Kojima Productions Has Disbanded, Says Metal Gear Solid Voice Actor

Otsuka Akio seemingly confirms previous reports that Kojima will leave the studio after Metal Gear Solid 5 is completed.

The Japanese voice actor for the various incarnations of Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series has said Kojima Productions no longer exists as a development studio.

Otsuka Akio, who has voiced Solid Snake and Big Boss in the console and portable Metal Gear Solid titles, revealed the news in a Twitter update, which Japan-focused gaming website Gematsu has translated.

"[Kojima Productions] has been disbanded,: he said. :It appears that the work that the team has been putting their utmost effort into is nearly complete.:

Akio went on to say he believes Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be the team's greatest work.

:I’m not exaggerating when I say that I expect it will become their greatest masterpiece,: he continued. :I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to say 'Kept you waiting, huh?' But even if this is the end, Metal Gear Solid is immortal!"

Konami has not yet officially announced whether Kojima Productions has ceased to operate. GameSpot has contacted the company for a statement.

In March 2015 GameSpot revealed that senior staff at Kojima Productions had been given restricted access to corporate internet, emails, and phone calls, following ongoing power struggles between Kojima Productions and its parent company Konami.

Senior staff at the studio, including Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, were essentially working as contractors, as opposed to permanent employees, with a focus on completing work on The Phantom Pain.

A source at the studio explained that, once the Phantom Pain's development was complete, management at the studio would likely disband and Kojima would leave.

"After we finish MGSV, Mr. Kojima and upper management will leave Konami. They said their contract ends in December," the source claimed. "At a team meeting, Mr Kojima explained that team have to be one and make a good game for fans."

In the weeks following, Konami removed the Kojima Productions logo from all official Metal Gear marketing mater--past and present. The branding was also been removed from Twitter, the official Metal Gear website, and even the LA office listing.

Konami said at the time that "Mr. Kojima will continue to develop and support Metal Gear products."

Silent Hills, which was set to be co-directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, is also believed to be a casualty of the collapse of Kojima Productions. Konami cancelled the project in April 2015.

A month later, Del Toro discussed the cancellation of Silent Hills, saying that split between Konami and Hideo Kojima was "completely unexpected."

A key executive at Konami later said the company will "pursue mobile games aggressively" going forward, and that smartphones will be considered its "main platform."

For a complete overview of the events surrounding Konami, Kojima, Metal Gear Solid, and Silent Hills, check out GameSpot's timeline.

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Tamoor Hussain

I earned the Fox Hound rank in MGS3. Shout out to Jackie Chan, I need to stunt right now.
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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Edited by adoboFosho

anyone remember

metal gear solid 3 was the "last" game he was supposed to make?

Posted by ImminentProphet

@adobofosho: so was mgs2 but they were more rumors. This is him actually leaving the company which has the rights to the franchise.

Posted by ImminentProphet

It almost brings tears to my eyes knowing one of the only reasons I game is finally coming to an end. I grew up on this game and it has helped push me through life. I will miss you Metal Gear. You have my pre-order. Everything is changing.

Posted by GamerOuTLaWzz

overrated motherfucker. This guy gets way too much praise for the crap he makes.

Posted by Holopaw
Edited by PainMaker

If Kojima were to team up with another company I personally can find four different studios that would be a good match, imo. What do you think?

1. Naughty Dog
2. Square Enix
3. Bioware
4. CD Project Red

Posted by ishsgames

@PainMaker: Or easily become an independent developer? If that comes to be and money is all Kojima-san needs to develop then us gamers will provide any funding he needs in less than 3 months!

Posted by chtan01

They should go since they start to alienate themselves with the gamer by employing stupid region lock on their title.

Posted by vv007420

I just wish he would join Naughty Dog and they come up with a new IP with Kojima working on it... That would mindblowin Awesome.....!!!!!!!

Edited by ecurl143

@vv007420: I think Naughty Dog are doing pretty well without him thank you very much...

