Can You Trust the News?

We have created a set of teacher guides that will help you teach your students the difference between good and bad journalism. These guides include interactive lesson plans for college and high school classes in journalism, civics, social studies, communications and more. Our guides also provide topics for discussion and ideas for additional activities.
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NewsTrust is now open source

We have open sourced the code for, to make our tools available to a broader community.

Developers can now download our Ruby on Rails code for free on GitHub. This will enable more people to create their own social news sites, using our free code to help people find good journalism together.

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NewsTrust Baltimore: Final Report

Here is our final report on NewsTrust Baltimore, our local news experiment. This six-month pilot took place in Baltimore, Md., from February to July 2011, with funding from the Open Society Foundations.

In this last report, we summarize our activities on this multifaceted project and share some of our key findings about Baltimore's news ecosystem, the impact of our curation and education services on the local community and much more.

View the full report as a PDF file.

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NewsTrust helps people find good journalism online. Our review tools let you rate the news based on journalistic quality, not just popularity. These ratings help determine the daily selection of top news and opinions featured on the site. More »

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