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    Neighborhood kids are outside laughing, running, and playing water tag with squirt guns. Have they not heard of the INTERNET?

  2. “Now this is a nice rainstorm.” — Guy whose car is not parked in a flood-prone area downtown

  3. She put her Ronda floor.

  4. The fact that I keep seeing ads for terrible t-shirts targeted toward my Facebook interests suggests people have actually bought them.

  5. I apologize to everyone for this completely useless bot tweet. Working on it, promise.

  6. New favorite thing:

  7. "Well, that escalated quickly." -- Maintenance technician commenting on improvements to a moving staircase

  8. Blue Screen of Dumb.

  9. El Capitan Public Beta 3 restores the ability to add UTC to the World Clock. This weather geek is relieved.

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    Something happened Something happened

  11. While we are sharing our Twitter mobile experiments...no hearts, but some ugly huge icons on the weather account.

  12. Hope there is a new El Capitan public beta today. Beta 2 is making me want to pull the trigger on my Time Machine backup again.

  13. "Please bare with us." -- Homophone-challenged nudists

  14. "We been spendin' most our lives Living in a ten-pin paradise" -- Gangsta's Paradise, Super-Funky Alley Remix

  15. Filing bugs against El Capitan on this very rowdy Saturday night.

  16. I guess I have to disavow the first two and a half years of my Twitter feed, which is littered with Thunder in Paradise references.

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    "Mick Fanning is no hero. I like people who weren't attacked by sharks." -Australian Donald Trump

  18. And now we go to Mr. Horse with analysis of my waking up at 3:30am with no sleep in sight.

  19. Still married.

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