Not long ago, I was searching for a used copy of a particular book on eBay and happened across a seller who had one available. Clicking on the site for more details, I found that the seller – who lived … Continue reading

As the European Parliament elections approach, it is worth pointing out some of the myths that continue to surround the debate about the EU. The cases are taken from the UK, but apply equally throughout the EU. EUROMYTH #1: EU … Continue reading

See text of my speech to Jean Monnet conference in Brussels, November 2013, on the role of academics in the debate about Europe, at

In the ongoing debate over the pros and cons of the European Union, it has become far easier to learn what is wrong with it than what is right with it. Eurosceptic parties and their leaders have made themselves well … Continue reading

We have heard a lot of late about the problems of the European Union – so much so that the moderate and supportive voices are being drowned out in a cacophony of negativism. The EU is imperfect, to be sure, … Continue reading