Posted by ishsgames

@ecurl143: Sounds like your insulting Kojima so F*ck you. Besides, Kojima would prefer Japanese people in charge as opposed to those behind Naughty Dog. Their styles are completely different.

Posted by gornes79

@ishsgames: Studios like Naughty Dog are already pretty solid and they know their value. Also, I am sure they have a huge respect to a personality like Kojima. Maybe some joint project would be a nice idea, but as I said they as well as Kojima are solid players who know their value and what they want to do. I am pretty sure Kojima will end up establishing own independent studio calling it his own name. He knows people will be there to spend their money on whatever he will come up with. And if there is any financial problem, he can go to Kickstarter and we all know funds will appear in no time. The guy is a legend...

Posted by ecurl143

@ishsgames: Errr - not insulting anyone sunshine - just saying that it's not as if Naughty Dog need anyone to come in and save them - they're one of the best video game developers in the world - practically everything they touch turns to gold these days, so do they need Kojima? - not really.

Posted by Darknight765

I hope MS or Sony is scooping him up. MS already got a steal with Recore (thank you capcom). If they get another Japanese made exclusive they might start getting some traction in Japan.

Posted by senorbusyman

kojima should take a break from the game industry & then return when the time is right or he should work for Toei & make anime shows

Posted by Arkhalipso

Sony should hire him and put him in charge of a new IP with Naughty Dog.

Posted by Lanjin

Anyone else sense a Kickstarter campaign? Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9 had 67,226 backers pledging $3,845,170 and Koji Igarashi's Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night received 64,867 backers pledging $5,545,991. Anyone else think Hideo Kojima can break the $10,000,000 mark?

Posted by vigariox

Yeah lets make lots of crap android games and bring in lots of money. Who cares about the fans right?

I am buying MGSV because I am a big fan of the series and because I want to show my appreciation to Kojima. You guys did quite a fantastic job. Thank you.

As for Konami, you guys are a bunch of losers without Kojima. Wish you lots of epic failures.

Edited by PainMaker


Konami has always been losers in my opinion. This just solified it

Posted by Dark_Rage

Kojima = Geniuses.


Posted by meharu

The E3 demo of MGSV showed the Big Boss wearing the Kojima Productions badge. There is something shady about it.

I promised myself that I will never support Konami again, too bad I still have to buy one last game which is MGSV: TPP of course and Konami will never see a cent from me anymore.

Posted by dadkwashere

*Salutes Kojima and Snake*

It's been an honor. my favorite franchise at least deserves the best finale.

*man tears start flowing from eyes*

They were real heroes.

(Epic music starts playing as camera slowly focuses on my face as I pathetically hold back tears)

September, 2015: MGS V: The Phantom Pain is released

December, 2015: Kojima's contract ends

March 5, 2016: Dadkwashere is found dead in his home in Alaska

Posted by Bravebuscus

@dadkwashere: bravo sir quick someone make this comment into a movie or short film (no seriously that was great)

Edited by PainMaker

I would watch it :D

Posted by Faye_Tallity

I NEVER played a Metal Gear Solid game, in my LIFE. My ex bf was a great fan of this franchise. I used to watch the game as he played it, so there are some memories for it, for me too. I am FURIOUS that we lost such a good team, for Silent Hills, and anything else they could have made.

Saw a pretty CRAZY youtube vid about this. The vid is about 8 minutes long, and had some images of typed, company reports, narrated by someone reading to the audience, some typed highlighted words. I understand staff infighting, but this part was shocking...All I remeber is...some evil guy upper mangement, named Kagemasa, is reported to have gone "bat shit crazy" coming in and telling staff to unplug everything, rearrange their desks as he sees fit, and plug everything back in again, and get to work! He can't fire the whole team at once, so he's making them suffer, so they quit instead. They're absolutely miserable over there! That really stuck out in my mind. Terrible.

