The Ashaninka Tribe


 The Ashaninka tribe

One of the largest indigenous groups living in the Amazon today.


Their home territory is in the Peruvian Amazon, directly east of Lima. They live by harvesting the forest and rivers as well as having small clearings in the forest for gardens.  Wild fruits, honey and nuts are gathered along with snails and insect delicacies

Their tribal territory has been reduced severely in the last 100 years, but they maintain cultural as well as territorial control of communities and Reserves on the right bank of the Rio Ene and up into the Otishi National Park.


Ecotribal began collaborating with the Ashaninka on eco-tourism as a specific response to reports in 2004 of illegal loggers starting to do deals with Ashaninka communities for their mahogany trees.  As well as eco-tourism, we work with the Ashaninka on marketing their coffee, craft goods and chocolate beans.  In the last six years, due to imminent threats from a logging company, we have developed an “Avoided Deforestation” project with three Ashaninka communities to focus specifically on keeping loggers out and conserving the forest for sustainable uses.

To manage the avoided deforestation initiative the communities have formed TSIMI (The Ashaninka Bioclimatic Association).  In their language, TSIMI means “forest sanctuary” and is a place where birds and animals breed.


Photographs: Alicia Fox Photographyash7