Sponsor a child

Child sponsorship

Sponsor a child in India with Humanium

> 100% of your donation helps the child
> Without commitment
> An ethical and responsible approach
> Support for self-sufficiency and sustainable development
> Regular information
> Sponsorships for 30 EUR / 45 CHF or for 10 EUR / 15 CHF

Why sponsor a child ?

Discover how Humanium child sponsorships contribute to making Children’s rights a reality…

What type of sponsorship ?

Understand why sponsoring a child with Humanium means acting ethically and responsibly for the well being of the child…

Questions / Answers

All the answers to your questions about child sponsorship with Humanium…

Humanium’s approach to sponsorship is comprehensive and tries to address all of the needs of the child. Our approach is geared toward sustainable development, because we believe child sponsorship is about providing children with a stepping stone to self-sufficiency as opposed to creating a relationship of dependency.

Our priority is the protection of the child and their welfare. Sponsorship with Humanium circumvents the potential negative consequences of individualized and personal sponsorship. We see to it that sponsored children benefit from fair opportunities and are not victims of discrimination.

Humanium takes an ethical approach to child sponsorship, offering you a responsible choice.

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