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SEO Tips For Beginners

The process of optimizing your site for search engines is termed as search engine optimization. Today, irrespective of the size of businesses, more and more business houses are resorting to this technique, to get increased page rankings and targeted traffic. It is not compulsory to be a search engine optimization expert to optimize your website, you can do it easily with the tips and strategies provided in a gamut of articles and tutorials online. The following tips can be very useful for beginners.

Tip # 1: Research

Research every aspect of search engine optimization and gather a lot of information on search engine optimization or SEO strategies and methods. Look at the websites of your competitors and extract the finer points used by them for SEO purposes. To get the list of your competitors, you have to just type the keywords related to your field and you will find numerous sites in the search results. Find all the possible targeted keywords that are used by the online users in searches related to your area of expertise. You will find exhaustive information on keywords related to your field, online.

Tip # 2: Keyword rich content

Quality contents will get you loyal followers online but you must also make your contents rich in keywords for getting higher page rankings. Find all related keywords and use them judiciously in the website contents, articles and blogs. Optimal keyword density will ensure immediate visibility in searches. Keyword density should be somewhere between two and five percent. Keyword stuffing can result in spamming, so avoid it. Placing the keywords or keyword phrases in the title tag, URL, headings, images, body text, anchor text, meta tags, descriptions and many more can boost you page ranks.

Tip # 3: Site map

A site map can result in quicker indexing of your web pages. The site map links each page in the site to another and it will help the visitors to easily navigate through the pages without any confusion.

Tip # 4: Domain names

A perfect domain name that is closely related to your field will help you in gaining good rankings. You can use the primary keywords relevant to your text in the domain name. Many companies use their brand or company name in the domain name, too.

Tip # 5: Link building

Link building is imperative for improving your visibility and reputation online. Links that you get from the websites that enjoy top rankings will better your page rankings. When you find an article, blog, surveys, webinars or videos that are packed with information, you can link them to your site. This will help you receive reciprocal linking. Link exchanges can help you create a large group of linked network with relevant sites. Request links from sites related to your area of expertise. The more the links, the higher the rankings and better optimization.

Tip # 6: Site updating

Posting fresh content frequently will sustain the interest of the readers. A stale site will be forgotten by search engines but updated ones will always be popular with them.