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Commercial Mortgage

Commercial property can be a good investment on a business standpoint and also for investment rental yield. If your business is currently paying a high monthly rental for the office space, buying a commercial property for your business operations can mean a much lower monthly payment and you get to have ownership of the property [...]


Fixed Rates SIBOR SOR

No matter if you are choosing a Singapore mortgage loan for the first time or a seasoned property buyer, you will come across a stage where you have to choose from fixed rate mortgages, variable rate mortgages, and floating mortgage loans that are pegged to the SIBOR or SOR. It can be a tough choice. [...]


Refinance Your Property

The most common reasons to refinance your property is to enjoy lower interest rates on your mortgage or to extend or decrease the loan tenor. To fully make use of the equity in your home, you may even consider cashout refinancing. With the funds generated from the cashout, you can put them in an investment [...]