Rainbow Six Siege – Destruction, Fortification and Other Modes

With the reveal of a brand-new, next-gen only Rainbow Six, of course everyone is talking. And everyone has questions. What will the gameplay be like? Why is it “next-gen”? What other modes will be in the game? Obviously the announce is still pretty fresh, so the development team are keeping some details to themselves for now, especially as the game is currently in pre-alpha and things are constantly changing. However, we managed to corner Game Designer Andrew Witts to pick his brain about the concept of destruction versus fortification, the “living hostage,” and other modes that might be featured in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege - Destruction, Fortification and Other Modes


“The procedural destruction system makes up the core of the experience on both the attacker side and the defender side. The attackers can have breach charges, and they can have creativity in their destruction in terms of making new paths and new opportunities, and the defenders can really get creative in trapping or ambushing the attackers.

“So blowing a hole through a wall with a shotgun and having a new line-of-sight opportunity for your buddy or for you to kind of get the drop on the attackers coming up the stairs is something that we would never have been able to do on the previous generation of consoles. We’re stressing that as far as we can because it’s the center of the experience. The destruction is fully procedural and based on its materials. So when you blow up a wall that’s made of wood, it will splinter and break and be cut like a wood wall would be if you put a breach charge on it. The next-gen destruction system is really what brings us forward as far as gameplay goes.”

Rainbow Six Siege - Destruction, Fortification and Other Modes


“On the defense side, you have fortification tools. One is the wall reinforcement, which pretty much prevents that part of the wall from being completely destroyed. So the attackers can place breach charges on the wall and blow it, and it won’t actually take it down. That wall reinforcement will remain, so that you can’t break that piece of the wall down.

“They also have barricades. You place the barricades on the doorframe and windows to pretty much inhibit the attackers from going right in. They have to break it, which causes noise and it also makes people really question whether or not they want to even break it, because there might be a guy on the other side of it. It obscures the line of sight and kind of makes the attackers think more about what they want to do.

“And there’s the barbed wire, which slows people down and also creates noise. So if you place a barbed wire on the stairs or outside the hostage room and someone’s trying to get the hostage out, it will slow them down and give you time to react. If you hear the noise, you can figure out where exactly they are and try to ambush them. It can also give you that extra couple of seconds to catch up to the guy who might be trying to sneak the hostage out the back door.

Rainbow Six Siege - Destruction, Fortification and Other Modes

“But the attackers have their own tools to work around the fortifications. They have observation tools, like a drone. They can place their drone camera someplace in the environment and come back to it later on. They can go, All right, I’m going to place my drone here and call out where the enemy fortifications are. So we have observation and fortification for the attack and defense. And for gadgets, we have breach charges, frag grenade, flash grenade on the attack side. On the defense side, we have the nitro cell, which is a C4, and a deployable shield, which is a big heavy shield you throw down.”

Other Modes and the Hostage

“We know the single-player and co-op experiences are very important to Rainbow Six fans, and they’re very important to us too. We can’t say much, but what we can say is that they will definitely be a part of Rainbow Six Siege. We’re just not ready to give any more details on that at this time. For the reveal we just wanted to show the world our awesome Hostage Rescue multiplayer mode, our brand-new siege gameplay, and the incredible destruction at the center of the experience. We’ll be sharing plenty more information over the course of the year and into 2015.

“We also wanted to show off our amazing hostage. As you saw in the demo, she really is a living hostage. She reacts to the environment. If there’s a gunfight going on around her, she’s going to try to shield herself. She’s going to react to what’s going on. If there’s an attacker coming by, she might try to call out and say, Hey! I’m in here. Save me! And if there are explosions around her, she’ll protect herself from the explosion. She really reacts to what’s going on in the environment around her.

“Of course, it won’t only be female hostages. There will be both male and female hostages. I can’t say how many there will be in total, but we will definitely have both.”

Rainbow Six Siege - Destruction, Fortification and Other Modes

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Rainbow Six Siege

Release date — 2015
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Rainbow 6 Siege is the upcoming installment of the acclaimed first-person shooter franchise developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Inspired by the reality of counter terrorist operatives across the world, Rainbow 6 Siege invites players to master the art of destruction. Intense close quarters confrontations, high lethality, tactics, team play, and explosive action are at the center of the experience.

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Animesh 5pts

Is like a counter strike game or much better than that??????

torchedEARTH 5pts

The idea of assaulting the same house again and again but knowing that you can significantly change your tactics each time is an excellent idea and already looks well executed.

I bought a PS4 for the next gen games and Siege has got next gen written all over it.

If the PS4 is getting a beta for pre-orders then just tell me where to send my money.

