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Assertive Discipline® and Beyond (Grades K–12)

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Graduate Credit: 3 semester hours

Formats: Print & DVD or Online

Level: Grades K–12

Tuition: $510*

Course #: EDUC-6952T


10 weeks after receipt of coursework

*For Print & DVD format, add $30 fee for Course Study Guide (required)

Discover how you can create a safe, positive learning environment where your students behave responsibly and feel good about themselves. Through this graduate-level course, you’ll learn behanior management strategies to help you become an assertive, empowered, and influential teacher. Explore how to create a learning environment where your students flourish and where you can feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Teaching Tangibles

  • Implement behavior management in the classroom that meets the different needs of your students.
  • Learn how to improve your confidence and communication skills.
  • Discover assertive discipline techniques to feel and act in a confident, assertive manner.
  • Use positive reinforcement to help students stay on task and develop self-esteem.
  • Learn how to identify the motivators behind student behavior.

More Information

Download a course fact sheet to share with your supervisor, principal, and other teaching colleagues who may be interested in learning more about Canter graduate courses. The overview includes a description of the course as well as information on:

  • Course topics and outcomes
  • Course assessment criteria
  • System requirements (online format)
  • Featured education experts



Lee Canter, M.S.W.

Lee Canter is a nationally recognized expert in behavior management. His programs have helped more than 1.5 million educators create more harmonious classroom and school environments where teachers can teach and students can achieve greater success.

The following course materials will be delivered directly to you:

  • Textbook: Assertive Discipline®, by Lee Canter and Marlene Canter
  • DVD: Assertive Discipline® and Beyond (2 sets: elementary. and secondary)
    (For online format, the DVD is provided as backup to streaming video online.

If you order the print & DVD format, you will also receive:

  • Study guide: Assertive Discipline® and Beyond ($30 fee)

Required: You must download the Course Information Packet (for print format) from

Academic Policies (for online format) can be found in your online classroom and on


This is a graduate-level course; therefore, you must have a bachelor's degree or above to enroll and receive credit.

Earning Graduate Credit

Total coursework for this course is equivalent to a 45 contact-hour course. Graduate credit will be issued when you successfully complete the following course requirements:

  • Collaborate with study partner(s) (Print & DVD format only).
  • Collaborate with colleagues through discussion boards (Online format only). 
  • View video segments.
  • Complete required text/journal readings, assignments, and the final paper.

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