Deputies: Dog Attacks, Kills Child in Henderson County

Updated: Tuesday, July 7 2015, 11:55 PM EDT
Deputies: Dog Attacks, Kills Child in Henderson County story image
HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Law enforcement says a pit bull killed a 6-year-old in Henderson County on Tuesday afternoon.

The attack happened around 4 p.m. on Piney Ridge Drive in the Mountain Home area.

Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald says with the information they have now, they have no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing.

The sheriff's office says the 6-year-old was staying with his grandparent. The recently adopted pit bull was next door in the fenced-in backyard. Deputies are investigating how the boy got into the yard. 

When deputies arrived, they say they could not get to the child because of how aggressive the pit bull was acting. They shot and killed the dog and then pushed down a fence to reach the child who had already died. 

Roger Burns lives near the incident. 

"This was a sweet little kid," Burns said. "He was younger than my son, but he was smart. My son's 10 and he liked playing with him better than a lot of kids."

Burns' son was supposed to play with the boy. 

"I was getting awake and he said, sat up on the couch and he said 'I can't play with him,'" Burns said. "'He's in the yard dead, daddy.' I said what are you talking about?"

The sheriff's office says they have not gotten any prior calls about the dog. Stout says the owners had no reason to believe the dog was vicious. 
Deputies: Dog Attacks, Kills Child in Henderson County
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