How to Relax Your Mind

Probably one way of relaxing you mind is taking a deep breath, holding it for a moment and then exhaling. There are other different ways on how to relax your mind and ease stress without problems. Some also describe it as a way of relieving anxiety and depression. It is a way of calming your mind and makes you feel peaceful. I know you don’t have enough time to relax, but it is very crucial to make time because stress can steal your happiness, destroy your relationship with other people and affect your healthiness. Here is how you can relax your mind.


Deep breathing exercise

Deep breathing has done wonders in mind relaxation. You should practice this because it smoothen your anxieties in times of stress. You slowly take a deep breath with your mouth closed and hold it for ten seconds. Exhale it slowly. You can start at a faster pace but the slower you perform it, the better it works. You can adjust the timing but let your exhale last twice than your inhale as you pause between each breath.

Playing online games to relax your mind

You do not have to restrict yourself playing out in the open to relax your mind. But online games can relax your mind and provide it with more energy. You can play them while in solitude to divert your mind from mischief.  Spelletjes is one of the recommended sources with many free games to play and relax your mind.

Spend time alone and avoid stress to relax your mind

Sometimes it is very important to spend time alone especially when people around us cause anxieties. You can cancel all plans with your family and find separate time in order to relax your mind alone. Don’t overwhelm yourself with tight schedule with friends but have sometime to walk to alone to some beautiful places like nature preserves to have a relaxed mind. It is better to avoid watching TV because its busy images can raise the stress level of your mind.

How to Relax Your Mind

Avoid those people, events or activities that cause stress and create your own boundaries in order to prevent more stress. Some people relax their mind by writing their feelings down. You can write them down and imagine yourself in a certain setting that can relax your mind. You can think about your problems and have a solution. If you find out that you cannot change the problem, just let it go.

If your social media can be the source of your stress, you can stay away from its outlets such as your phone and a laptop. Until the time you feel they will no longer cause stress.


Research shows that prayer does not only help on how to relax your mind during the stormy times, but it has more health benefits. It causes mind relaxation and lowers your blood pressure. You can kneel in a comfortable position and pray about a specific problem and a specific solution for about tem minutes. The clearing of your mind, meditation, rejoicing and focusing on specific words while your eyes are closed can bring calmness and relaxation to your mind.

Drinking a lot of water and eating certain foods that relax mind

Water is the most essential element in life that hydrates, frees toxins from our bodies and helps your mind to focus better. It is also good if your drink hot drinks that lack alcohol which stimulates anxieties. For instance you can drink green tee because it contains natural chemicals that helps in relaxing mind. However, you must avoid too much sugar as it stimulates your brain making relaxation hard. It is also essential to eat foods that lower anxiety linked hormones and raise happiness hormones such as spinach, pumpkin seeds, halibut, Salmon, Cod, Tuna and Shiitake mushrooms. Work hard to eat healthy and unprocessed foods, fruits and include fish in your meals.

How to Relax Your Mind

Physical activities

It is very important to do exercise daily especially after tight schedules because it releases endorphins that creates happiness and relaxes your mind. It can be better if you do it alone, in a private place to avoid distractions. Doing exercises such as basketball, dancing, Jazzercise and other activities you love can produce endorphins that relax your mind. You can get more guidelines about health and physical activities that affects mind from You can also do any work that does require focus such as sweeping the floor and performing other domestic chores but don’t be too busy as this can induce anxiety rather than relaxing your mind.

Change your attitudes

You can change your attitudes about your stressors and stop being worried about their outcomes. Instead you should be worried about your accomplishments and how to relax your mind as you get through any tough situation. Remember that the most effective way in relaxing your mind is changing your attitudes and the way you deal with problems than trying to change the situations themselves.


Turn of work, turn of kids, household chores and do something you love. Whether it is gardening, playing free online games or playing musical instruments to relax your mind. Spend time with your favorite animals while touching them. Dogs and cats are the best option.


Include a heavy laughter in your life. By watching funny movies, telling jokes and laughing at comedian jokes you can relax your mind.

How to relax your mind can be very easy. It begins from breathing in and out, closing your eyes, in the quiet place. By observing the above tips, you can train your mind on how to relax without any hassle. It is important to keep in mind that noise is mind pollutant, the moment you are stressed, find a quiet place and meditate without distractions. You can experience the benefits soon after successfully maintaining your concentration. But don’t expect quick results because it takes practice. You can learn how to relax your mind and include these techniques in your daily life to increase your happiness.

You are on the best way to relax your mind and cope with any problem because there are many ways to relax your mind. Begin to relax.


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