Support the NC Senate tax cuts. Urge House members to cut taxes and keep North Carolina on the path to prosperity.


North Carolina has made great strides, but our work is not done.

Americans for Prosperity is urging lawmakers to keep our state moving in the right direction by focusing on the NC Jobs Agenda and passing four big, common sense reforms. See details on the four issues below and urge your lawmakers to support the NC Jobs Agenda.



Certificate of Need (CON) laws limit out-patient health care access by requiring new practices demonstrate a “need” for their services to the government. Bureaucrats control our health care supply by denying licensed physicians approval to open a practice and provide medical care.

A recent study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University found that North Carolina’s Certificate of Need regulations rank as the fourth most restrictive in the nation.

This anti-competitive, special interest law has restricted access to quality care and artificially increased health care costs for long enough.

The North Carolina General Assembly can lower health care costs by passing House Bill 200 to reform an intrusive regulation called Certificate of Need. Urge your lawmaker to repeal Certificate of Need by passing HB 200.


Manufacturing continues to struggle in North Carolina. Our state’s once robust textile and furniture industries are dying or leaving the state entirely. North Carolina is also the only southern state that does not have an automotive manufacturer. One way to build and preserve North Carolina’s manufacturing sector is to provide affordable and reliable energy in the state.

The chief obstacle to affordable and reliable energy at the state level is North Carolina’s renewable energy mandate – the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) – which requires ratepayers to purchase unaffordable renewable power at increasing rates over time.  Repealing North Carolina’s RPS would allow for increased job creation in North Carolina’s manufacturing sector and ease the financial burden of energy costs on all North Carolinians.

Urge your lawmakers to repeal the RPS and get our energy sector growing again.


In 2013, North Carolina passed historic tax reform legislation that simplified the tax code and provided tax relief across the state.  However, the job is not finished.

Lower taxes increase the incentive to work, produce, and save – all factors that contribute to economic growth. Lower taxes also mean more money in the pockets of individuals and businesses in the private sector. When individuals and businesses get to keep more of their hard-earned dollars, they have more resources available to hire new workers, buy more goods, or invest in new equipment.

In order to lower taxes, lawmakers should look for ways to decrease the state’s demand for tax revenue and cut spending.  Lawmakers should recognize that entrepreneurs and businesses, not government, are our engine of economic growth and move to eliminate programs which could be provided by the private sector.


Laws restricting private investment and business regulations in general create serious barriers to entry for entrepreneurs in North Carolina, and severely limit the growth of existing businesses.  For example, restrictions on crowdfunding make it difficult for entrepreneurs who lack access to capital to get a great business off the ground.

Encouraging private investment is a productive alternative to the state’s corporate incentives programs. Replacing the incentive programs will also aid with state level tax and spending reforms.

Unnecessary government regulations limit job and wage growth in North Carolina. AFP supports state regulatory reform, including loosening regulations on private investment. Urge your lawmakers to reduce regulatory barriers that hold up business growth and hamper private investment.


NC Jobs Agenda urges state House leaders to pass the tax cuts and limited spending growth approved by the Senate in its 2015 biennium budget.

The NC Senate budget and tax cut plan represents a  promising vision of prosperity for all who live and work in our state. It delivers tax relief and increases the take-home-pay for every North Carolinian by lowering the personal income rate and raising the standard deduction.  It continues to level the playing field for businesses to compete for customers rather than rewarding those that compete in the state legislature for political favors.  The senate plan puts people to work by creating jobs with franchise and corporate tax cuts proven to expand economic growth.

House leaders have an opportunity to build on the successful outcomes of tax reform and responsible budgeting by agreeing to the senate tax cuts and keeping North Carolina on track toward a robust recovery.  In addition, they increase access to healthcare by agreeing to end antiquated, special-interest driven Certificate of Need (CON) laws.  CON laws raise costs and limit access for millions of seniors and sick citizens seeking medical care, and it’s past time the General Assembly repealed them.

North Carolina leaders must commit to real fiscal reforms that limit government, hold the state accountable and return all non-essential spending to the taxpayers.  This senate budget is a balanced approach to those priorities.  We urge House leaders to concur with the Senate budget and deliver more than $2 billion in tax cuts to working people and their employers.



Jobs Agenda Action Featured in TV ad for tax cuts

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The North Carolina Jobs Agenda’s ‘Take Action’ platform is featured in a statewide television ad campaign this week supporting the NC Senate’s budget plan for income and corporate tax cuts.

Watch the TV Ad Now 

Happy family having fun outdoors and smiling. They are on the field, the last rays of the sun.

The ad campaign launched as Americans for Prosperity North Carolina staff and activists deployed door-knocking and phone banking efforts statewide in support of the plan.

Communications Director Joseph Kyzer issued the following statement:

“We’re taking to the airwaves and grassroots to let our neighbors know about a plan to reduce government’s burden on take-home pay and business revenue in this state.  Our citizens deserve measurable relief that impacts their bottom line and lets them improve their own lives. Jobs Agenda Action raises awareness about this plan, lets users identify their lawmakers and contact them without leaving the Jobs Agenda homepage.”


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