Communications: Key Points

NYSTEC has extensive experience with wireless and wireline communications systems, including public-safety two-way radio systems, broadband wireless systems, telecommunication systems, and emergency communication centers. 
Radio System Evaluation
Radio communications problems can have tragic consequences, especially in public safety and public service realms.  NYSTEC possesses an in-depth knowledge of radio communications and can evaluate any land-mobile radio system and suggest cost-effective solutions to communications problems.

Operations Planning
Public safety operations are increasingly complex and sophisticated affairs.  NYSTEC specialists have worked in public safety and understand the needs of first responders.

Wireless Network and Site Assessments
NYSTEC engineers have the equipment and know-how to perform in-depth field reviews of wireless networks.

Communications Needs and Work Process Assessments
The chief reason for modifying any communications system is to improve organizational efficiency and operational capability.  Technology upgrades must be chosen carefully based on their suitability to organizational processes and goals.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Review
NYSTEC engineers assess your existing telecommunications system, including CPE, telephony, digital communications, satellite, radio, outdoor infrastructure, and multi-node networks, and recommend solutions to improve your voice, data, video, and Internet connectivity.

Spectrum Management and Regulatory Assistance
NYSTEC engineers possess extensive experience working with federal and international regulations on frequency licensing and helping clients manage spectrum for wireless communications.