This video makes you feel a lot of things. But the biggest feeling of it was the "mind blown" feeling! I feel sorry for the Metal Gear fans, and I vow never to download, play, or freely advertise any apps that will be made by this disguisting, outrageous, maniacal behavior, due to GREED. If any of us a real gamers, we will do the same. I want this new app company to Flop really badly!

Konami also intends to..."burn the MGS franchise to the ground" WTF man?!


Posted by JRD1912

So is Kojima Productions owned by Konami? I assumed that was his own company he would likely take else where. Maybe not all the people, but the name itself anyway.

Edited by BradBurns

It's kind of disrespectful to just unceremoniously let the guy that brought your company and brand name into the modern era go without so much as a pat on the back.

Corporate capitalism sucks ass. They exploit the talent of individuals to become successful and when the management feels like they don't need you anymore they just throw you away like garbage. Without Kojima, nobody outside of Japan would even know what a Konami is.

Posted by BlazingSpeed

@BradBurns: you have a point but it only seems like the Japanese branches are the ones that erase everything the producer/ director did like Kenji Inafune who created the Mega Man series when Inafune left Capcom they trashed two Mega Man projects and used Zero in most of the crossover games instead of Mega Man only Smash Bros Wii included Mega Man.

With companies like Ubisoft and the creator of Assassin's Creed the company simply escorts the Director out of the building no game/ name trashing. Same thing when the Bioware founders left EA they simply took their paychecks and left the video game industry no drama included.

Posted by cso

@BradBurns: you have a point but it only seems like the Japanese branches are the ones that erase everything the producer/ director did like Kenji Inafune who created the Mega Man series when Inafune left Capcom they trashed two Mega Man projects and used Zero in most of the crossover games instead of Mega Man

Actually it was Inafune the one who picked Zero and Frank West as representatives from their respective franchises for MvC3 before leaving Capcom, he's always said Zero is his favorite character.

Edited by REDShadowG

This company is a total joke. Its the best example as of late of power hungry execs that know absolutely nothing about gaming (including what Hideo Kojima meant to them and what weight his name and works carry in the industry overall) and then give the middle finger to any developer that doesn't obey them to the letter. I have a feeling that MGS will be annualized from now on or it'll be converted to a FPS. All on mobile, ofc.

After MGS5 is released I hope I see them fail miserably.

Posted by Duffy12323

You won't be missed!

Posted by Ripper_TV

That was clear long ago.

Konami is no more. No more MGS, even mobile ones. The biggest thing they CAN do is another compilation of MGSs.

Nobody is hiring nobody, don't fool yourself.

Posted by PainMaker

@Ripper_TV: could've sworn I read somewhere that Konami is determined to continue the MGS franchise, just without Kojima.

Posted by Rufus_the_rat

@Ripper_TV: You actually think that Konami doesn't plan to continue to milk the franchise for years to come? Oh, they will. Count on it. Starting with more mobile games.

Posted by Evenios

so this be the last metal gear? that sucks.

Edited by Rufus_the_rat

@Evenios: No just the last true metal gear as envisioned by the creator. We can look forward to dozens more dumb Metal Gear sequels in the years to come. Same thing that is happening with Star Wars now that they grabbed it from its creator.

Posted by Mikelikel9

@Evenios: Kojima has been saying "this is the last Metal Gear" since MGS2 came out. We're lucky we've gotten so many after the fact. Of course, this time, it appears to be true...

Posted by Gagomkd

Why is Kojima leaving and why are Konami being dicks to him? I am not into their games so I don't have the knowledge about all this but it would be great is someone could explain these things to me. This looks like pretty big controversy and many people are pissed. Thx in advance.

Posted by Ripper_TV

@Gagomkd: Kojima slept with CEO's waifu.

Edited by Printul_Noptii

Its such a shame :( Remember when Konami was up there with Capcom for quality games on the SNES, nowadays they are a shell of their former selfs. At least Capcom tries to make it up by remastering some classics but Konami already lost their powerhouse talent like Castlevanias Iga and now Kojima :(

Posted by Ripper_TV
Edited by BradBurns

@Ripper_TV: Capcom's still putting up a fight. They haven't shifted to crappy phone games yet, they're just low on cash.

