Make The KALL With KALL Minutes!

All you need are KALL Minutes to get conversations started on the first voice call
without number service from Kolony!

To buy KALL minutes:

Just send KBUY KALL to 25333 to see the list of KALL Minutes,
then send KBUY KALL <amount> to 25333 to purchase.

Get infected with FREE
Kolony Wallpapers and Screensavers

Get your phone screen infected now when you download FREE Kolony
wallpapers and screensavers that totally stand out and look ultra cool!


Code: WW


Code: WB


Code: WT


Code: SS

To download your FREE wallpaper and screensaver:

Type KBUY KOLONY <code> and send to 25333

Get Down With Infectious Beats!
Download Call Me Tones For 100Koinz Now!

You can now download Call Me Tones for 100Kz on Kolony!
Add it to your My Album on The Cube to expand your playlist!

Artist Song Title Code Charges
FIQ Ratu Cinta 131047 100Kz
FIQ Sukma Ke Sukma 131048 100Kz
Jason Mraz Clockwatching 131049 100Kz
Jason Mraz Bella Luna 131050 100Kz
Jason Mraz Plane 131051 100Kz
Coldplay Strawberry Swing 131052 100Kz
Sheila Majid Lagenda 131053 100Kz
Secondhand Serenade Like a Knife 131054 100Kz
Secondhand Serenade Fall for You 131055 100Kz
Secondhand Serenade Stranger 131056 100Kz
For song list:

To buy Call Me Tones:

You will then receive a message:

Thank u. U have purchased Call Me Tones: 52735.
100Koinz have been deducted. Ur new balance is xxxKoinz. Ref: ST4E76ECB61FD7D

To customize your Call Me Tones My Album, just dial *188# and select CMT.