Bulgarian Voices of Seattle

The singing traditions of Bulgaria are as rich and varied as its history.   Each Bulgarian region has its own particular vocal style and songs.  Women sang to express emotion, lighten harvest and other work, and mark life’s important moments like weddings and births, seasonal rituals and names days.  The songs speak of love, separation, nature, heroic deeds and daily life through poetic imagery, humor and pathos. Whether a dissonant song in call-and-response or a lush choral arrangement, Bulgarian songs touch the heart of any listener.


Songs take on an even deeper meaning for the Bulgarian immigrants in the Seattle area, half a world away from Bulgaria.  They evoke memories of grandma’s cooking, sounds of bells as the shepherd returns the flock to the village in the evening, swimming in the Black Sea, hikes in the Balkan range, and the heady smell of driving through the rose valley at harvest time.

Bulgarian Voices of Seattle provides a musical bridge into their rich heritage for the local Bulgarian community and general public through performances at Bulgarian and other community events.  Singing together builds community not only in rehearsal and performance, but in the many conversations after events.  There is a wonderful ripple effect that emanates from the choir all the way to families in Bulgaria.






The Songs of Our Families Bulgarian Heritage Project was the exciting focus of Bulgarian Voices 2013-14 season.  For more information click here.



The choir is directed by Mary Sherhart, who studied with the professional folk choir “Varna,” in Varna, Bulgaria (1983-84) and has a long career as a teacher and performer of Bulgarian and other Balkan folk songs.

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Rehearsal information:
Date: Wednesdays, September 25, 2013, to June 18, 2014
Time: 6:45-8:45pm
Location: Crossroads Shopping center    Community Room
15600 NE 8th St
Bellevue, WA


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