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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
McAleer, Neil
McAllister, Bruce -C -T
McAllister, Peter
McArthur, Maxine -C -T
McArthur, Stephen
McAuley, Paul J. -C -T
McBean, Brett
McBride, Marc -C -T
McBride, Margaret
McBride, Sally
McBride, Sam
McBride, Tracie
McCabe, Joseph
McCabe, Patrick
McCafferty, Megan
McCaffery, Larry
McCaffrey, Anne -C -T
McCaig, Iain -C -T
McCall, Robert
McCalmont, Jonathan
McCammon, Robert R. -C -T
McCanlies, Tim
McCann, A. L.
McCarron, Meghan
McCarry, Sarah
McCarthy, Cormac
McCarthy, Dan
McCarthy, Shawna -C -T
McCarthy, T. C.
McCarthy, Tom
McCarthy, Wil -C -T
McCarty, E. Clayton
McCarty, Michael -C -T
McCauley, Kirby -C -T
McCharles, Randy -C -T
McClain, Sherman
McClelland, Bruce
McClenahan, Catherine
McCloud, Scott
McCluskey, Gary
McCollum, Catherine
McCollum, Michael -C -T
McComas, Annette Peltz
McComas, J. Francis
McCombs, Larry
McConchie, Lyn -C -T
McConnell, Ashley
McConnell, David
McConnochie, Mardi
McCullough, Kelly David
McCutchen, Ron
McDaid, John G.
McDaniel, Mary Catherine
McDermott, J. M.
McDermott, Kirstyn -C -T
McDevitt, Jack -C -T
McDonald, Clare
McDonald, David -C -T
McDonald, Ian -C -T
McDonald, Maggie
McDonald, Sandra -C -T
McDonough, Thomas R.
McDougal, Heather
McDougall, Bonnie S.
McDougall, Sophia
McDowell, Alex
McDowell, Ian -C -T
McDowell, Michael
McElligott, Matthew
McEwan, Alastair
McFadden, Ryan
McFeely, Stephen
McFerran, David
McFerrin, Linda Watanabe
McGahan, Andrew
McGann, Michael
McGann, Oisin
McGarry, Mark J.
McGarry, Terry
McGathy, Sheri L.
McGechan, Adam
McGillis, Roderick
McGoohan, Patrick
McGough, Rob
McGovern, Lisa
McGrath, Alister
McGrath, Chris
McGrath, Elizabeth
McGrath, Patrick
McGroarty, David
McGugan, Libby
McGuiness, Dan
McGuire, John J.
McGuire, Seanan -C -T
McHone-Chase, David
McHugh, Ian -C -T
McHugh, Maura
McHugh, Maureen F. -C -T
McIntosh, Fiona
McIntosh, Will -C -T
McIntyre, Vonda N. -C -T
McIsaac, Meaghan
McKay, Kathryn
McKay, Kevin
McKean, Dave -C -T
McKee, Erin
McKee, Lucky
McKeeman, Darren
McKenna, Bridget -C -T
McKenna, Claire
McKenna, Juliet E.
McKenna, Martin
McKenna, Richard
McKenny, Michael
McKenzie, Chuck -C -T
McKenzie, Kiera
McKiernan, Andrew J. -C -T
McKiernan, Dennis L.
McKillip, Patricia A. -C -T
McKinley, Robin -C -T
McKinney, Joe -C -T
McKinnon, Patrick
McKitterick, Chris
McLaughlin, Dean -C -T
McLaughlin, Mark -C -T
McLaughlin, Vernard
McLellan, Brian
McLeod, Jim -C
McLoughlin, John C.
McMahan, Jeffrey N.
McMahon, Chris
McMahon, Donna
McMahon, Gary -C -T
McManus, Elizabeth
McMorrow, Thomas
McMullen, Catherine S.
McMullen, Sean -C -T
McMullen-Pettit, Carol
McMurrian, Jody C.
McNab, Claire
McNabb, Linda
McNally, Raymond
McNamara, Peter
McNaughton, Brian
McNaughton, Colin
McNauthon, Janet
McNeill, Graham
McNelly, Dr. Willis E.
McNulty, Rebecca
McPharlin, John
McPherson, Danith
McQuarrie, Christopher
McQuarrie, Ralph
McQuay, Mike
McRobbie, David
McSkimming, Geoffrey
McTiegue, James
McVeigh, Kev
McVey, Alex
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