ole miss peach bowl

Ole Miss gave their players rings for the Rebels’ 2014 season. They didn’t win a championship. They weren’t undefeated. But they did lose to Auburn. And they’re not the first team to get rings after losing to an Auburn team that won only eight games.

South Carolina gave rings to their 2011 team—a team that had a good season, and would’ve had a shot at a great season; if they hadn’t lost to Auburn. The 2014 Rebels weren’t quite as close to a great season. Their decision to get rings is a little odd; the design is even odder.

Why would they want “Peach Bowl” rings when they lost that bowl game to TCU, 42–3? You might say they got sucker peached.


Anyway, I just found it curious that yet another team got rings for a season in which they lost to an Auburn team that won only eight games. At first I thought that both teams beat Alabama, but that’s incorrect. The So Car win I was thinking of was actually in 2010, and featured the greatest play in South Carolina football history.

The Mississippis are working hard to change the cultures of their programs. Rewarding nine-win seasons as if they were championship seasons works against that goal. But if they want to buy rings, that’s their business. In 2015, they’ll both play at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

And whipping them on Pat Dye Field is Auburn’s business.