Multiracial MASC


A non-profit organization committed to representing the mixed-race community since 1986.

Los Angeles, CA
Joined May 2009

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  1. Happy Birthday America!

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    Video of mixedupclothing discussing checking racial boxes at the panel, "Checking Multiple…

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    Shout out to founder & board member Sonia Kang at panel on being . Speak!

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    Supreme Court: same-sex marriage constitutional, most important marriage rights since Loving v. Virginia

  5. teen breakout session with

  6. teen breakout session with

  7. Starting our 3rd seminar, Color Conversation, Healthy , Happy Kids...…

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    Following the ? Here's what you can do right now

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    The question hanging over Charleston: ‘Why?’

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    The 100% Mixed Show #011 - Thomas Lopez, Kiyoshi Houston, Ken Tanabe HT

  11. 100% Mixed Show and Parenting Seminar June 20 -

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    New study: 55% of Americans have experienced racial slurs: cc:

  13. Our friend Sebastian from at the fest this weekend!

  14. We had an amazing time at this weekend!

  15. We had an amazing time at this weekend!

  16. We had an amazing time at this weekend! Shout out to our friends at and…

  17. Parenting Seminar June 20 Registration Open NOW -

  18. Multiracial MASC followed , and
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    'We Are Not Alone': Festival Celebrates Multiracial America - NBC News

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    and tomorrow!

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