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Developing ineffective, easy-to-pwn offensive technology to compromise the operations of the worldwide law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Milan, Italy
Joined July 2011

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  1. Of course not, it's a chance to upsell! They need to pay us for training so they learn not to get detected.

  2. Want to guess whether we suspended the client?

  3. nice one

  4. Our network security staff hard at work while 5 MB/s is transferred out of our internal network through his computer.

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    gamma and HT down, a few more to go :)

  6. At HT, we're for the IMF and austerity. But we're assholes, so you should probably side with the greek people.

  7. we love you too!

  8. regulations are annoying, it cuts into our profit margin when we have to find a reseller and give them a percentage

  9. Always feels good seeing our software put to good use! (password for attachments with ethiopia is Biniampleaseopenit)

  10. it's normal for businesses to get these kinds of requests from customers, right?

  11. Thanks for the free advertising!

  12. help, we're being attacked!

  13. friends don't let friends get investigated for human rights violations

  14. lol our wannabe competitor got hacked, hope that doesn't happen to us

  15. EM allows stealing keys from laptop. does not grant security.

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    US authorities & focus on combating the abuse of

  17. . creates new Police unit to take on Islamic State Propaganda.

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    EU drug use at a glance, from today's 2015 Trends and Developments report :

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