Master Pinterest Social Media Marketing For Your Business (75 Point Checklist)

75 point checklist: master Pinterest marketing for your business | Pinterest for business tips by Pinterest expert Anna Bennett


One thing I am certain of is that managing social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and all the other socials are not the same as managing a Pinterest account. It works completely different.

If social media managers decide to offer Pinterest account management services they owe it to their customers to learn how to use Pinterest. It is so scientific.  Most people who I see managing accounts don’t really understand and correctly use the depth and breadth of Pinterest.

Pinning for personal reasons doesn’t make you qualified to manage Pinterest accounts for business. It’s not the same thing.

In my How to Become A Pinterest Account Manager program I teach everything you need to know about how to be a successful Pinterest account manager.

Part of my motivation for creating the program was to help people avoid the mistakes I made. Pinterest is complex, there are a lot of traps and pitfalls and if managers are not careful they will make mistakes which will cost them time, damage their reputation with their bosses and cost their company sales.

My advice is that taking a step by step course that is like a blue print for success is the smartest way to learn because it’s a proven. That is why I made the courses and am in the business.

In the meantime use this checklist to drive engagement, attract more followers, get more traffic, repins and sales.


How to Set-Up Your Pinterest Business Account


  1. Join as a business.
  2. Convert your personal account to a business account.
  3. Install the Pinterest browser button. It makes it easy to save creative ideas from around the web.
  4. Edit your “Profile settings” in your Pinterest profile page. Choose keywords to ramp up your SEO on Pinterest. Choose a username with keywords that relates to your business.
  5. Complete the “Account Settings”.
  6. Confirm your Pinterest Email Verification.
  7. Verify your website.
  8. Apply for Promoted Pins.
  9. Apply for Rich Pins.
  1. Apply for Buyable Pins
  2. Choose a keyword that you want to rank high on in Pinterest’s search engine.
  3. Get Chapter 1 of my Pinterest Marketing for Business Course for free to ensure your account is set-up properly.


chapter 1-free

#2 Create Pinterest Boards

  1. Go to “Create A Board”.
  • Keep your board titles to the point and garnished with keywords that resonate with your target audience.
  • Complete the Board Description
  • Choose a Category
  • Choose “Secret or not”
  1.  Create 5 boards with 10 images each.
  • Select a Board Cover Image
  1. Arrange boards around a theme or colors on the grid layout
  2. Create a few boards that cover a broad range of interests and Pinterest’s top categories.
  3. Create these boards
  • Tips & tricks
  • How To’s
  • Tutorials
  • Quotes
  • Products
  • Services
  • Your Blog Posts
  • Suggestions board where users and customers can post photos of things they’d like to see you incorporate into your product, service, or company culture, the social part of social media marketing
  • Showcase “community service”, charities that you participate in
  • Highlight your company perks: ask employees to snap some pics of their favorite aspects of your co. culture

75 point checklist: Pinterest Account Manager


Adding Pins

  1. Repin images
  • Pin from various sources rather than one specific site or Pinterest account
  • Repin images with the most number of repins
  • Pins that go viral are beautiful, evoke emotion, are unique, funny, or helpful
    • Choose Board Category
    • Edit the description using keywords to ramp up your SEO
    • Add Place Pins (if applicable)
  1. Upload your own pins
  • Choose Board category
  • Edit the pin description: choose specific keywords that could show up in search
  • Add a source link if you’re not pinning from your own blog or website


Boost Pinterest Traffic


  1. Invite friends via your Pinterest home feed. Go to “Find Friends”.
  2. Master Pinterest by taking my; Pinterest Marketing for Business Course.
  3. Follow friends from Facebook.
  4. Follow Pinners from your competition.
  5. Follow individual boards based on keywords.
  6. Choose boards with the most followers.
  7. Tweet a pin.
  8. Share pins on Facebook.
  9. Email marketing: Promote more of your popular pins.
  10. Which boards people are following? Pin more images on those boards.
  11. Reward your best followers.
  12. Track which days bring you the most followers & repins (track for at least four weeks)
  13. Best time to pin: 11am-1pm & 5pm-11pm.
  14. Use a Pinterest scheduling tool.
  15. Pin a minimum of 10 images/day. (spread them out throughout the day)
  16. Add the “Follow me on pinterest” button/icon on all your social accounts.
  17. Add the “Pin it” button on your website and blog.
  18. Add the Pinterest tab on your Facebook page. (get free app from
  19. Create and join a group board.
  20. Hold Pinterest contests.
  21. Read your Pinterest email.
  • Follow a minimum of one board from anyone who repinned your pin
  • Thank Pinners using the “comment” box for repinning on the image they repinned

22. Invest in Pinterest ads.

23. Manage your account efficiently by taking the How to Become a Pinterest Account Manager course.

How to become a Pinterest Account Manager


If you really want to manage Pinterest professionally for your own company, for your boss or as a Pinterest account management agency now is a great time to learn how to do that at the expert level because Pinterest is still new.

