​​Otto von Habsburg Prize
for Journalism in Minority Protection and Cultural Diversity in Europe 2009

Winner of the Otto von Habsburg Prize for Journalism 2009
Marcin Wojciechowski (Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland) 
Celebration of the Award: 15 May 2009, Barcelona (Catalunya)


Mr. Marcin Wojciechowski received the prize from Monika von Habsburg in the name of her father, especially for his articles in the national Polish daily newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza" reporting on the difficult and mutual relation between Ukraine and Poland. The historical background is the ethnic cleansing of Polish people from Galicia at the end and after the II World War which still today burdens the relations of the national minorities in the border region close to Lwiw/Lwow/Lehmberg. Furthermore he is reporting on the destiny of the Polish minority in Belorussia which still today is suffering discriminatory measures. Nevertheless his approach is objective and his writings is dedicated to openness and understanding.

Word of thanks from the winner of the 

Otto von Habsburg Prize, Marcin Wojciechowski

​Marcin Wojciechoswki, Monika von Habsburg, Midas President Toni Ebner

and Margit Falk before the Journalism Award Ceremony

Marcin Wojciechoswki, Monika von Habsburg, Edita Slezáková, Margit Falk and

Midas President Toni Ebner before the Gala Dinner at the Catalan Parliament​