raises their cost of living through ever-evolving and complex regulations on utilities.

Big government advocates see RPS as something of a stimulus for their preferred sources of energy.  North Carolinians know too well their money goes to select businesses and special interests in these veiled schemes to transfer wealth in the private sector.  RPS takes hard-earned money out of working people’s pockets to sustain revenue for certain companies anointed by politicians.

Studies from the Beacon Hill Institute, Utah State University and STRATA research group predict that North Carolina’s mandate will bring bulging cost caps and skyrocketing electricity rates by 2018.  Lawmakers in Raleigh can’t wait that long to let energy producers compete, forge innovation and affordability for their citizens.

Energy is too important to our economy to let political favors and complex red-tape restrict job growth and personal prosperity.   We’re asking that legislators return power to the people instead of special interests by repealing RPS.”

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