My How to Become A Pinterest Account Manager course is packed with the most current and up to date,  step-by-step, easy to follow checklists and secrets that I use to get business and to manage business accounts successfully.

For the first time ever I’ve decided to share all of my trade secrets and show you exactly how I was able to earn a six figure income in only my second year of managing Pinterest accounts for brands and businesses.

9 reasons why you should take this course:

  1. Learn from a Pinterest recognized expert: Pinterest has acknowledged me as Pinterest expert.
  2. I have gotten my business onto the first page of Google in organic search using Pinterest. Just type “Pinterest expert” or “Pinterest consultant” right now and you’ll see what I mean.

No other Pinterest expert has shown the ability to do that. What that means to you is I know how to rank high to get more traffic that leads to more sales. And I show you how too.

  1. I earn a six digit income doing this. I must be doing it right or they wouldn’t keep hiring me.
  2. It is essential that you get mentorship from me directly. So I’m adding two 30 minute one on one coaching sessions with me (value $400). Get all of your questions answered directly and quickly!
  3. You receive one year access to the course materials. Go at your own pace.
  4. You receive three months email support from me. If by chance I didn’t cover something you were looking for just ask me. I am committed to your success!
  5. I live and breathe Pinterest every day. I’m not just a wannabe blogger that talks about Pinterest. I manage accounts, I coach business owners daily, and I’m always learning and finding new ways to make things easier, better, faster. Yes, I’m very driven and a perfectionist (that’s why I named my company White Glove) because I believe in helping my customers the way I want to be helped. Don’t you deserve the best?
  6. You receive a 30 day money back guarantee. Ask yourself this question right now: What do you have to lose?

If you didn’t learn anything new from my course or you did not find my advice and coaching sessions valuable then naturally you deserve to get every dollar back.

If you want to earn more you’ve got to learn more.
Do it now and avoid letting your competition get ahead of you.

Do it now and become a more valuable member of your marketing team.

Avoid trial and error and wasting time.  The consequences are lost sales.  No one can afford that.

Working with a Pinterest expert allows you to know exactly what you need to do to be successful at managing Pinterest accounts.

If you follow my program & methodology you will do a better job of taking care of your customers. It will also allow you to manage more accounts or have the freedom to work less and earn more.

Bottom line: by taking this program and getting mentored by me for three months your Pinterest knowledge and results will blast off like a rocket. I want nothing more than to see you have a thriving business with the peace of mind knowing you are working at an elite level.

Freshen up your Pinterest page


  1. Place boards that reflect the current season or trending holiday on the 2nd row after your products and services boards.
  2. Freshen up board cover every season. Color coordinate your boards.


Measuring for results and ROI


  1. Check your Google analytics. (effective social media marketing means observing trends and making adjustments)
  2. Check your Pinterest Analytics. Do more of what’s working.
  3. Delete boards that have not performed well in the last six months.

How to keep up with Pinterest's changes


  1. If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me about my Pinterest account management services.
  2. Consider my Pinterest Yearly Subscription Newsletter to stay current with best practices and the Pinterest’s latest changes.

Pinterest marketing expert


Power influencer and Pinterest Marketing Expert Anna Bennett is the owner ofWhite Glove Social Media and co-founder of True North Marketing.

As a Pinterest expert she helps businesses supercharge traffic and sales growth wtih Pinterest. Anna ranks on the first page of Google in organic search as a Pinterest expert and Pinterest consultant.

Her 30+ years of experience in retail operations and business coaching is the rock solid foundation for her dynamic marketing and training services. Anna is the author of Pinterest Marketing For Business Master Online Course and How To Become A Pinterest Account Manager and has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily and several other publications. She has quickly taken the lead in the competitive and rapidly changing world of social media marketing and in 2014, Sean Gardner, bestselling author and Forbes #1 Social Media Power Influencer, praised Anna as a well respected Pinterest expert and predicted that “as Pinterest grows and becomes a monster platform” audiences should “look to see her name even more.”

Pinterest consultant Anna Bennett

Pinterest marketing consultant

If you have any questions or concerns about Pinterest marketing for your business email me at [email protected]

Thank you and pin with a caring heart.