The NYSTEC Difference

Why Choose NYSTEC?

Government experience matters in government.

NYSTEC’s staff consists of engineers, project managers, and technology specialists who are highly skilled, experienced in government IT processes and solutions, and fully committed to serving your organization.

Key facts:

• Many members of our staff have held senior IT positions with government and leading private-sector companies.
• Most members of our engineering, project management, and technical staff have over 20 years of experience working on IT projects for government agencies.
• Since our inception in 1995, NYSTEC has successfully completed engagements with a majority of New York State agencies.
• Our experience ranges from small towns and fire departments to the largest New York State and New York City agencies.
• Our not-for-profit business model focuses on overall project success without suffering the distractions and conflicts typical with a public or private for-profit company.  We strive to serve the public good.

When your organization partners with NYSTEC, you are tapping a team of dedicated professionals who understand what it really takes to deploy Information Technology in a government agency.  We can help you avoid pitfalls, navigate politics, leverage governance practices, and build relationships within and among agencies.