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6 Content Marketing Tips To Increase Conversion Rates

Posted by Laura McPherson

conversion rates   marketerAs a business with an online presence, you're working on engaging in smart marketing, and today, that means content.  Content marketing is all about distributing relevant and valuable ideas and information to promote your company and convert prospects into customers. Using all available channels to help customers find you is more important than ever, as this case study for Jeep shows. 

Here are 6 content marketing tips to help you get your content strategy off the ground and increase the conversion rate for your viewership:

Curate Your Content

Think of all of the ideas and information that you share as a content library. The pieces of information selected for this library should be relevant and valuable to your ideal consumer. Your content library should be search engine optimized so that customers can find it easily and organized so that they are encouraged to spend more time with your brand.

Add your own thoughts by writing at least a paragraph about every external link you share. This establishes your company as the subject matter expert, and shows that you are committed to assisting customers find what they need.

Choose Your Avenues For Content

The avenue used to present each piece of information that you share will depend on the content and intended audience. Present the content that is valuable to your customers and establish your company as the industry expert by exploring these opportunities:

  • Blogs - your own or as a guest poster.
  • Enewsletters - delivered biweekly or quarterly for the most impact.
  • Published articles - online or in print.
  • White papers - 10-12 page documents establishing you as the subject matter expert in a given field.
  • Social media - more on this below.

Researching what other businesses have done in these content spaces will help you determine which avenues to use and improve on their approach to maximize your conversion rates.

Interact With Social Media

In addition to your website, your business should be engaging your customers with a presence on one or more social media sites. Social media users are likely to check for a company's presence on their preferred social sites and trust the content that they receive from their social media avenues. In addition, consumers want to interact with one another and the brands that they feel represent their wants and values.

Encourage Interaction With Your Website

One way to motivate prospects into conversion is to enable them to interact with you. Encourage comments on your website and blog. You will receive valuable feedback, and your users will feel appreciated. To go further with these content marketing tips, be sure to respond to comments, especially if a comment is negative; a positive resolution to a public grievance will build confidence in your brand and lead to further conversions.

Promote Your Content with SEO

You could have the best designed and most informative website in your industry, but if customers don't know it's there, it doesn't help you or them. Giving your content greater SEO power gets your content in front of more eyes eager to read what you have to say.
Imagine that you are searching for a business that installs cabinets. You might search for "cabinet installation". If you need someone close to your area, you might search "cabinet installation Chicago, IL". You could even go deeper and add "antique" into either search string. To put your company at the top of search results, think about the consumers you are trying to reach. Check that you have all applicable search terms embedded into your website as relevant keywords. To go further with your SEO, review these excellent resources from Google.

Make And Follow A Schedule For Regular Updates

Web users trust websites that have been updated recently and regularly. After establishing your company as the industry leader, build trust by ensuring that the valuable content you have compiled is added to frequently. If you are in several web spaces, it is important to set a schedule and make sure that you are updating at least once every five to seven days in each medium that you have established.

Doing this will not only build trust in your content and brand, but it will improve your search results on all of the major search engines as well, leading to more customers that may become conversions through your content marketing.

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