Nathan; Time 4 Video Games
Nathan; Time 4 Video Games 5pts

This is so awesome, when Rainbow Six Siege, was announced last week, i couldn't help but do the Homer Simpson spin dance on the floor. As a hardcore gamer im happy to pick up any game, i cant slag off a game just because, everyone has there opinions, and for this is why i loved the original rainbows, the challenge, the tactics, the team camaraderie it was full on hardcore fun. Vegas 2 did suffer a bit but it was still entertaining, Its been a very long time since we had this, Ghost Recon was ok again but it wasn't a Rainbow game, big thank you to Ubisoft to bring this one out of the dark, take your time, and this is going to be a big game should it release in 2015.

where the in hell is ghost recon
where the in hell is ghost recon 5pts

ok, i think rainbow six is awesome thank you so much for turning nothing into something for xbox one, but i am highly pissed that xbox one didnt fall with a new ghost recon, ghost recon launched xbox live not halo for those who dare to remember. and ghost recon launched xbox 360. where the in hell is ghost recon at, hopefully not depressed over future soldier, this is where the beta can kill the game for long time frachise players, every little cod and battlefield punk was on the forms complaining and ubi listened in hopes to making a cod or battlefield popularity but no the changes didnt work as soon as the cod and battlefiels dropped so did the players and buyers for ghost recon, heres an idea take it back to the roots fps, jungles and night vision maps and stop worring about whats popular, and continue to do your own thing the fans that you had for graw and graw 2 left because your taking too long to make games, then your adding complete shit to the ones that come out, the maps on future soldier were way to small for a ghost recon style player. love the cover system but hated the over the sholder cam. people hate that because you could corner glitch. when the first ghost recon dropped for the xbox it had guns that were trigger sensitive the accuratecy was taken from the real guns how they shot how they looked, i know call of duty is trying its best to immulate graw even with its on mitchell. but please stay away from this future crap. if any company could make the best perfect shooter its ubisoft, been falling you since rogue spear on dreamcast. give a new realistic hardcore balls out ghost recon do it for the late tom clancey, and stop shitting on the guys name, i understand you have kids that want certain things but dont forget your biggest fan base was grown ass men, not tweens or twenties it was 30 and over had the time of our lives playing that first original ghost recon, if halo can redue its francies then why not ghost, ghost recon all of them redone in fps and todays grafics with those maps and gunplay patch all the known glitches and and stop all the hackers and cheaters . it might not happen the day it comes out but just like all ghost games once the real word gets out it will be the best in its class there are nomore real simulater shooters out there anymore hell even arma looks like it gave into the cod generation. but this is from the heart ghost recon needs to be done right this time. and get rid of over the shoulder cam.

Red 5pts

i hope to see some navy seal type missions. not all swat style missions. rescuing hostages in jungles or on planes would be badass and be a throwback to the original rainbow six

NetSlayer 5pts

Just want to tsay that while this game is awesome... I don't want it to suffer the PC backlash. Like Watchdogs did on steam.

To avoid it happenning again please consider a Beta Testing Period to iron out any PC bugs/compatability issues. Furthermore consider NOT using uPlay IF the game was purchased via steam. This was a highlight of R6 Vegas 2.

The above were sincere suggestions my personal wish is to have this game mod-able for longevity. Longevity means more sales. More community. win-win-win.

LazyBastard 5pts

Give PC users to test the game out, beta or something

XSPO 5pts

The ragdoll effect is a must. When I blow opponents up or shoot them, the physics of how they perish is wonderful in Vegas 2. Please include and enhance this effect for Siege. I stopped playing Fight Night when Champion came out because the ragdoll physics sucked (and they removed my beloved button mashing).

ShadowTallyFox 5pts

Whoa.... GRFS is one of the best Ghost Recon ever, in GRAW I shot a guy with sniper rifle 4 times in the head and it didn't die, for those shots I waste 2 minutes, and guess what, he didn't even die, he headshot me with AK-47(this one is campaign, multiplayer? Don't even think about it), in GRFS, every weapon are capable of 1 shot kill, which makes thing better considering you are a Ghost... Plus the fact you can customize your weapon before missions in campaign give me a decision to make even before the action come, that make me know what I bring to battlefield and know what I'm capable of, that how shooters should be, not giving you cool looks and giving you random weapon for a mission you'd have more advantage in other weapon, true it'll give you obstacle to tackle but it doesn't give you that "it's my vault for picking this weapon" feeling, I want that feeling, I say make another Ghost Recon, but retain that feel from GRFS where you control the effect of your choices of weapon and paths, where you really looked like a Ghost, wearing mask, black goggles, active camo, suppressed weapons, not like GRAW's normal helmet and goggles without mask, it doesn't feel you are a Ghost, just another Delta operator with good gadgets and really nice weaponary...

Jman 5pts

Even though you suck at writing, I couldn't agree with you more. I couldn't care less about the 4 or 5 halo games coming out on one disc. Give me Ghost Recon: Island thunder, 2, Strike, Graw and Graw 2. Then there will be some excitement. And like you said, it will attract the men, not the boys!!!

Jexx 5pts

can't remove uPlay as it's integral to multiplayer/co-op systems.

besides, uPlay isn't even a bad thing, I love uPlay and I have most of my Ubi games on Steam.

Hans 5pts

Saw the video but if my pc gets infested by uplay to play this.. then no thx.