Sega has tons of cash but seemingly gave up on consoles until recently the Sega CEO vowed to focus on quality console titles again.

Konami sucks.

Edited by cso

@Printul_Noptii: Plus, Capcom has been very supportive of the fighting game community in recent years and SF5 is looking pretty good, so I definitely wouldn't put them in the same category as Konami.

Posted by DrunkenPunk800

That really sucks. Konami are a bunch of back stabbing pricks.

Edited by The_Pun_Master

Konami = Crapcunt 2.0

Posted by sfageas77


Posted by BarcaAzul

You can't help but think that Kojima will end up somewhere else. I doubt he or crowd funding could support a similar project.

It will be interesting to see what happens after the game is released. I'm also pretty sure the employees will get a bonus based on sales.

Edited by GH05T-666

I just hope that MGS: The Phantom Pain does not suffer.

Posted by Random_Matt


Edited by Slannmage

So far from what I've seen is, it's not a Metal Gear game, where is the crazy story and why doesn't Snake talk any more?

Posted by PutASpongeOn

@Slannmage: Look at the trailers, there is crazy story, they just aren't blowing their load yet except for small thingson trailers.

Edited by DanielL5583

@Slannmage: So they brought in Keifer Sutherland just to waste money, then, hmm?

And besides, you'll get your crazy story soon enough...

Posted by Mi_Hung_Lo

@Slannmage: Are you serious? So they pay Keifer Sutherland a bunch of money just to grunt? You're an idiot

Posted by PcGamingRig
Edited by PcGamingRig

@PcGamingRig: and haven't you seen the flying whale hallucination and the shaking, jumping operatives?

Posted by Gamer_4_Fun

Now make a dream game with CD Projekt

Posted by Arkhalipso
Edited by Gamer_4_Fun
Posted by Arkhalipso

@Gamer_4_Fun: They tend to work on completely different types of games, would that even work?

Posted by Gamer_4_Fun

@Arkhalipso: How do you correlate Kojima's style and CD Projekt's? I see no reason why they can't work together on a game.

Posted by quickshooterMk2
Posted by SoulScribe

I won't be buying it. Chances are Kojima wont be seeing a cent of what they are gonna make off of MGSV. I hope the game flops.

Edited by Aeluron1989

@SoulScribe: So the fuck what. Kojima and crew made it, it deserves to be purchased. Hoping the game flops is just stupid and spiteful.

Posted by bojan_sokol

@SoulScribe: Probably last MGS game made by Kojima, I'll not pass it

Posted by DanielL5583

@SoulScribe: Don't be like that...

Sure, Konami are total shitheads, but to hope the game one of their frankly struggling employee is making goes out and flops like a dead fish is really unfair.

His contract ends in December, so he'll likely see at least some of the money.

Edited by Mi_Hung_Lo

@SoulScribe: You are a big jackass. I guess you never heard of a contract. If you wont be buying it...why the f-ck are you here? Just because someone is fired from a company doesn't mean they don't get paid. He still works there until the game is released because of CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS! That also means any money OWED WILL BE PAYED. Learn something you moron

Edited by Gamer_4_Fun

@SoulScribe said:

I won't be buying it. Chances are Kojima wont be seeing a cent of what they are gonna make off of MGSV. I hope the game flops.

Sure hope it doesn't! If you don't support their actions, don't buy it. I am really looking forward to playing this game, don't really care how the mony is split between them.

Edited by CallMeDuraSouka

Likes for all those folks lamenting what was.

Posted by madgame23

Konami I believe owns the rights to anything Metal Gear etc that Kojima has made. With that being said once MGS5 is complete there won't be another MGS game made with Kojima at the helm. If they make one at all considering the their focus on handheld and mobile gaming. They could make a mobile MGS but don't see the fun that will have. There was a PSP MGS game several years ago that was interesting but I never got real deep into it.

