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Connecting influencers with big brands

We are a big community of influencers and work with some of the top brands from around the world. These brands have been engaging with us because of our ability to enhance their brands through our social media influence and advanced infrastructure to service our clients.

Our influencer community come from around the world and speak a variety of languages. They work with us because of our personalised connection to them, irrespective of their social channel bias. We believe in maintaining communication across our community which provides a family feeling. In addition, we are fortunate that we can provide campaigns to our community.

These campaigns provide our influencers with an opportunity provide feedback on brands and to be incentivised to do this.

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I am an influencer

We consider you to be an Influencer if …

  • You have a strong network of followers who stay with you and are constantly following you to keep abreast of your updates.
  • You have a strong view of on a particular topic and want to share these views across your audience and followers.
  • You facilitate engagement and interaction, with other users, in respect of the content you post

How you can benefit as an Influencer?

Buzzloving is a multiplatform community that gives you the opportunity to participate in initiatives and promotions from your favorite brands. It enables you to communicate with your followers. This is what we offer:

  • Incentives: When we request your participation in a brand campaign, we will provide details of the range of incentives that we will be providing.
  • Experiences: You can expect to receive travel offers, invitation to events, gifts and a range of unique products from your favorite brands.
  • Focus on your specialisation: In the main, we will only offer you brand campaigns on topics that are of relevance to you
  • Freedom: You have full flexibility to offer your opinions and feedback on any campaign you are working on.
  • Increasing awareness for your blog: By partaking in our both our community and brand campaigns, we provide an opportunity for you to considerably expand your influence and audience.

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When making purchasing decisions, we are well aware that word of mouth recommendation is an influential factor. We will always speak with family and friends. We do this even more before making online purchases. As a consequence, it is imperative for brands to utilise these social channels to create trust and appeal for their products..

What do you get as a brand?

  • Productivity: Utilising our community of influencers, together with our advanced technology and complex algorithms – means we can offer significant value for money for your budget. Our community is composed of influencers with a strong network of followers with experience across multiple sectors.
  • Save time: Rapidly engage with relevant and targeted influencers to talk about your brand.
  • Quality proposals: Depending on your sector, we can offer key influencers and specific KPI targets targeted to promote your brands.
  • Global: We offer you a multinational community of influencers, speaking a variety of languages with specialisms in a range of topics and sectors.
  • Reporting and monitoring: We provide 24/7 monitoring and reporting of your campaigns.

Do you have a brand campaign project?

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