Communications: Expertise

NYSTEC has extensive practical knowledge and analytical tools to evaluate and plan wireless and wireline communication systems and processes.

Radio System Evaluation
• Analyzing the performance of the current system,
• Determining voice and data capacity,
• Evaluating and modeling radio coverage, both outdoor and in-building,
• Conducting frequency licensing and regulatory review, and
• Recommending changes for optimizing technology or moving to a new system.

Operations Planning
• Determining requirements for communications and dispatch centers,
• Planning trunked radio systems serving fleets,
• Developing interoperability plans, and
• Providing training for new systems.

Wireless Network and Site Assessments
• Evaluating both large and small radio systems,
• Measuring and analyzing radio traffic and radio-frequency propagation,
• Evaluating channel congestion and interference,
• Assessing infrastructure and siting, and
• Planning infrastructure and transport interconnect.

Communications Needs and Work Process Assessments
• Performing a thorough review and analysis of the organization’s infrastructure and work processes;
• Conducting surveys and interviews with staff and users;
• Reviewing organizational plans;
• Modeling workflows and mapping communication linkages; and
• Assisting with the development of requirements and specifications.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Review
• Analyzing telecommunications inventory,
• Assessing system configuration,
• Analyzing external telecommunications infrastructure, and
• Planning for the long term.

Spectrum Management and Regulatory Assistance
• Ensuring that systems comply with current regulations,
• Working through government processes to acquire licenses,
• Helping clients manage licenses to stay compliant,
• Performing frequency searches using sophisticated tools,
• Analyzing interference and propagation,
• Generating license applications, and
• Showing results using visualization tools such as Geographic Information System (GIS) applications.