Posted by Dragonzeanse

Clickbait article. "Management at the studio would likely disband" is not the same as "Kojima Productions has disbanded." Typical sloppy Gamespot journalism. So glad I block your ads. By the way, I signed up just to leave this comment.

Posted by richten71

@dragonzeanse: You didn't read the article correctly. The "Management at the studio would likely disband" quote is from a different source from a previous article back in March 2015 that they were incorporating into this article. This article is about Otsuka Akio, the voice of Snake and other MGS characters in the Japanese version of the game, stating that based on what he's seen at Konami, it is his opinion that Kojima Productions has officially disbanded. That's okay though, a lot of people don't read articles correctly and then complain about what they misread.

Posted by Zarkiv216

@dragonzeanse: Bigger fool you for reading the article then if you already knew that it would be 'typical sloppy Gamespot journalism'. Shoulda stayed away. Hindsight is a bitch.

Posted by ElmDreamer

Hideo Kojima is one of the most brilliant minds in the industry. That Konami is abandoning him and shifting their focus to mobile games just goes to show what a joke the company has become. Konami execs should be put on trial and be given the choice to perform seppuku for this heinous crime. Bastards.

Edited by cip_raziel

Come on already make a Kickstarter for something great ! Kojima really doesn't need Konami, his name is big enough that if he'd want to create something, he'd always get what he'd need through crowdfunding.

Posted by Mickeyminime

if you want to make it a good game, don't have micro transactions in it.....oh and bring back the original voice actor to snake.

Posted by Mi_Hung_Lo

@Mickeyminime: Why would they have David Hayter play Snake and Big Boss since they are two different characters? Why would they sound the same? So what difference does it make that someone else voices Big Boss? David Hayter didn't voice Big Boss to begin with. Stop following the crowd for once you ignorant robot

Posted by Mickeyminime

@mi_hung_lo:hey douche bag, unless you forgot, he played both snake in MGS1, 2, 4, Portable Ops etc and played naked snake aka big boss in MGS3. Yeah, it would sound really odd to have him play both characters in MGS4, but MGS4 is like 50 years after MGS3 so they would have no choice but to change the voice to him as his a lot older. But as snake isn't in MGS 5 but only Big Boss, he could have played him again. After all, MGS3 is set in the 64, Portable Ops in 1970, Peace Walker in 74 and Ground Zero in 75, he could have easily played Big Boss again, specially as Snake wasn't in it. With MGS 4 being set in 2014, its easily understandable to have his voice change, but with MGS5, he could have still done it

Edited by Bakula

@Mickeyminime: There have been statements regarding the microtransactions. Read them, and don't deal in absolutes.

Posted by coolguyhero

Something big happened & bang kojima out ,now because of it the MGS5 E3 demo is looks like downgraded.no problem Kojima will make his own production company & he will make beautiful games under his company.mark my word & I am 100 % sure Sony already approached him to join their production team or give exclusives to Sony platform.

Posted by The_Pun_Master

Is anybody here reminded of Crapcunt when they think of this situation going on with Konami?

Posted by Warriors30

I demand a Silent Hills Kickstarter. Someone's gotta do it. #SaveSilentHills

Edited by Barighm

@warriors30: Nope. After what went down with Kojima, do you really think Konami is going to resurrect the project? More likely they will can it forever just to spite Kojima.

INSANE, on the other hand...

Posted by Warriors30

@Barighm: No, I don't think Konami will resurrect Silent Hills... but maybe somebody else will. All my bets are on Sony.

Posted by Mi_Hung_Lo

@warriors30: And what makes you think that? What IP has Sony bought that you know of, sony pony?

Posted by Warriors30

@mi_hung_lo: Just mentioning Sony makes me a "sony pony"? Gimme a fucking break.

Posted by proceeder

I hate you Konami! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! (warning: this was a hate message.)

Edited by SingletreeAve
Edited by ShirkDawg

Mobile games? Screw you, Konami. Most of your good devs are now gone -- the people who made MGS, Suikoden, Silent Hill and Castlevania. Now you'll fade into irrelevance.

