Open Invitation To The Entire Class Of First-year Mfa Students Dropping Out Of Usc Roski School Of Art

To: The Entire Class Of First-year MFA Students Dropping Out Of USC Roski School Of Art:

Julie Beaufils, Sid Duenas, George Egerton-­Warburton, Edie Fake, Lauren Davis Fisher, Lee Relvas and Ellen Schafer


D(D).DDDD University would like to extend to each of you a one year tuition-free scholarship to D(D).DDDD University for the upcoming 2015 2016 academic year.

Please contact us for further information about this unique opportunity. This is a chance of a lifetime.

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The Faculty
D(D).DDDD University
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About D(D).DDDD University



Established in 1969, D(D).DDDD University is now the worlds leading Online Art University.

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As the premiere online art institution, D(D).DDDD University seeks to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the discovery and transmission of art knowledge and art understanding in the contemporary art world. At the same time, D(D).DDDD is distinctive among art universities in its sole commitment is to online undergraduate and graduate Avant-Garde Visual Art teaching.

D(D).DDDD University provides its students the best artistic resources money can buy in a community committed to diversity in its student body, faculty and staff.  D(D).DDDD helps students to achieve the highest artistic levels and prepare them for positions of leadership and lives of service in advancing contemporary art world.

Through the experience, scholarship and dedication of its faculty, and the many contributions to the art world of its alumni, D(D).DDDD seeks to fulfill its motto:

“Promote, Protect, Dominate and Destroy the Art World.


The D(D).DDD U Philosophy

The D(D).DDD Badge of Courag

The D(D).DDD Badge of Courage

There is nothing that D(D).DDD can hand over to its prospective art students, except the secrets to success from the canon of the Avant-Garde: no class tests, no school ceremonies, or waiting in lines.  D(D).DDD U has no syllabi or anything else related to what D(D).DDD teaches or the D(D).DDD pedadagogy. D(D).DDD has never kept any records or notes. D(D).DDD U is a work of art.

Rather, D(D).DDD has always just been there, gone in and did it.

D(D).DDD ideas on art institutions and teaching tend to sway as the art market interests change. Frankly, at this moment in time D(D).DDD tends to believe that pretty much all of what art institutions are teaching to students is worthless. This worthlessness simply suggests that art teachers dont know what the hell they are talking about.

All in all, D(D).DDD now suspects that the worst place to learn how to be an avant-garde artist is in a fucking art school. Artist dont need to be taught the bullshit which tends to be taught in art schools. Any artist in time will learn the shit they need to know on their own. As a result, D(D).DDD believes that the only art shools that should exist, and which the preiement students should attend, are schools based solely on providing an unrivaled, transformative community which assists students in developing their ability to ask the questions they need to ask, like What is Larry Gagosians phone number?

This semester at D(D).DDD will indeed be very interesting for those who come under our tutelage. Enroll now!  Email us now!


Emma Hennings Distinguished Professor

LG Williams: The Emma Hennings Distinguished Professor of Visual Art and Art History

LG Williams: The Emma Hennings Distinguished Professor of Visual Art and Art History

Emma Hennings Distinguished Professor of Visual Art and Art History LG Williams, has served as a University faculty member for over 15 years and is founding director of D(D).DDDDs multidisciplinary Swinger Institute for Integrative Integration (Mirror and Matching) before being named D(D).DDDD Distinguished Professor in 2009.

LG WILLIAMS received his M.F.A from the University of California, Davis and B.A. from the Kansas City Art Institute. He also holds an honorary Ph.D. from ISSA, Cedar Rapids, IA. Williams has taught art, art history and art appreciation courses at the University of California-Davis, University of Southern California, California College of the Arts, and the University of Hawaii, to name a few. Author of many books and publications on art, art criticism, and poetry, Williams has appeared in Modern Painters, Juxtapoz, Artweek, Art Papers, Village Voice, San Francisco Chronicle, Honolulu Bulletin, Sacramento Bee, LA Weekly, Maui Weekly, SF Weekly, and The Bay Guardian. Williams’s recent curatorial projects include Wally Hedrick’s, War Room, at San Francisco International Art Fair.

His latest book, Drawing Upon Art: A Workbook for Gardners Art Through The Ages A Consise History was just published by Wadsworth-Cengage Learning.


Visiting Artists, Art Critics and Art Historians

David Hollowell MFA

David Hollowell MFA

The D(D).DDDD Visiting Artist, Art Critic and Art History Program brings established and emerging artists to campus to discuss their work in online lectures and to offer individual online critiques to its students. The program enriches its online students by providing a diverse mix of culture, style, focus and expertise from artists of national and international status.

Each semester, four to five contemporary artists, critics or histoians from around the world are brought to the campus to teach a seminar class and present a lecture that outlines art works, installations or multi-media performances. The lectures are free and open to the online public.


World-Wide Location and Global Community  Take the Worlds Best Art Courses, Online, at Home, Right Now.

Take An Art Class Anywhere In The World!

Take An Art Class Anywhere In The World!

Classes offered by D(D).DDDD are entirely online. When you take one of our classes, you will Skype with the instructor or watch lectures taught by world-class professors. You learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and reinforce art concepts to become a first rate avant-garde artist.

Online-learning can occur anywhere there is an internet connection. It can be self-paced, asynchronous learning or may be instructor-led, synchronous learning. E-learning is suited to busy schedules and flexible learners.


Fees, Courses and Aid (2015-16)

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Course Offering: D(D).DDDD offers only one course:

  • Art 1000: Advanced Avant-Garde Artist Practice

Course Description:

  • If you need a course description or syllabi this is not the right university for you

Financial Aid:

  • Full-time and part-time scholarships are available


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