Wellness Services  

Promoting relaxation, rejuvenation and personal focus.

Each day brings physical, mental, and emotional challenges.  In the midst of daily chaos, a shift in focus can help restore our energy, spirit, and balance.  Spending time on yourself, even a short time, can have a profound impact.  Let our staff assist you in reaching a place of relaxation, heightened energy, or with meeting a personal wellness goal.

Hours of Operation

2015-16 Academic Year:

Monday - Friday           11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday                        Noon - 5 p.m.


Hours subject to change during school holidays, intercessions, and special events.

Phone: 607-777-3515

Massage Services

Our services are uniquely tailored to each client (18 years of age and older). You will be able to select your preferred background music from our vast collection and a subtle, diffused environmental aroma, if desired. All services include hot towels. Complimentary fruit infused water and assorted hot teas are available before or after services. All of our professionals are NYS licensed. Binghamton undergraduate & graduate students receive a 10% discount on all services.

Relaxation –A gentle full body massage using Swedish techniques to calm both the mind and body. Ideal for reducing stress, increasing circulation and cultivating an overall state of well-being.
      $30 for 30 min      $60 for 60 min      $85 for 90 min

Customized Therapy –A truly personalized experience. Therapists will utilize various massage techniques and integrated modalities to provide for both relaxation and to address trigger points or muscle imbalances.
      $30 for 30 min      $60 for 60 min      $85 for 90 min

Deep Tissue – Using penetrating pressure and deeper strokes, a deep tissue massage relieves muscular tension, breaks up adhesions, tonifies nerves and increases blood flow to the muscle tissue helping in muscle repair and rejuvenation.
      $40 for 30 min      $65 for 60 min    

Sports – A pre or post workout massage to aid in flexibility & recovery incorporating firm pressure and/or fast paced movements to target aching or cramped muscles, release connective tissues or to flush out toxins.
      $40 for 30 min

Chair Massage – Receive a massage fully clothed, in a seated position. Great for those on the go. 10 or 15 minute sessions available.
      $10 for 10 min      $15 for 15 min

Some of our therapists have completed training in specialized modalities. Additional services provided by our therapists include the following treatments. Please keep in mind that some treatments can only be performed by certain staff, therefore scheduling these services depends on their availability. Our receptionists will help you determine service availability.

Thai Massage – A unique physical and energetic massage experience, on the floor & fully clothed. Thai massage incorporates the benefits of yoga, gentle rhythmic compression, palming & thumbing along the energy (sen) lines, stretching and breath work to bring you to a heighten state of relaxation, range of motion and energy.
      $65 for 60 min      $100 for 90 min

Shiatsu - According to oriental theory, everything on the universe is a manifestation of the vital force of "Ki".  Shiatsu is based on the ancient oriental healing art of Do-in Ankyo (exercises to cultivate Ki). Shiatsu literally translated means "finger pressure". Using finger and palm pressure along the meridian lines of the body and stretching, Shiatsu promotes a healthy flow of energy in the body.  This can aid in improving circulation relieving stiff muscles and alleviating stress.  Shiatsu is performed fully clothed and on a mat.
       $65 for 60 min      $100 for 90 min

Hot Stone - Using traditional Swedish techniques, heated basalt stones or Himalayan salt crystal stones are used to warm muscle tissue and provide for a deeper state of relaxation.Salt crystals can also help to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field. *Indicate at booking which stones (basalt or Himalayan) you prefer.
      $65 for 60 min      $100 for 90 min

Energy Work Treatments

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes natural energy healing. Administered by "laying on hands" on or near the body, it helps restore healthy levels of life force energy. Treatment is administered fully clothed in a relaxed position.
      $65 for 60 min

Meridian massage is an ancient Chinese technique that helps balance the body's systems and restores the flow of Chi (energy). Meridian lines are invisible lines that carry energy throughout the body and can be associated with the functioning of the body's internal organs. Accupressure points are stimulated to increase energy and feelings of well-being. Reduce stress and stimulate the immune system.
      $65 for 60 min

Indicate at booking which service (Reiki or Meridian) you are interested in.

Nutritional Services

Binghamton undergraduate & graduate students receive a 10% discount on all services.

Nutrition Check-Up – This is a great package for those who are otherwise healthy but not sure what they could be doing better to meet their nutritional demands or weight management goals. Three visits include a 1 hour nutrition history, body composition evaluation & nutritional goal development, and two 30-minute appointments covering body composition check-ups, plan reviews and updates.
      $120 for 3 visits

Special Diet Session – Have you recently been diagnosed with a medical condition or been advised to start a special diet? This session is for anyone trying to develop a healthy eating plan to meet their medical and dietary restrictions. Medical/dietary conditions must be diagnosed by a physician and stated at the time of booking.
      $65 for 1 visit

Nutrition Tracker – Are you interested in a long term intervention strategy? This package provides for 10 visits over an agreed upon period of time at a discounted price. Ten visits include a 1 hour nutrition history, body composition evaluation & nutritional goal development, and nine 30-minute appointments covering body composition check-ups, plan reviews and updates.
      $295 for 10 visits

Follow-Up Visit - This session is only available to clients that have had a previous nutritional session at the Wellness Services Suite. The Follow Up can be done at any time after the initial session. Check in on your progress, discuss a new concern or goal and develop a continuing strategy for nutritional success.
      $35 for 1 visit

Your Wellness Experience:

  • First time clients should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your appointment to complete consultation paperwork. If you arrive late, your treatment time will be reduced but you will be charged for the full service.
  • Your medical history can be a determining factor in the types of services we can provide. Therapists will review and discuss your concerns prior to treatment.
  • To preserve the restfulness of the environment, please silence your cell phone and be aware of your noise level while in the Suite area.
  • All massage rooms have lockers for personal belongings. We will provide robes and towels for use in the locker rooms upon request. We do not provide toiletries.
  • Gratuities are not included in your service price. They are left to the discretion of clients to show appreciation for exceptional service. We do ask that gratuities be paid in cash at the time of service.

How to Register:

All services must be booked in the Wellness Services Suite. Clients will be issued a voucher which must be taken to and paid for at the Rec Center Front Desk in the East Gym Lobby.  Services must be paid for at the time of booking. Return clients may pay for services with a credit card on file with Campus Recreation.

  • Appointments booked that are not paid for by the end of the same business day will automatically be canceled.
  • Appointments are subject to availability. If you prefer a specific therapist or have a gender preference, please make that known at the time of booking.
  • Gift certificates are available for purchase at the Rec Center Front Desk in the East Gym Lobby.

Cancellations – We respectfully request 24 hours notification of a cancellation so appointments can be opened for other clients and staffing can be notified. In instances of no call, no show, same day cancellations or re-scheduling, we will charge the equivalent of 50% of the services booked.

Late Arrivals – We are unable to lengthen or change appointment times. If you arrive late, your service may be shortened. Late arrivals will be charged for the full amount of the service booked, regardless of length provided.

Expiration – All gift certificates and paid appointments expire 1 year from the date of purchase.

Refunds – There are no refunds on services unless a client has a written medical excuse. Appointments may be re-scheduled if necessary.

Last Updated: 5/27/15