Dan Levy & Lainey Gossip take center stage at the SMUT Soiree.

Gossip is just plain fun. And nobody knows this better than celebrity culture experts Dan Levy and Lainey Gossip.  Between the two of them, Dan and Lainey have tons of insider knowledge on all the naughty and scandalous happenings in Hollywood and beyond. The pair were recently in town to host the SMUT Soiree, an evening of gossip, cocktails and trashy good times. It seemed like a bit of an oxymoron to me; a soiree is a classy affair whereas smut is much less so. “High-low, baby,” Lainey simply puts it. “It’s where class meets trash in an evening of debauchery, scandal, and intrigue,” Dan adds. Oh, the Kardashians would be so proud.

I had chatted with Lainey at last year’s Celebrities Studies party at Le Germain, but it was quite a delight to interview the two of them together. Their non-stop banter and constant wit made me wish I had been able to film my chat with this fun twosome. Fans of MTV Canada will recognize Dan Levy from his hilarious analysis on The Hills After Show. He now lives in Hollywood where he sheepishly admits to knowing a fair amount of celebrities, but not actually recognized as such himself. The sometimes actor is now launching his own eyewear line (awesome!) and is working on a yet-to-be disclosed project with his famous Canadian father Eugene Levy (even more awesome!). When asked why he takes part in gossip shindigs, Dan describes it as a learning experience. “For me, it’s an education. I started hosting 6 years ago when I was at MTV. As Lainey can attest I’m as gullible as it comes. If you tell me you’re not having an affair, for example, I would believe you. She will not believe you, but I will,” he says. Lainey also chimes in with the one of the best lines of the night, “And Dan and I always look for excuses to hang out and talk shit about people.”

The hardened gossip queen Lainey definitely doesn’t take any guff from the celebrities she blogs, interviews and gossips about. She described her worst interview ever at a press junket with Joaquin Phoenix. The troubled actor was not happy to be there and was thrown off by many of the journalists questions. During Lainey’s q & a, his fuse was lit and he walked out of the room. Craziness! But such is the life for a celebrity blogger. Lainey will soon be adding talk show host to her repertoire as one of the co-hosts for CTV’s new daytime show, The Social. In the meantime, bringing the gossip to new cities like Cowtown is on her radar. “Calgary is a hotbed of gossip. This event sold out in two hours, which is the fastest in the event’s history. I think we’re honouring the gossip by bringing it here. So Calgary know that we’re here to really impress you,” Lainey says.

Guests at the event were treated to a VIP experience: the drinks were flowing, manicures were given and ALDO even set up a fun game of Cinderella to give away footwear to the ladies who fit the shoes they had to try on. Dan and Lainey hit the stage and gave a no holds barred talk on any of the celebrities the audience wanted to hear about. I can’t give too much away, but let’s just say sweethearts like Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker are not all sugar and spice, and anything (I mean ANYTHING) goes at a Hollywood Hills party. Dan wasn’t lying when he told me that debauchery and scandal would be part of the festivities. Expectations were exceeded as the crowd of (mostly) women walked away happy and sated with their goodie bags in tow.

All of the gossip led me to wonder: what rumours would be totally awesome if they were to happen in Calgary?

  • The downtown area will soon be home to a Whole Foods! Organic quinoa and beeswax candles, here I come.
  • Mayor Nenshi will be starting his own men’s accessories line. The name? Purple Swag.
  • Lady Gaga may be making a surprise appearance at a Sled Island after party.
  • Calgary is rumoured to become the first city in Canada to legalize marijuana.

Ok, ok, so I’m not going to be the next Gossip Girl with cheesy rumours like this. But like I said in the beginning, gossip is just plain fun. Xoxo.