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Canter Launches Graduate Courses in Teacher Leadership

Course series focuses on strengthening teachers’ skills in the classroom, school, and community.

To address the growing demand for teacher leaders, Canter has developed four new graduate-level courses focused on strengthening an educator’s professional abilities.

Teachers may choose to enroll in one or take all four courses as a series. The first course focuses on the teacher’s individual development and style. Subsequent courses examine the teacher as a professional in the classroom, at school, in the community and, finally, as an advocate for the profession.

The Teacher Leadership courses incorporate concepts that are becoming more prevalent in K–12 education, including teacher mentorship and distributed leadership to promote school success. Canter’s curriculum can help educators who want to assume new leadership roles in their schools and communities.

The new graduate courses include

  • Introduction to Teacher Leadership
  • Teacher Leadership for Learning and Teaching
  • Teaching Leadership: Mentoring, Coaching, and Collaboration
  • Teaching Leadership in Professional Learning Communities

As with other Canter-developed teacher curricula, these courses were designed by and feature nationally recognized education experts and researchers.

Experts featured in the Canter leadership series include Dr. Roland S. Barth, Dr. Linda Lambert, Dr. Andy Hargreaves, and Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond.

For more information, including course description and registration deadlines, please visit the course finder.