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The Illumin8tors is a co-creative artistic collective embracing musicians, photographers, visual artists, dancers, poets, and just good people, who keep their minds and hearts open to overstep the limits of individual creativity and to multiply their inspiration through cooperation. Learn about us →

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YIN&YONI 2.0 Photo by Ye BIng

YIN TALK | How is to be a woman in a foreign culture

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Tania Ramirez came to Hangzhou to study at China Academy of Art four years ago. She has just defended her thesis and become a Master of industrial design. Next month she...
Yin Talk | Zhanna| Photo by Ye BIng

YIN TALK | How is to be a woman coming from Russia +中文

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Zhanna Khromykh grew up in Moscow. After graduating, she came to Hangzhou to proceed with her art historical research. She loves ancient art and abandon places, dust of ages and...
YIN&YONI 2.0 Photo by Ye BIng

Trailer: Yin & Yoni 2.0

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On June 27, 2015, The Illumin8tors present a contemporary dance performance YIN&YONI 2.0 in Hangzhou, China. Dance to Feel A Sense of Femininity In the New Millennium June 27 at...
Marisol Villela

YIN TALK | How is to be a woman coming from México +中文

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Marisol Villela is a humanist and art historian. Before coming to China, she lived in Mexico, Spain, and the US. While pursuing her research focused on contemporary art spaces and...

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