Posted by GSEdgemanx
Posted by proceeder

Mobile games? Screw you, Konami. Most of your good devs are now gone -- the people who made MGS, Suikoden, Silent Hill and Castlevania. Now you'll fade into irrelevance.

Damn straight bro! where's that like button?! where is it?

Posted by S001_PRIMAL

truly heart breaking

Posted by proceeder

truly heart breaking

You said it. The fools! they're outta the game! No Kojima, no MGS! I could stand Snake being dismembered, holucinating, looking like an old piece o shit and looking different. But this! No way! MGS is done for me!

Posted by holocam22

@proceeder: Technically it's done for everyone now...

Posted by wizemanschaos

Eh Konami is officially dead, they pushed away, run into the ground and defiled everything that brought them to where they are today. What do they have now Yu-Gi-Oh? The time to duel has already passed.

Posted by The_Pun_Master
Posted by DanielL5583

@the_pun_master: The difference here is that Capcom actually release games every once in a while.

Sure, they're more often than not remakes or remasters or whatever, but games like Dragon's Dogma, Monster Hunter and the Resident Evil HD Remaster kinda show they're getting back on track.

Edited by The_Pun_Master

@DanielL5583: LOL Lame try Capcom fanboy, Crapcunt ruined Dragon's Dogma by f**king fans over with that title update, Monster Hunter is being milked, and Resident Evil HD is overpriced and a rehashed. And no, I'm not going to go over the other facts that you're ignoring, Capcom fanboy.

Posted by DanielL5583

@the_pun_master: Did you accidentally put salt on your corn flakes this morning instead of sugar? Damn, dude...

Posted by The_Pun_Master

@DanielL5583: Ha! That's what I thought, once you fanboys get owned with facts, you head straight for the trolling. Loser.

Posted by DanielL5583

@the_pun_master: For the record, I'm as far from a Capcom fanboy as one can get.

I don't have a history with them, and some of their games like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter I only got into recently.

Actually, why am I humouring you any longer?

Posted by Barighm

@the_pun_master: Nope. Capcom is still putting out AAA games. Some of them are pretty good.

Edited by The_Pun_Master
Posted by Strafeyy

@Barighm: Nice to see someone not blindly hating Capcom for a change. RE6 almost crippled them but they're bringing me back, slowly.

Posted by The_Pun_Master

@strafeyy: Lame to see blind Crapcunt fanboys supporting a company that failing.

Posted by Trollboy69

It's about time they gutted this dead FISH!! Worst games!!! It's over folks move on!! NEXT!!!

Posted by proceeder

It's about time they gutted this dead FISH!! Worst games!!! It's over folks move on!! NEXT!!!

Ehm... when exactly have you started living my good man? Cause it seems you were born yesterday.

Posted by HAZCHEM88
Posted by berserker66666

Well guess what? The whole Metal Gear franchise walks with Hideo Kojima. There's no good MGS game without him.

Edited by Trollboy69

@berserker66666: should have fired him AGES ago!!! Worst game EVER!!! 99999 nice try though LITTLE berserker man 99999

Posted by proceeder

@berserker66666: should have fired him AGES ago!!! Worst game EVER!!! 99999 nice try though LITTLE berserker man 99999

Troll warning!

Posted by berserker66666
Posted by BradBurns

Keep burning those bridges, Konami

Posted by proceeder

Keep burning those bridges, Konami

They're madd I tell you! mad!

Posted by umair_s51

Really a shame what happened between Konami and Kojima productions. Here's to hoping MGS5 will be a great game despite all of this. Can't wait for Sept. 1st!

Edited by Mi_Hung_Lo

Really a shame what happened between Konami and Kojima productions. Here's to hoping MGS5 will be a great game despite all of this. Can't wait for Sept. 1st!

Ummm, the game is done, so it doesn't matter

Posted by umair_s51
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