2015-2016 North American Executive Board Applications

Applications for the 2015-2016 North American Executive Board are now Open!


SFL’s North American Executive Board oversees the organization’s principal programs in North America. North American Executive Board members are responsible for growing the student movement for liberty: providing resources to students across the continent, organizing regional conference and leadership forums, and helping develop leaders of liberty around the continent. Towards these ends, applicants have the opportunity to consider a position on the board as a regional director or an events director (position descriptions below).

Board members may gain valuable skills in volunteer management, event planning, communications, programmatic execution, and non-profit operations.  In light of this, only the most proven student leaders will have the opportunity to serve on the board, and as such admission to SFL’s North American Executive Board is highly competitive. Participation on the board should be seen as an opportunity to make a meaningful difference, which carries significant responsibilities. The Executive Board requires a commitment of 10-20 hours per week and involves both collaborative group efforts with leaders thousands of miles away as well as individual work to complete projects and prepare events without heavy supervision.

NAEB SelfieThe deadline to apply to the board has been extended to Friday, March 27th.

After applying, existing board members will review your application and you may be invited for a phone interview with current members of the North American Executive Board. Final decisions will be made by the end of the March. If accepted, North American Executive Board members are expected to attend the Leadership Retreat May 21-24 in Washington, DC.

Current positions available on the board include:

  1. Regional Director:
    • Regional Directors (RDs) have the distinction of serving as some of SFL’s highest ranking and most talented student leaders. Prior to joining the executive board as a regional director, these individuals will have shown a great deal of work ethic and dedication to growing their region’s size in terms of new students, groups, and campus activities. Regional Directors support and train Campus Coordinators, while managing processes in order to advance SFL’s mission of educating, developing, and empowering the next generation of leaders of liberty. As such, the regional directorship is a crucial component to the success of SFL’s leadership initiatives more broadly. This is a role that will prepare students to gain experience in volunteer management, field work, and organizational operations. Candidates for the regional director position should be highly organized, experienced in student organizing, intrinsically motivated by the cause of liberty, friendly, and interested in leadership.
  2. Events Director
    • A great deal of SFL’s mission is advanced through targeted outreach events, namely Regional Conferences and Leadership Forums. They serve as an introduction, not only to the ideas and philosophy of liberty, but also to the wonderful opportunities available to students who are passionate about liberty. Each RC season, we have the ability to reach thousands of students across North America and also encourage the highly motivated leaders to apply for SFL’s leadership programs. As an Events Director, you’ll be responsible for making sure your regional conference and leadership forums are a success. You’ll be able to work with SFL staffers to conceptualize your regional conference, including choosing the speakers, location, and dates. Managing local leaders to bring attendees to the events will play a significant role in your work. Execution of conferences and forums be the ultimate task.

Qualifications for the North American Executive Board Include:NAEB Promo

  • Must be a university student in the U.S. or Canada during the 2015-2016 academic year
  • Have at least one year of experience running a pro-liberty student group
  • Be able to dedicate 10-20 hours per week
  • Strongly identify with libertarianism and SFL’s mission
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at once
  • Strong self-motivation to complete projects with little oversight
  • Be able to demonstrate strong management ability, professional skills, and competency
  • A passion not only for the ideas of liberty but for organizing and leading to make the world a freer place

If you qualify and are interested in applying to Students For Liberty’s 2015-2016 North American Executive Board, we encourage you to submit an application today. Below you’ll find the information that you’ll need to complete your application.