A Mathematical Introduction to Logic

by Herbert B. Enderton

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I have been constructing an author's commentary on what is in the book, intended to help users of the book.
Here is a link to the website for the author's logic course based on the book.

Second edition.   A second edition was published in January 2001.   The publisher is Academic Press, which formerly belonged to Harcourt, but is now part of Elsevier Science.   Click here to request an examination copy.

Click here for the Table of Contents to the second edition.   Click here to see the cover to the second edition, in pdf format.   There is a review of the second edition, by Natasha Dobrinen, in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, vol. 9 no. 3, pp. 406-407, with some advice on using the book in a course.   A Postscript file for the review is accessible from this link.

The list price of the book keeps changing; it recently was $107.00.   Click here to connect to the Academic Press catalog entry for the book.   Click here for the Amazon.com listing for the book (recently $85.60).   Click here for the Amazon.co.uk listing for the book.  

Like the first edition, this textbook introduces the mathematics student to the concepts of "proof, truth, and computability."   Major goals of the book include:

In addition to "local" improvements, the second edition has been changed in the following three ways:

Errata.   Click here for the Errata to the first edition.   Click here for the Errata to the second edition.

Translations.   A Spanish translation of the second edition, Una Introducción Matemática a la Lógica, translated by Professor José Alfredo Amor, has recently been published by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.   Information on the book is available from this website; it may be necessary first to select Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas and then to hunt for the book.   (In 1987 UNAM had published a Spanish translation of the first edition.)  
A Chinese translation of the second edition was published in 2006 by the Posts & Telecom Press (click on English if you don't read Chinese).   There is more here.   And here is the entry from TuringBook, and the entry from T-Bookshop.  
A Farsi translation of the first edition was published in Tehran by Markaz Nashr Daneshgahi.   I recently received a copy, courtesy of Dr. Saeed Salehi, of the University of Tabriz.

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