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Kenzie Mitchell's Freelance & IT Studio

Web Development · Graphic Design · Tech Support


Some of my past projects:

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Getting to know me:


Currently, I am an IT major with the University of Phoenix with my concentration being in Web Development. I actually got my start with IT and Web Development through my love of Graphic Design.

Moreover, I also do a little game programming as a hobby; however, I soon hope to add game development to my list of skills and services.

Lastly, my future goal that I am working towards is to actually open and manage my own IT business. Hopefully, after a few more years of preparation, I will be able to open shop and finally complete a life-long goal of mines.

Kenzie Mitchell


My name is Kenzie Mitchell. I am a freelance front-end Web Developer and Graphic Designer who currently attends the University of Phoenix.


My overall mission is to provide a broad array of services that my clientèle can enlist for the purpose of creating, establishing, and/or innovating their business.

Moreover, I also plan to continue learning all that I can for the purpose of upgrading my services and offering more advanced solutions.

Therefore, be sure to check back here weekly for the latest updates on my services and advancements that I may implement.


Main services I offer:

Web Development

Web Development

I am proficient in working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and other Web technologies. Moreover, I offer customizable designs and solutions that are tailored to fit the needs of my clientèle.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

I am proficient with using Adobe® Photoshop to produce top-tier quality designs that are attractive and versatile. This includes: logos, icons, banners, fliers, and wallpapers.

Tech Support

Tech Support

In this Digital Age, computers have become a very important tool for organizations and end-users alike. This is why I offer proficient tech support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and the leading mobile platforms Android and iOS for my clientèle.

Contact Me

Where to find me:

IRC Channels: #Shrooms // #smb | #GeekBlogTV

Email & Phone: // (706) 352-9435

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