Auburn’s 2014 schedule includes one All Auburn All Orange game and one True Blue game, and also a Military Appreciation game. The Military Appreciation game will be November 8, against Texas A&M.

The All Auburn All Orange game will be October 4, against LSU, and the True Blue game will be October 25, against South Carolina.

auburn schedule 2014 all orange true blue

I like that it says Fans Asked to Wear Orange—you know, just if you would, please. And it’s only for fans; mere spectators can wear whatever. I don’t know why the Military Appreciation game isn’t noted on the schedule from the Fan Guide (pictured above). I can’t find anything about it on right now, either. But it is noted on the pocket schedule.Auburn 2014 Schedule

Now, since Tommy Tuberville will be at the September 6 San Jose State game, and because it was Tuberville who first decided orange would be our color, and also because we are recognizing the 2004 team on Sept 6—and 2004 was the first season for the official All Auburn All Orange philanthropic campaign—it would make sense to do All Auburn All Orange that day.

But, it isn’t really necessary, is it? Most everyone wears orange to every game anyway. Furthermore, we want to reserve the power of All Orange for a bigger opponent. Last year the one All Orange game was Georgia.

Why was South Carolina chosen for the True Blue game? Probably because it’s the last conference game other than Texas A&M, and A&M is the Military Appreciation game because it’s on the Saturday before Veterans Day.

Or, maybe South Carolina is True Blue because it’s the home game closest to Halloween, and the original True Blue game was actually a Navy Nightmare.

Anyhow, remember to wear your orange against LSU—or maybe extra orange if you wear orange every game—and your dyed in the wool navy against South Carolina.

War Eagle!