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oxfamFrip Ethique is an Oxfam-run social enterprise in Senegal. Most of the workers are women, who sort and sell clothes donated to Oxfam – including your bras – to local market traders.

It’s a great way of making sure donations make the most money possible. And it’s also a great way of enabling people to earn a living.

The profits are also invested in Oxfam’s work fighting poverty in Senegal. And British bras are seriously sought after in Senegal – where few businesses have the complex technology needed to make good-quality bras.


Bras – and other clothes – you donate here in the UK could end up getting sorted and sold in Senegal at Frip Ethique, Oxfam’s social enterprise.

Bras might not seem like the most obvious thing to donate to Oxfam. This film shows how donated bras can help create jobs for women in Senegal, and raise vital funds for Oxfam’s work in West Africa and around the world. Frip Ethique (meaning ‘ethical second hand clothing’) is a unique project run by Oxfam in Senegal that sorts and trades unsold second hand clothes from Oxfam’s UK shops. The project provides essential employment for disadvantaged women in the area and generates profits which can be invested in the our work in West Africa. Find out more.

 What you can do to help:

Drop your bras off at your local Oxfam shop here and they’ll do the rest. Find your local shop

Browse over 30,000 items of second-hand and new women’s clothing. Oxfam’s Online Shop

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